Okay, so we know lots of you out there like to blog about your racing in the CCC… and you all are much better with personal stories than we could ever be trying to write boring race summaries. We’ve got rider links to the right (over there–>) of individual racer blogs… but then you have to go that extra step and actually click on them… so here’s an even better idea.

Similar to our amazingly popular post race Pix and Vids posts, starting now (with this post) we’re giving you a soapbox to tell all the world how much fun you had, how you raced, who cut your off, where you think you can improve, how well your equipment worked, how badly you need a new bike, who your favorite podium girl was (wait, there were podium girls?), how many beers you drank afterward, etc, etc, etc. Just post links in the comments section to your blog (or someone else’s blog that mentions you) and everyone will know what’s going on.

As always, we reserve the right to remove spam, foul languaged prose, and general garbage that doesn’t really have anything to do with the CCC… but everyone has done a great job so far of keeping it clean… so have at it.

Here’s a great review of Dekalb from Jonathan Fairman of Team Courage to get you started…


If anyone wants to retroactively post reviews from Jackson Park… you can do so here.