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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20170919

September 19, 2017
  • Congrats to everyone who raced at Jingle Cross in IA over the weekend. Lots of great results by CCC’ers.
  • Tonight, Tuesday 9/19/17 at 6:30pm, Bill Schieken of “In the CX Hairs” will be at the Rapha Chicago Clubhouse for a live podcast . Details are here, please RSVP.
  • Tomorrow, Wednesday 9/20/17 Cross Vegas will be held for the last time in fabulous Las Vegas before moving to Reno next year.
  • This weekend is the Trek CXC Cup and World Cup event in Waterloo, WI at Trek HQ.
  • The CCC series returns to its regularly scheduled time and place on Sunday 10/1/17 at Hopkins Park in Dekalb, IL hosted by Comrades Cycles.
  • Thanks to SuperGirl for the reminder. If you use the USA Cycling App on your iPhone, it currently won’t work if you upgrade to iOS 11. So take a screenshot of your license or wait to upgrade to the new iOS 11 until USAC’s app is approved and updated by Apple.
  • And finally… we’ll be into the thick of CX season before you know it, so get those bikes tuned up at your local shop, have spare parts ready, keep up your fitness, sharpen those skills, and remember to say thanks to all of your supporters at home and at the races. See you all soon!

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CCC Thursday Updates – 20170914

September 14, 2017
  • Thanks again to xXx Racing-Athletico for hosting another great Caldwell Woods and to everyone, and we mean everyone, for coming out to race, cheer, high five, and put on a show. Links to all results and series standings are here on the Overall Series Standings GoogleSheet. Let us know if you see any errors.
  • There were a few comments on the Pic, Vids, and Race Reports post with links to videos but no photos. What’s up with that? We saw plenty of cameras out there, so please post links to your photos so everyone can see them.
  • Speaking of photos… we still need some help taking podium pics at each race. If you are willing and able please email us so everyone hitting the podiums can get their 15 seconds of Twitter Internet fame. And if you do take some pics and post them online, please make sure to use the official #hashtag for each event so we can find them later.
  • Next up the CCC takes a 3 week break but continues Sunday 10/1/17 at Hopkins Park in Dekalb, IL hosted by Comrades Cycles. See you there!
  • But if you want to keep your CX legs spinning this weekend you have 2 options. Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!
    • Patriot CX is on Sunday 9/17/17 in Rantoul, IL.
    • Jingle Cross weekend in Iowa City, IA. Three days of racing and Sunday is a World Cup.
  • The following weekend is the Trek CXC Cup and World Cup event in Waterloo, WI at Trek HQ.
  • In between World Cup weekends Bill Schieken of “In the CX Hairs” will be at the Rapha Chicago Clubhouse for a live podcast at 6:30pm on 9/19/17. Details are here, please RSVP.
  • Series Sponsor F3 Cycling is offering the CCC community a 17% discount off anything on their website between now and Montrose. Swing by their tent, starting at Dekalb, say high, and get all the details.
  • And finally… we’d like to welcome new Series Sponsor VeloFix Chicago North Shore to the CCC family. Look for the red and black VeloFix fan at future races and swing by to say high or even use their services if your bike needs some love.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20170905

September 5, 2017
  • Here we go! The Chicago Cyclocross Cup series officially starts this coming weekend as xXx Racing-Athletico hosts Caldwell Woods. Online pre-reg ends Thursday evening. No rain in the forecast all week so (hopefully) no flooding this year. That being said, always watch here on the site or on Twitter for last minute updates. Note xXx’s website has not been updated and still shows LaBagh Woods, which is old info. This year we are back at Caldwell Woods.
  • Also this weekend, xXx Racing is hosting 2 clinics with 2 guys named Sven who know a thing or 2 about CX. These are not free clinics however as airplane flights from Belgium are not free. Get all the details of the Return of the Svens on xXx Racing’s site here.
  • Speaking of international CX superstars, congrats to local racer Maria Larkin for teaming up with Nicole Mertz to start their Meteor p/b Allied’ CX team. You’ll find these ladies racing on Allied Bikes (founded by local coffee guy Doug Zell) all over the country at UCI events but also here in the CCC later in the season. Check them out at
  • Speaking of rad ladies on CX bikes, Maria and Nicole along with the Cuttin’ Crew will again be hosting (for the 4th year in a row) the Junior Girls CX Clinic p/b Park Tool at the Trek CXC Cup this year. Full details TBD but save the date for Friday 9/22/2017 at 6pm to learn from 2 of the best; Katie Compton and Kaitlin Antonneau-Keogh. See the Trek CXC Cup site for details.
  • And finally… we’re making a few more changes to the series this year, especially with the women categories, than we’ve been comfortable doing in the past. So bear with us as we work out the kinks and please go back and re-read our 5/30/2017 post where we detailed all the changes. Seriously, please read it and ask all your peers to read it. If you have questions email us or ask a USAC official, but please don’t assume any random joe on the side of the course has the correct answer, or that we see every little thing that didn’t go perfectly. Please provide us with feedback (constructive criticism is great!) and help us improve the series as much and as quickly as possible. The CCC is your local series and only as good as the community that builds and supports it. Now let’s race!

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20170829

August 29, 2017
  • We didn’t receive many reports from deep within Big Marsh, but we’re sure Half Acre Cycling’s CX Eliminator went well on Saturday. If you have pics please post them here.
  • Sunday at xXx Racing’s Relay Cross was fun with another great turnout to also get the CX season underway. Please also post pics here.
  • Next up, the official Chicagoland CX season begins at Caldwell Woods. Online pre-reg is open on here.
  • Our friends to the north are again kicking off their CX season with the 4th annual Avalon Pontoons Alma Grand Prix of Cyclocross & 5K Trail Run on Saturday, 9/9/17! Alma is a pretty quick drive from the Chicagoland area and might help you open up your legs for the first Chicago series race on Sunday. In Alma, the Pro/Elite and Sport women (presented by Arbor Move) are racing for $750/5; the Pro/Elite and Masters 35+ men (presented by F3 Cycling) are racing for $500/5. Early number pick up on Friday night is at the Alma Brewing Company in downtown Alma, from 6-8 p.m. Camping is available at the race venue! Registration information for both the CX and 5K races is available HERE.
  • If you’re not traveling to IA consider Patriot CX on 9/17/17. In its 7th year running the event will have a Relay category at the end of the day. .
  • And finally… thanks again to everyone who came out to the CCC Kick Off Party at the Rapha Clubhouse. Big, big thanks to all the donors/sponsors who pitched in with raffle prizes. Through sales of raffle tickets we raised $1,000 to be split equally between West Town Bikes and Blackstone Bicycle Works. AMAZING!!! Let’s keep that community spirit going straight through to December and have a great season!

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20170822

August 22, 2017
  • Hopefully you used proper eye protection yesterday watching the eclipse and are reading this instead of sitting in the optometrist office. Seriously, safety first. Speaking of… if you’re riding your bike without a helmet on (its is a USAC rule) at a CCC event you can be disqualified.
  • We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday at the Rapha Clubhouse for our CCC Kickoff Party. See you there!
  • The Half Acre CX Eliminator at Big Marsh is on Saturday and the xXx Relay Cross in Jackson Park is on Sunday so brush up on those CX skillz
  • Online pre-reg for all CCC events is hosted on All events with the exception of Melas will be up on BikeReg later this week. A few notes:
    • Pre-reg for Caldwell Woods will open next Monday 8/28 at 9am.
    • All remaining events except for Melas will open the following Monday 9/4/17.
    • With the category changes this season we had to make quite a few tweaks and we’re only human. So if you see something we missed, shoot us an email at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail so we can fix it. Thanks!
    • Please pay attention to field limits as some have changed this year based on field sizes last year. We do our best to accommodate everyone and give everyone a chance to race without having overly enormous field sizes. When a field limit is reached its waitlist will then open. You are not charged an entry fee for a race until you are moved off that waitlist, which could be the day after online pre-reg closes (once we clean up the data). If you don’t receive an email before race day saying you got moved into the race from the waitlist, come to the race ready to pay since the race promoter can NOT charge your credit card through BikeReg at the race.
    • In cases where 2 categories are on course at the same time there is a combined field limit. Once that combined field limit is reached, both categories are closed and the waitlist for both open (see above).
    • Up until now CCC race promoters have absorbed the cost of all service fees (BikeReg is a business after all and their employees have to finance their cycling gear and racing too), baking those fees into the cost of the race. Starting this season rather than raising entry fees outright those BikeReg service fees (<$3) are being passed through to you when you pre-register. Yes, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation is low, but it still occurs and CCC entry fees have remained the same for many, many years. None of our race promoters are retiring to St. Maarten with the money they make from hosting an amateur pedal bike race. But one of our series goals is to have all race promoters stay out of the red so they can host their race again and again and again for many years to come.
  • We’re still looking for series sponsors and volunteers. Email us at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail if you are interested.
  • And finally… with all that’s going on in the world remember we’re all here to have fun and ride our bikes. In the words of Bill and Ted, “be excellent to each other.

CCC Thursday Updates – 20170817

August 17, 2017
  • Lots of CX events coming up. But if you haven’t checked out this site in a while, please have a look at our 5/30/17 post outlining the changes we’re making to this year’s series.
  • Thursday 8/24 CCC Kickoff Party at the Rapha Clubhouse
  • Saturday 8/26 Half Acre CX Eliminator at Big Marsh
  • Sunday 8/27 xXx Relay Cross in Jackson Park
  • Also remember the Trek CXC Cup (WI) and Jingle Cross (IA) are both in September and both are UCI World Cup events this year. We purposely do not have CCC events on these weekends so you can go and see these big shows.
  • Want to be involved with the CCC as either a series sponsor or a series volunteer? We have plenty of room for anyone and everyone in both. Contact us at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail so we can discuss details.
  • And finally… today we are officially and sadly saying goodbye to the green machine, the Village-Verdigris CX team after 11 years of being a part of the CCC. From Juniors to Women to Masters, VVCX has produced some of the best riders in the CCC both on and off the bike. But fear not as Tim, Vince, and the guys have recast the mold, in eye searing orange, as Team F3 p/b 7 Miles Cycles. You may already know F3 Cycling as the group that brought us FormMount (and more to come) and 7 Mile Cycles is the rebranded Village CycleSport in Elk Grove (Note the Arlington Heights and Barrington VCS locations are still there and separate owners). Look for this team to pick up right where they left off last season.

CCC Thursday Updates – 20170803

August 3, 2017

Quick update for a hot and humid still-Summer but #cxiscoming update.

  • Join the Chicago Cyclocross Community for a season kick off party at the Rapha Chicago Clubhouse in Wicker Park on Thursday 8/24/2017 at 7pm!
  1. The party starts at 7pm, and everyone is invited, but please RSVP here.
  2. Mingle with and hear from series and race directors about the series and upcoming season while raising a pint.
  3. Meet and chat with sponsors such as SRAM, ABUS, PSIMET, Pony Shop, SnowyMountainPhotography, Illinois Bicycle Law, Clif Bar and more.
  4. Raffle of $5 per ticket with 100% of all proceeds going to West Town Bikes and Blackstone Bicycle Works!



CCC Tuesday Updates – 20170725

July 25, 2017
  • We’re back at it again! Now that officially #roadisdead we’ll have more regular updates leading up to and into the CX season.
  • But before we get there, and possibly half way in between, check out the Chicago Cinder Classic on Sunday August 20th, hosted by ActiveTrans.orgFour racers. Two single speed bikes. One cinder track. Should be lots of fun. If you’ve ever watched the film “Breaking Away” or seen the cinder track relay race at Indiana University, you know how fun and exciting these races can be. Each team of four racers will ride 100 laps (25 miles) on identical single speed bikes.
  • Speaking of events, Half Acre’s CX Eliminator (8/26/17) and xXx Racing’s CX Relay (8/27/2017) are just over one month away. These are not CCC series events, but a great way to ease into the season. We’ll have BikeReg pages for CCC series events set up sometime in August. In the meantime, the updated event and race day schedule as well as lots of other dates are over on the schedule page.
  • And speaking of xXx Racing, the club is hosting the Return of the Svens for another year here in Chicago. Check out details and sign up for the clinics here.
  • And finally… if you haven’t already, now is the time to start getting ready for the CX season. Get the bike in tune and those tubbies glued up… or better yet take it to one of our great local bike shops, renew you USAC annual license (and make sure your CX club/team is correct), upgrade to a higher category if you feel you are ready, practice you bib number pinning techniques, read and re-read the USAC rulebook and the CCC series rules, and most importantly get your family and friends ready to either join you or at least used to you being gone all day every Sunday in the Autumn. See y’all soon!!!

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