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2019 Wheeling Heritage CX Preview

November 14, 2019
  • If this arctic blast was all just part of Disney’s clever marketing campaign for Frozen 2, consider us impressed. Well played, Disney. As Elsa, Anna, and Olaf prepare to journey into the unknown, we’ll be journeying into cyclocross, hosted by the Northbrook Bicycle Club.
  • Thanks to the Wheeling Park District, the new fitness center addition to the Community Recreation Center provides the backdrop with front row seating (stationary bikes) and standing room only (treadmills and ellipticals), overlooking the course.
  • The center is open to the public. Take the chill off while checking out a pickleball match, but please leave bicycles outside.
  • Please use hashtag #WheelingCX
  • Parking is encouraged in the North parking lot closest to registration, staging, finish, pit, food, and that guy with the magic mic. Please leave the diagonal parking lot in front of the center available for community center patrons. There’s plenty of additional parking near the backside of the course in the West parking lot. Park in the lots only—not on the grass.
  • No drones are permitted in the air within the park due to the proximity of the Chicago Executive Airport-PWK.
  • No kids race is scheduled (keep those kiddos warm), but there’s a brand new playground. Swings, slides, balance features, etc. appropriate for ages 2 to 12. There’s even a two-tiered merry-go-round. Please DO NOT RIDE BICYCLES ON THE PLAYGROUND SURFACE. There will be plenty other surfaces to ride on within the park. Also, please avoid setting up tents in the amphitheater grass to avoid the electrical and irrigation underneath.
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here.
  • There are paths for warming up throughout the park. As always, be mindful of pedestrians and other patrons while enjoying the ride.
  • Food: When it comes to food trucks, Mario’s Cart doesn’t play games. Look for it in the North Parking Lot from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. They’ll be serving up street tacos, burritos, flautas, fries, nachos, Cuban panini, steak sandwiches, pretzel bites, quesadillas, soda, water, and hot chocolate. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Better wear your bibs (pun intended). They also have a location without wheels on the 2nd floor of Northbrook Court.
  • No alcohol permitted per park rules.
  • Weather:Warmth on the horizon, relatively speaking of course. Cyclocross weather returns.
  • The Course: runs anti-clockwise. Flat at the start and finish, but in between you’ll ride the camber along the pool embankment until you hit the course elevation; enjoy the views of the lake and surrounding areas from the top before heading back. Upon your return, there will be hops of the double bunny varietal (10 IBUs – ten-inch barrier units).

2019 Groundhog Psi-clocross Preview

November 7, 2019

Why is this race called Groundhog PSI-clocross? Well, in 1992 the downtown square of Woodstock, IL was used to film the movie Groundhog Day. Rob Curtis and the PSIMET crew have carried some parts of the movie into the venue.

  • If you’re interested in looking over the filming locations for the movie there is a great map for self-guided tours here:
  • Remember to use #psiCX on Twitter and Instagram.
  • As a reminder on SATURDAY PSIMET is hosting the Keating Law Offices Illinois State Cyclocross Championship which is NOT a CCC series event but still well worth your time to race. See that course preview here.
  • Preliminary staging for Sunday will be posted here on Friday. We’re going to try and upload results from Saturday’s IL State CX Champs to CrossResults so they affect Sunday’s staging, but the turn around will be tight and so no promises.
  • There is plenty of parking throughout the park. As with all previous years there is NO PARKING ON THE GRASS. This is the strictest rule the park and city have for the facility.
  • This park has “always” had a “no alcohol” policy. So when you bring in cups for your soda and lemonade PSIMET asks that you pack out what you bring in. It helps PSIMET make sure the park doesn’t think we’re a drinking series with a cycling problem if there aren’t a lot of juice boxes laying around.
  • Food: Dukes Blues n BBQ from East Dundee, IL is back. This isn’t your average BBQ setup – this is competition award winning BBQ that happens to also do events. – Dukes may not have Vegetarian and Vegan options, but there is a Vegetarian specific restaurant on the square downtown only 0.8 miles from the course.
  • Speaking of food, PSIMET will have “pie primes” for the first rider in each category who gets the hole-shot.
  • Equipment Pits will be single width and backwards as we will be running the course counter-clockwise. There will NOT be any water or washing facilities at the race though, so if conditions look to be getting worse then please plan your own support accordingly. There are a couple of water spigots around the park that may or may not be in service . Mambo Car Wash is right down the street.
  • In order to help cut down on pit traffic – PSIMET will also be issuing Pit Passes for the time slots of the Men Cat 1/2/3 and Women 1/2 & -3/4 races. If you are planning on having a pit support person and/or bike then let them know at registration so that you can receive your pit pass. Pre-registered racers will be assigned pit positions first. This also applies to the Women 3/4 race as it is during the same time slot as the Women 1/2.
  • There won’t be much if any daylight left after the last race ends, so please plan accordingly. Also if you can, please help PSIMET and the Northbrook Garner teams tear down the course so they aren’t doing it all in the dark.
  • Kids Race will be hosted by Parker and Andrew Curtis and held at 2:00pm. Competitors will be asked to (have a parent or guardian) sign a waiver and will receive hot chocolate after the race. Ask at Registration for the location of the race but fill out the waiver at the kids race itself.
  • As another reminder, if you are pre-riding while anyone is finishing up, please make sure you are NOT inadvertently riding in front of people still racing. Just ride slowly behind them and offer words of encouragement or ring a cowbell. Thanks!
  • The course: Run anti-clockwise meaning we will be descending Heckle Hill.

2019 Illinois State CX Championship Preview

November 6, 2019

Reminder this is the 2019 Illinois State CX Championship. You can’t be the best in the state unless you win this Saturday.

The race is being brought to you by Keating Law Offices. Keating Law Offices represents victims of bicycle crashes and the bicycle community throughout Illinois.

The race is not a part of the Chicago Cyclocross Cup so your series points won’t be impacted. It also means that staging will be done solely by ranking. Preliminary staging will be posted here.

Schedule times are the same as the CCC Series, but there are more podiums and State Championships. Example: there will be a Women’s 45+ and 55+ State Championship as well as a Men’s 65+. State Championships are awarded in every category listed on the flyer as long as 3 Illinois residents compete. Must be an Illinois Resident in order to win a State Championship.

Kids Race hosted by Parker and Andrew Curtis will be at 2pm. Competitors will be asked to (have a parent or guardian) sign a waiver and will receive hot chocolate after the race. Ask at Registration for the location of the race but fill out the waiver at the kids race itself.

In order to cut down on traffic issues in the pits – Pit Passes WILL be presented and required during the Women Cat 1/2 & W3/4 and Men Cat 1/2/3. You can have a maximum of 2 per rider. Ask for passes at registration. No one will be allowed in the pits during those races without a pit pass.

We will also be attempting to have business cards available at registration that you can take and give to any local business you visit while in Woodstock. It’s a little way of letting them know the race is what brought you into their city.

If all goes according to plan, Results from Saturday will be uploaded and impact CXR points and staging for Sunday’s race. This may not happen, but at worst your result from Saturday will not negatively affect you Sunday staging.

Location: Emricson Park – 1313 Kishwaukee Valley Rd, Woodstock, IL 60098

There will be a cut off for Junior 9-14 and no 2 lap cap on them (meaning they might do 3).

Food: Duke’s Blue’s and BBQ – – will be out again this year for both days serving tasty delicious BBQ.

You can park anywhere in the confines of the park as long as it is in a parking space. Teams may offload and set up in multiple locations but a section near what will most likely turn into tent city will be open for drop off. Simply drop and move the vehicle when you can. The road through the park will be closed at the bottom of heckle Hill as well as the top. If you enter from South Street you can still park in the lower lots. Otherwise you can enter from either of the 2 North via Kishwaukee Valley Rd / Jackson St.

Registration will be in the parking spots adjacent to the top of Heckle Hill.

Absolutely no vehicles on the grass at any time. This is the biggest requirement of the venue. Any vehicle on the grass can and will be ticketed.

This park has “always” had a “no alcohol” policy. So when you bring in cups for your soda and lemonade PSIMET asks that you pack out what you bring in. It helps PSIMET make sure the park doesn’t think we’re a drinking series with a cycling problem if there aren’t a lot of juice boxes laying around.

Social Media Tags: #ilcxchamps #psicx

Course: While PSIMET’s intention was to run the same course as the preview race last year they found that the venue, like most others this year, is too at risk because of water to allow them to use the same layout. Instead the course will be vastly superior and will remind many of some of the better Woodstock courses of the past. Included is lots of off camber riding and turns, Heckle Hill with a twist, new and challenging routes through the woods, flowing lines through the ancient tent city area, and more climbing than you can shake a stick at. The sand is flooded as are the routes to and from it that feature has been a last minute removal from the course

2019 Campton Cross Preview

October 31, 2019
  • #CamptonCX is back for its 13th year, brought to you by Team Bicycle Heaven.
  • Campton is one of the original ChiCrossCup races and both a CX AND Halloween celebration.
  • Anderson Park in Campton Township (5N180 Brown Rd, Campton Hills, IL 60175). Need directions? From I-90: Randall Road South, to Rt. 64 West, past LaFox Road, turn right onto Brown Road and park is on your left. There are other Anderson Parks in the Chicagoland area, so please go to the correct one. The map on BikeReg is correct.
  • We’ve been keeping an eye on the park conditions and communicating with the Township… It’s Game On!
  • New Expanded Costume Contest! Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each start wave (combined categories), overall best costume and team category (think Marching Band in 2018).
  • Free T-Shirts at registration.
  • Remember pre-reg on BikeReg closes tonight.
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here  on Friday.
  • Kiddie Cross is on at 2pm!
  • Sorry, but NO alcoholic beverages are allowed in the park.
  • Dave’s Slow Food will be serving food this year.
  • Remember Reg closes 30 minutes before the scheduled start of each race. If you’re late, you’re not racing. We’re even giving you an extra hour to sleep this year… again.
  • Please do NOT warm up on/around the soccer fields to the East of registration. The village has asked us to keep off the areas visible when you pull into the park. If you carefully ride North on Brown Rd for about 200 meters you can hop onto the Great Western trail, which is a great place to warm up. Thank you.
  • Weather; the forecast is in the low 40’s and will be even chillier in the morning… but it looks like the rain will stay away.
  • There is plenty of parking on site. Please do not ride or drive on the grass surrounding the course.
  • Yet another friendly reminder to please remove your bikes, wheels, gear, etc from the pits as soon as you are done racing. There are lots of other racers that need to use the pits after you and due to park constraints Campton’s pit is on the smaller side. Thanks!
  • The course: Running anti-clockwise and very similar to last year. Some of the usual features with some new things to get your attention. This area isn’t call Campton Hills for nuthin’.

2019 ABD Sunrise Park Preview

October 24, 2019
  • #ABDcx The standard preview page is over here.
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here.
  • Remember pre-reg on BikeReg closes tonight.
  • All riders need to show their USAC license at the Reg desk, yes… even if you pre-reg’d and everyone knows who you are. If they ask, you need to show it. Please be nice to the Reg desk volunteers. They are probably someone’s mom or dad and only do this once per year to help make our little races happen. Thanks!
  • If you upgraded this week and want 1/2 your CCC series points to follow you to the next category, please contact us at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail by Friday. We will NOT automatically transfer your points. See the rules/FAQ page here.
  • Parking on Foster Ave is allowed but on NORTH side only. There should be “No Parking” signs along the park (south) side. If not, please respect this. Also Parking is allowed on Struckman Blvd (better option), or at Sycamore Trails School (preferred).
  • PLEASE no parking on grass.
  • North of the Border will be serving Mexican and American w/ veggie options.
  • Kiddie race is at 2pm!
  • Teams can drop tents by using the bike path off Struckman Blvd. Enter the park but then you must park outside the park. Please, thanks!
  • Due to Safety concerns NO TENTS on the Southwest portion of course along bike path. This is marked on the course map in Orange. If you put a tent there you will be kindly asked to move it somewhere else.
  • No alcohol.  Sorry Park rules.
  • Weather forecast is 100% chance of awesome.
  • The Course: Brand new course at this year including; an uphill start/finish, new approach to the original Heckle Hill but with all the classic lines from years past and more, logs and barriers, a choose your own path of adventure. Course runs anti-clockwise.

2019 Carpentersville Preview

October 17, 2019

Welcome back CCC racers.  School may be back in session but 4th period is recess and Professor Provisor has added CX to the list of recess activities.

  • This Sunday’s event, Carpentersville Woodland School Cyclocross p/b the Main Street Bicycles Sasquatch Squadron, will be held once again (God willing) at 770 Navajo Drive in Carpentersville.
  • We don’t want to jinx anything, but the weather has been good all week and we are NOT anticipating yet another venue change. But we also kinda said that last week… so keep your eyes and ears pealed for any last minute updates.
  • That being said, looking for a place to clean your bike? CCC Super Fan Jordan Morrell put today this Google Map of self service car wash stations near all the CCC venues. Thanks Jordan!
  • Hashtag #CarpenterCX
  • Preliminary Staging will be posted here Friday. Please double check your staging.
  • Numbers go on your LEFT SIDE, always in the CCC.
  • Ladies (and some gentlemen), please make sure to have your hair up or in a braid. If your hair is covering your number One2Go can’t score you.
  • Parking: The school has a small lot. We’ve designated two areas that will remain open for tent drop off. Like last year, we ask again that you please do NOT park in these two areas (along the school or in the alley next to the school). See the purple shaded areas on the map. We will have parking volunteers helping to guide folks in the morning. Please be courteous as it is early for them too.
  • Otherwise, plenty of street parking surrounding the school – please respect the posted parking signs. If need be, the Sunny Hill School lot is available on Helm Rd.
  • Kiddie Cross will be after 1pm. The location will be on the school side. We’ll decide day of depending on where tents are setup.
  • We’ll have the Dave’s Slow Food Truck onsite. They’ll have vegetarian friendly options. They’ll arrive between 10 and 11am. There’s a chance they’ll be around for breakfast but, that’ll be a day of decision on their part.
  • Sorry the Chubby Spud is still missing in action and we do not know where it is.
  • Alcohol is NOT permitted.
  • Weather: Temps have dropping, and there’s some rain in the forecast. Please make sure to bring post race gear to keep warm in. That also means plenty of frost and/or dew on the grass in the morning. So bring a spare pair of dry shoes.
  • Tent City: Same general spots as last year. We’ve got some good spots marked on the map.  It’s worth the hike up to the sandy area. Otherwise, cozy up because we don’t have a ton of space.
  • Course: The course runs Counter Clockwise, essentially reverse direction from last year. The wide-open plains, slippery slopes, verdant forest and sandy (hopefully) beaches return for another year. Our chainsaws, tillers, compactors, shovels, sledge hammers, and leaf blowers came out to play again this year. We’re doing our best to bring difficult but fun features to the CCC while keeping the land owners happy so that we can keep coming back.
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye out for sasquatches around the course because, no matter what, we’re always squatchin’ you.

2019 Pulaski Woods Preview

October 10, 2019

UPDATE as of 5:45am Sunday 10/13/2019
Registration is where staging was last week, on the North edge of the driving range. Staging is close to the miniature golf course and hotel. The finish line will be close to where it was last week, near the little pond. Equipment pits are in roughly the same location as last week. Course runs clockwise. PLEASE securely tie down any tents or anything weighing less than a medium size rock, it will be very windy today.

UPDATE as of 6:30pm Friday 10/11/2019
Sign up here to volunteer this Sunday –> 

UPDATE as of 4:30pm Friday 10/11/2019
The Forest Preserve has (once again) asked us not to hold this Sunday’s race at Pulaski Woods due to today’s rain and still wet ground. Beverly Bike and Region Racing went through 2 backup venues but we have finally secured a race venue (again) at everyone’s favorite CX race site, Indian Lakes Hotel at 250 W Schick Rd Bloomingdale, IL 60108. Course details, registration location, etc. are forthcoming.

Also, Psimet is taking over as the race director for this event. They will need some help tomorrow (Saturday) with course set-up but even more so on Sunday with final set up, course marshals, tear down, etc. We will post a volunteer sign-up link above as soon as it is available.

To make this race happens this weekend it needs to be a truly collaborative CCC community effort. Please help if you can. Feel free to send all emails to [email protected] as Rob and the Psimet crew will be very busy over the next 36 hours.

  • Beverly Bike along with Region Racing present Pulaski Woods as the third stop in our series. The first US National Championships Cyclo-cross Championship were held in these parts back in 1963. See here.
  • Please continue to use the hashtag #drwCX.
  • Weather: The forecast calls for rain on Friday but then clear the rest of the weekend, plus it’s been dry all week. That being said we’ve had a LOT of rain recently and some parts of the park are still a little soggy. A decision will be was made by the Forest Preserve at noon on Friday as to the fate of the race happening at Pulaski Woods. We obviously don’t want to change venues… again… but check back here Friday afternoon and on Twitter for any important venue and/or location change updates. Yes, Beverly and Region have been looking into a backup location. No, that location is NOT Indian Lakes, although if all else fails we can still head back out to Bloomingdale if need be.
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here sometime Friday. Please let us know if you see any errors.
  • Keep in mind if you’re viewing the static race venue page we are racing at Pulaksi Woods Lake County Fairgrounds Melas Racin’ Basin Indian Lakes Hotel … NOT Dan Ryan Woods. If you go to Dan Ryan Woods or anywhere else there will NOT be a CX race there.
  • We have series rules concerning upgrades. If you have upgraded in the last week please email us ASAP so we can transfer 1/2 your points to the next category for staging and overall standings.
  • Venue and Parking: Take caution when driving to the parking lots. There is a tricky turn off of 95th and Wolf Road. Be prepared to stop. The majority of parking is at the bottom of the hill closest to registration (Bullfrog). Plenty of parking, please use it. Don’t park on the grass. Plenty of parking at Indian Lakes, please only park in marked spots though.
  • Tent City: your best parking will be at the top of the hill (Pulaski).
    Course space is limited, but we will be taking  full advantage of the hill. Course details TBD.
  • Numbers on left. Everyone must check-in at Registration, even women with series long bib numbers. Otherwise you will not be staged or allowed to race.
  • Food: Jonathan Vota from Picture Me Smokin BBQ will be on-site with his new catering venture. Big Momma’s Kitchen will be on-site around noon with homecooked soulfood goodness.
  • The Chicago Marathon is also being run Sunday morning. See the official site here for info, course maps, and road closures. Please plan your route and timing to the venue accordingly.
  • We have heard stories of the Forest Preserve Police being aggressive in writing tickets. Please make sure your car is parked correctly and badging is up to date. No for sale signs.  Please, no glass bottles. 
  • The course: Runs counterclockwise. This is a new (if you don’t count the 1960’s) venue for everyone, so please be patient with us and give yourself extra time to arrive and figure out where everything is. Course TBD, check back Saturday… maybe.

2019 Hopkins Park Preview

October 3, 2019
– UPDATE as of 11:04am Friday 10/4/2019 — We are headed back to Indian Lakes Hotel (250 W Schick Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108). Hopkins Park has received +10 inches of rain since last weekend and the land managers have asked us not to hold the race there. Comrade Cycles will design a new course, different from last weekend’s xXx Racing tractor pull. Please help us spread the word. Other details TBD and will be posted here and Twitter as we receive them. Look for an email via BikeReg in your inboxes later today. Thanks for you patience and understanding as we deal with this significantly adverse weather.
Comrade Cycles takes us back to Hopkins Park in Dekalb, IL.
– The weather forecast has been clearing and as of right now there are no anticipated changes for a venue change. BUT, as we saw last week, parks can change their minds at the last minute and Comrade Cycles may have to act quickly. So, please check back here regularly, follow us on Twitter, and watch your email inboxes in case something changes and we have to scramble.
Thanks again to all our series sponsors, riders, spectators, parents, pets, etc who make our little series possible. This all wouldn’t happen without out you, so THANK YOU!!
– Online pre-reg on BikeReg closes tonight here.
– Remember those riders who pre-register will have their unofficial results emailed to them by One2Go Event Services. One2Go will also be posting live results on LiveLynx Results as riders cross the finish line each lap.
Parking:  The course crosses the road so it will be closed to through traffic. There are three parking lots in the park. One of them will be accessible from the park entrance at the stop light, East Dresser Rd. The other two will only be accessible from the other park entrance just West of the light. Should all the parking in the park be taken up there is a lot on the other side of Sycamore Rd. with a pedestrian tunnel that brings you back into the park.  Please see the map below.
– There can be road construction on I88/110 and Dekalb is one of our farther-away races, so please give yourself plenty of time to get to the venue.
Staging: At the second race of the series the front row is staged by CCC series point, and then everyone else is staged by CrossResults points. Answers to all of your questions are in our FAQ here.
Preliminary staging will be posted here tomorrow.
– Kenny will be presenting podiums for all categories, immediately after each race (except Juniors). He also takes requests for his playlists.
Ladies: Remember if you raced last weekend to bring your series long cloth number you raced with. Even if you missed the pre-reg cutoff last night you’ll still be assigned the same series long bib number. The only exception is for the Single Speed category (sorry).
Check-in: Also remember EVERYONE still has to check-in on race day so we know you are there. Regardless if you have a series long bib number or not.
Food: Dave’s Slow Food will (still) again be onsite all day.
– Kiddie Cross at high noon.
Alcohol is prohibited in Hopkins Park. Please respect the park rules.
Weather: We should have great CX temperatures, but its been raining… a lot… so please plan accordingly.
– We’ll have a post up here on the site Sunday afternoon where you can post links to your photo galleries and videos so everyone can see them and themselves on Monday morning. People also use those posts to ask if anyone picked up their jackets on the start line.
– The Course: TBD Race director and course designer Josh Arends changes things up again this year, making even more use of Hopkins Park. The course below is subject to change though depending on wet ground conditions. As is typical of Hopkins Park, expect the track to be fast and flowy if the ground isn’t too soggy. Runs clockwise.

2019 Caldwell Woods Preview

September 26, 2019

UPDATE AS OF 9/27/2019 at 6pm

  • This week the CCC returns to Caldwell Woods Bunker Hill Indian Lakes Hotel hosted by xXx Racing-Athletico. The address is 250 W Schick Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108. Huuuge thanks to xXx Racing for working together at the 11th hour to pull this race together to start off our season right.
  • You read that right… Due to recent heavy rains, and a forecast wet weekend the Cook County Forest Preserve has required xXx Racing to move the course from our planned Caldwell Woods location to the Bunker Hill grove, just half a mile northwest along the North Branch Trail. To access the new location, DO NOT park at Caldwell Woods, Bunker Hill has a large dedicated parking lot accessible from Caldwell Ave or Harts Road.
  • IMPORTANT DRIVING DIRECTIONS: If approaching from the south or east, allow extra time for travel due to road closures at the Devon/Central/Caldwell/Lehigh/Metra intersection.
  • Live results by will be here: Watch races scored in real time!
  • Online pre-reg on BikeReg closes tonight.
  • On site number pick up and Day-Of Registration will be in picnic pavilion near start finish line the lower level Wright Room at ILR. Look for signs or asking someone who looks like they know what they’re doing.
  • Remember reg closes 30 minutes before the schedule start time of each category for everyone, even if you pre-registered on BikeReg you need to pick up your number before 30 minutes before you race.
  • Please do not fold or crumple your numbers. If you do you risk not being scored. Numbers on your LEFT side (not your back!).
  • Remember women categories (except Single Speed) will receive cloth numbers that you will keep the entire season. Please don’t lose them! You’ll still need to check-in at every race though.
  • Speaking of checking in, due to a new partnership between USAC and BikeReg, if you checked the box for the online waiver when you registered on BikeReg and entered your initials, you won’t have to sign a physical piece of paper. You will need to check in with the reg desk and pick up your bib number though. This process is new for everyone and should be more efficient, but please bear with us as we work through any hiccups.
  • Unfortunately, One Day license riders (because of lawyers) will still need to sign a waiver regardless of whether you initialed the online waiver.
  • Staging for all categories will be by ranking as detailed on our FAQ page.
  • See here for preliminary staging on Friday Saturday. Also, please check the discrepancies page. If you name is on this page you need to either edit your BikeReg registration (and profile), renew you annual USAC license, etc.
  • Results will be posted as soon as possible on the CCC’s 4 sided results board and for all pre-reg’d riders with correct/valid email address in their BikeReg rider profiles results will be emailed to you shortly after you finish. Also, One2Go will have its LiveLynx site updated in real time. Full results will be posted on USAC online Sunday night and series standings will be updated shortly afterward.
  • Porta-potties will be located in the parking lot near registration somewhere, TBD. Note that the old restaurant/pro shop/locker room area of the hotel is completely closed right now. There are inside bathrooms up the stairs from registration in the lobby of the hotel. xXx Racing is transferring porta potties from Caldwell to Indian Lakes.  If it is indeed super muddy, please use the porta potties more than the indoor facilities.
  • Parking: Parking is plentiful. Please only park in marked spots.
  • Teams can set up tents anywhere. Being a (re)new(ed) venue and still working out the course, we’re not yet sure where though. It tends to be windy at ILR so please make sure to stake down your tents well.
  • Double sided equipment pits staffed by SRAM NRS.
  • Food: There are no restaurants or food options at Indian Lakes, but Superdawg delivers via Grubhub, Doordash, or Ubereats. Google Maps is very handy to find things.
  • Alcohol: IS permitted at Bunker Hill.  If you bring your own, DO NOT bring glass bottles, Please be discreet, cans or box wine responsibly only please.
  • Remember we are at Indian Lakes Hotel. NOT Bunker Hill, NOT Caldwell Woods, and NOT LaBagh Woods.
  • Please continue to use the hashtag #CaldwellCX so everyone at home or in other parts of the country can follow along. You can also use #ILRCX.
  • Weather: There is a good deal of rain in the forecast Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… so the ground will be “soggy”. Please plan accordingly.
  • The course: As you can imagine with a last minute location change, xXx Racing is still working out the course details, so no course map right now. xXx Racing and the series will do our best to produce a course that is up to CCC standards, but please bear with us.

2019 Relay CX Preview

August 22, 2019
  • IMPORTANT!!!! This year the Relay moves back to JACKSON PARK! If you show up at Warren Park there will be no race there.
  • Most details are over on xXx Racing’s website here:
  • As always, there’s some pretty darn good team names again this year:
  • Please remember to use the official hashtag #RelayCross so everyone can see our Chicagoland Relay CX in all its glory.
  • Reg closes tonight at midnight and there are still spots available (but Coed is filling up fast…) at Please pre-reg!
  • Weather for race day is looking beautiful, with temperatures in the mid-70s and cloud cover to reduce the heat. That said, please bring your own water/drinks and plenty of them. Do not drink the water from Lake Michigan.
  • Did we already mention, we are be returning to our classic course in Jackson Park this year… DO NOT go to Warren Park.
  • Parking: The CPD will not allow anyone to park in the boat ramp parking lot directly next to the course. You can drop off people and gear, but if you try to park there… YOU WILL BE TOWED! Let us repeat that… DO NOT PARK IN THE BOAT RAMP PARKING LOT right next to the course. Parking is available on the streets, the lot north of Hayes Dr., and the lot east of Lake Shore Drive.
  • Also the parking lots around Jackson Park are metered, but only costs about $10 for the day. We don’t want anyone getting a ticket, so you’ve been forewarned. However, did we mention the boat ramp lot south of Hayes Drive and next to the course is off limits?
  • Food: There will NOT be a food vendor for Relay CX this year, so in addition to fluids, please bring snacks if you want to hang out and watch the races. There are restaurants (McDonald’s) and markets nearby on Stony Island, but is just easier to bring your own food.
  • Coffee: Blackstone Bikes isn’t far away if you want to visit, and Build Coffee right next door makes a great cappuccino.
  • Please note the Chicago Triathlon will again be taking place along the Lakefront Path on Sunday morning. xXx and the CCC urge all CX’ers riding to Jackson Park to exercise extreme caution and courtesy when traveling along that route. If traveling by car, you should probably try another route besides LSD especially North of the city.
  • Remember to reg for and donate to the Relay Roulette race – it’s cheap ($10!) and every $10 you donate beyond the reg fee will enter you into a raffle for great prizes, including a full fit session at Get a Grip bikes and other rad items. All proceeds will be donated to a local cycling-related charity chosen by the race winners.
  • We don’t have a course map at this time, but its Relay CX. By all means be competitive, but let’s remember to have fun, enjoy each other’s company, maybe catch a crash on video and turn it into an Internet meme, and kick the Chicagoland CX season off on the right foot! See you Sunday.