CCC Tuesday Updates – 20181218

December 18, 2018
  • Congrats to everyone who traveled to Louisville, KY last week and over the weekend to race at the USA Cycling National Championships. The conditions were absolutely brutal with lots of mud and rain, but that didn’t stop several CCC’ers from having some fun and racking up some great results in the process. Special congratulations to Emiliano Arteaga for hitting the podium in 3rd in the Boys Junior 11-12 year old race on Saturday. Full results are here and we’re anticipating photos over on SnowyMountain.
  • Well, that’s it for cyclocross racing here in the states. However there’s plenty of racing through the end of January in Europe though. We’ll mostly be shutting down the updates here on the site, but we’ll be sure to use Twitter for any exciting updates we think you may be interested in.
  • We wish everyone a merry holiday season and happy new year. Please travel and ride safe and we’ll see you again in 2019!
  • And finally… and speaking of things you may be interested in and 2019… we’ll be hosting the end of season awards party at the Rapha Chicago Clubhouse on Saturday 1/12/2019 at 6pm. No tickets, no entry fee, no sit down dinner, no staging grid. Just some good times hanging out with CX minded people, without bikes. Come hang out with us, Kenny, and the overall series winners to celebrate another great Chicago Cyclocross Cup season. We’ll have food, dranks, cowbells, overall series winner prizes, and door prizes. Please be sure to RSVP so we know how many tacos and beers to bring.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20181211

December 11, 2018
  • Looks like Afterglow was a another success with lots of fun racing and it all going to several great causes. Also, the Slurpee podium “medals” were fantastic. Not that they really matter, but results are here. Thanks to everyone who raced and came out to support Blackstone Bikes and West Town Bikes.
  • Speaking of, we’re still tallying all the donations made through the season and will make our series donation to Blackstone Bikes, West Town Bikes & Big Marsh before the end of the year. THANK YOU to everyone who donated to such worthy causes.
  • Several Chicago area riders also traveled up to WI the day before on Saturday to race at the Midwest Regional CX Championships and brought home jerseys. Congrats to Jordan Austin (Jr Women 15-18), Danny Warner (Masters 55+), & Jacob Huizenga (Single Speed). Full results are here.
  • The Chicagoland CX season is done for the year, but there’s still one big race left. USAC CX National Championships start today (Tuesday) in Louisville, KY. Good luck to everyone traveling to race. We’ll try to keep up with results on Twitter and retweet results with CCC participants on the podium. Kenny has already put together a crib sheet of riders and start times in the comments here.
  • Speaking of being done, congrats to all the riders who earned their USAC CX category upgrades. Yes, we see all those and we’re excited to see several riders upgrading right after Montrose. Good luck and we’ll see you in the next category in 2019. Kenny is already writing his race commentary notes.
  • Speaking of next season, please keep those comments & suggestions emails coming. We can’t promise we’ll make all the changes everyone wants, but we want to hear from you.
  • And finally… Please mark you calendars for Saturday January 12th around 6pm when we’ll be having the our Series Awards Party. We’re finally finalizing the final details but we’re changing things up this year with a new date, time, location, and less formal format so more people can attend. No tickets, no dinner, but still the same good company, conversation, and cheer. And of course cow bells, clean jerseys, and awards for our series winners and door prizes even if you didn’t win an overall jersey. More details to come next week.

2018 Afterglow Preview

December 6, 2018
  • SUNDAY, December 9, 2018
  • Please use #AfterglowCX, very important to remember the “CX”.
  • Afterglow is what lingers when the ChiCrossCup concludes, yet you’re not ready to quit. Chicago Cuttin’ Crew’s primary goals are to throw a great race in Chicago and collect funds, cycling parts, and clothing for our youth cycling programs from the South and West sides. In the 9th year of Afterglow, we are proud to continue the pledge drive for Blackstone Bikes and West Town Bikes. And, like last year, we are sponsoring the registration fee for Bikes N Roses!
  • Afterglow always has equal payouts for men and women (zero dollars). And while it is the most affordable race on the calendar, bribes in the form of donations are always accepted in exchange for a spot on the front row. With the post-Regionals, pre-Nationals timeslot, Divvy and tandem categories are bound to be STACKED.
  • In 2018, Afterglow is introducing the HOT LAP race! One final lap of courage to square away any remaining grudges. All wheeled, human-powered machines are welcome, and dare to take the treacherous shortcuts Single Speed State Champion Jake Huizenga has crafted.
  • Registration is at When registering race to, please consider donating a few extra dollars that will go directly to our beneficiaries. We will also have a donation box on-site to collect your gently used gear, clothing, and cash money.
  • Day-of registration and number pickup opens at 9am near the start/finish. Bib numbers will go on your RIGHT side, and course runs counterclockwise. Best place to park is on Inner Ogden Avenue, just on the outside of the course.
  • A wheel/equipment pit will be available. Wheels/bike in, wheels/bikes out.
  • Podiums will be presented shortly after each race, and we will have limited edition 2018 Cuttin’ Crew prizes for those victorious.
  • Weather looks like mud. Party looks like #slurpeeseason.
  • Thank you for continuing to support the young people of our city — their programs not only provide transportation to the races and food and snacks, but also a sense of home and accomplishment. 
  • Don’t mind this 2014 map title, its basically the same course as in years past. See you Sunday!
  • UPDATE!!! 
  • Registration/Officials/Tent City/Starting Grid are now on the WEST SIDE of the course, drop off on Sacramento.
  • Park either on Ogden or limited parking in field house lot.
  • Course is reversed, now clockwise. Wheelpit is now where tent city used to be.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20181204

December 4, 2018
  • Oh man, was that yet another exciting Montrose Harbor / Illinois State CX Championship or what?? So many great races, so many stories to tell, so many state jerseys and series overall titles that went down to the wire. We hope you all had as much fun racing and riding as we did watching it all unfold. All the links for all the results you are looking for are at the bottom of the page here. Overall series and state champ winners are all listed here.
  • There are a limited amount of Montrose posters still available (we realize some people did not want to deal with artwork in the mud). Also a couple prize checks were not picked up. Email [email protected] for info on both.
  • If your bike touched the ground at Montrose, make sure to get it cleaned up before heading to the next race or hanging it up for the season. We’re sure every local shop has specials going on right now. Series sponsor The Pony Shop let us know they have a deal right now that completely tears down your bike to the frame, waxes the frameset, cleans all parts in our safe ultrasonic cleaner, repacks or replaces all bearings, cables, tape, and hydro fluid. Perfect for Road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes. The complete overhaul is 200.00 plus parts. All parts are 10% off with the special.
  • While the CCC season may be over we still have some end-of-the-year things to do:
    • First, while its still fresh in your head, drop us an email and let us know how we can make the series better next year. We’re always looking for ways to make the CCC the Best Amateur CX Series in the Country.
    • B. We’ll have our awards party in January, probably the 2nd or 3rd weekend. We’re still working out the details, so stay tuned.
    • III. We are still collecting donations for our series causes, Blackstone Bikes, West Town Bikes, and Big Marsh. If you’d like to make a donation through the series send us and email, or you can donate directly through the links above.
  • Speaking of West Town and Blackstone, this coming Sunday the last CX race in the Chicagoland area takes place at Afterglow, hosted by the Chicago Cuttin’ Crew and back in Douglas Park. Come out and race, have a great time, and support the youth of Chicago.
  • If you’re looking for something more racey, racey… the MidWest Regional CX Championships hosted by L5 Racing are being held the day before on Saturday up in Sun Prairie, WI.
  • And speaking of Championships, the USA Cycling National CX Championships are being held next week in Louisville, KY. Good luck to everyone heading down to race.
  • And finally… with the holiday season coming up very soon, if you have the means, please support our series sponsors when purchasing gifts for your loved ones.

2018 Montrose Harbor Preview

November 29, 2018
  • Here we go! The 11th and final event in the 2018 Chicago Cyclocross Cup and the 2018 Illinois State CX Championships Presented by Rapha at Montrose Harbor hosted by Spidermonkey Cycling and Ten27 Cycling Club!
  • Online pre-reg on BikeReg closes tonight. Preliminary staging will be posted here.
  • In order to win a USAC State Champion jersey you must be:
    • A USAC annual license holder
    • An Illinois resident per your driver’s license or state issued ID (or passport)
    • A citizen of these great United States of America
  • The Masters 45+/55+ starting wave is closed and has gone on a waitlist. We will follow the waitlist protocol described at the bottom of the this page. Remember we cannot charge your credit card at the venue so please bring money. Waitlisted riders who prereg online and make it into a race will still be staged by their points. Riders registering Day Of will be staged at the back of the pack. So make sure to pre-reg for the Waitlist if your category is closed.
  • A reminder from One2Go to please, please, please pin your number properly (see the image below) and put any long hair up in pony tails. If One2Go can’t see your bib number you won’t be scored properly. Great LEFT SIDE Example
  • Also, since this is the State Championship our USAC officials will be pulling riders out of contention early at the finish line. If you are told you are being finished early, please exit the course, you will be scored appropriately. Thanks!
  • The weather looks great but be mindful that the wind off the lake is no joke, so please secure your tents.
  • George Armstrong will be at the event taking rider portraits. Have a look at his work from the Intelligentsia Cup this summer.
  • Here’s your friendly reminder that Montrose Harbor is a public city park where people who might have no idea what cyclocross is might be wandering through. Yes we’ll be celebrating another great season of cyclocross with drinks and food and more dranks, but please be on your best behavior and show the city what a classy bunch we are.
  • Thanks to our generous sponsors for helping make the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships presented by Rapha Chicago possible:
  • Speaking of Rapha Chicago, pre-reg riders should head there on Saturday to get your bib number early and enjoy free refreshments while talking smack with that person just ahead of you on the overall — as well as getting 25% off purchases (which may be necessary depending on the weather!). Please RSVP to let them know you are coming for food planning. And it should go without saying, make sure you put bib number somewhere safe. If you lose your number between Saturday night and Sunday we may not have a extra number for you.
  • Speaking of food, there will be THREE food truck options this year with Big Mama’s soul food, Aztec Daves tacos and the Chicago Pizza Boss, so come hungry.
  • And come thirsty as Heritage General Store will be on site early with COFFEETS and then adding BOOZE at 11:00 a.m. with Larry’s at Lawrence House hosting a beer/cocktail garden, including beers, pre-made cocktails and Malort/Fernet bumps!!! (Oh my.)
  • And now let us pause for a message from the fun police … ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO HAND-UPS OR DRINKING/BRINGING ALCOHOL OUTSIDE OF THE BEER GARDEN AREA. It is placed next to the course on Simonds Drive for your viewing pleasure, but we CANNOT have any alcohol outside of the designated area. We knowwwwwww it will be SO TEMPTING to hand a Malört shot to that teammate passing by who is begging you for it, but RULES IS RULEZ. Seriously, Spidermonkey and Heritage had to jump through many hoops to make this happen (including one on fire) and we want to be able to do this in years to come. Please, help us help you.
  • Speaking of alcohol, the park is a Chicago Park District property and alcohol is by default not allowed.
  • Simonds Drive is closed to thru-traffic and parking within the barricades is restricted to officials, food trucks, Autobarn Volvos/VWs, porta-pottie deliveries and the like. Regular parking will be along Simonds Drive and Montrose Drive, entering and exiting the way you came in. Per the Park District, NO PARKING ON THE GRASS, ANYWHERE! Please adhere to volunteer requests regarding your vehicle parking and movement.
  • Speaking of parking, parking spaces within the barricades (near the finish) are again available on BikeReg to help defray increased permit costs. Entry is from either side on Simonds drive — check in with the nice volunteers and show your receipt. (If you have a trailer please count that as a second space).
  • Equipment drop-off on Sunday will ONLY be allowed before the turn-around on the south-end of Simonds Drive near the staging grid, and the driver must remain with the vehicle to expedite unloading and keep traffic flowing, just like at the airport  It’s usually a high-volume operation at the same time so help your teammates.
  • In addition teams are welcome, nay encouraged, to drop tents and other large items on Saturday afternoon! There is hired security for overnight watch (though of course SMC, et al. cannot take responsibility for what things like the weather could do to items left overnight so make sure it’s secured/tied down). And hey, stick around to lend a helping hand with course setup!
  • New this year, CCC racer Maria Larkin is hosting Doggocross to support Team PAWS! What is Doggocross? It’s a 3-lap time trial with you and your doggo. The fastest team will be crowned the official 2018 Doggocross champions and will receive some PAWS goodies. Starting at 10:00 a.m., it’s $5 per attempt and you can try as many times as you like. PAWS volunteers will also be on hand to take your donations if your doggo is not available to assist you to glory. Or you can donate directly to Maria’s page.
  • Kiddie Cross at 2:15pm weather permitting.
  • We understand the desire to pre-ride, especially with so many CCC’ers living nearby. However, we kindly request you DO NOT RIDE the course this week, especially on Saturday, to enable course construction AND to keep it in nice condition for game day. Again, drop the bike and pick up some course stakes and tape to help — it takes a village!
  • Once again the course is a similar footprint to previous years, but as has become custom, the direction will be reversed (now clockwise), so Cricket Hill comes before the sand dunes. However, Spidermonkey has included a fun tough short long sand trough before the hill to whet your appetites. 
  • The Junior 9-14 and Men & Women’s Cat 4/5‘s will have a cut-off section to bypass some sand sections. Please be considerate while the course is being constructed on Saturday.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20181127

November 27, 2018
  • We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend and had a chance to catch up and spend time with your family and loved ones.
  • Our man with the mic Kenny Labbé went to Region Riot CX with Torch and even though he was off the clock, he still tweeted out pics of all the podiums. Congrats to everyone who raced and kept the engine running.
  • Next up, the CCC finishes up with the grand finalé and Illinois State Championship at Montrose Harbor. Just like every year, let’s make a day of it. Come out early, stay late, and let’s finish up the series in style.
  • Spidermonkey Cycling is continually adding information about #MontroseCX to its landing page, but look for the full race preview here on Thursday.
  • Please help Rapha Chicago plan for the number pick-up party refreshments by RSVP’ing. Also note that you will not be able to register at the Rapha party, but still can on race day. But register online now to avoid the hassle!
  • Parking spots at Montrose are going fast. We will try to accommodate paying for parking on race day, but guarantee a close spot by adding to your checkout when you register on BikeReg by Thursday night.
  • At Montrose we’ll have George Armstrong taking rider portraits (for free). George was at the Intelligentsia Cup this summer and you can check out his work here.
  • While the series will be over and the series overall winners will be determined on Sunday, we’re going to push the end of season awards party back until after the holidays (final date TBD). With USAC CX National Championships being held 12/11 – 12/16 in Louisville there just aren’t enough weekend hours to fit it all in before the holidays. We’ll look to have they party sometime in January, perhaps somewhere in the city. More details as soon as we figure them out.
  • And finally… while the 2018 CCC series racing will be over after Sunday there’s still one very important (perhaps the MOST important) CX event… Afterglow – AlterNats! This year the event returns to Douglas Park Sunday on 12/9/18 and online pre-reg is now open. Be there!

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20181120

November 20, 2018
  • Grandpa always said, when life gives you lemons, make orange juice… or something like that. Without a ton of terrain to work with at Pheasant Run the South Chicago Wheelmen built a fun course and along with a “helping hand” from mother nature the weekend turned out to be one of the hardest of this year’s series. Thanks to everyone who came out to race and see the spectacle. Links to all the results you’re looking for are at the bottom of the page here.
  • In the Overall Series Standings GoogleSheet riders in yellow have already secured their overall series titles by accumulating enough series points so they are >60 points ahead of the next placed rider, making it mathematically impossible to be caught. That being said, many categories are very, very, very, very close going into the final race, in some case less than 5 points separates the top 3 riders! So Montrose should be just as exciting as ever!
  • But before we get to the last race, the series takes a quick pause to give thanks and spend some quality family time with the people we may or may not have seen since early September. So no matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving, please enjoy this coming weekend off the bike.
  • If you’re in town and still want to keep the racing edge sharp, our Region Racing friends just over the border in Indiana are hosting Region Riot Cross on Sunday. Online pre-reg closes Friday.
  • And then the week after the CCC returns and finishes up with 2018 Illinois State CX Championships presented by Rapha at Montrose Harbor in downtown Chicago. Plenty of details to discuss, but we’ll get to those next week. If you want brush up see the static race page here.
  • Please RSVP for the Rapha number pickup party the day before the Illinois State Championship p/b Rapha Chicago and come to the race with your number already pinned! There will also beer beer and food, as well as 25% off the store for all pre-registered riders.
  • Also for Montrose, there are still some paid parking spots available right next to the start and finish areas. Close parking is somewhat limited at this venue and with the possible weather conditions, being close to the start and finish, before and after your race is nice. Guarantee this spot will be available at any time. Purchase spots on BikeReg when you register. Larger teams can purchase multiple spots for trailers, RVs, etc … by contacting Spidermonkey Cycling directly. [email protected]
  • And finally… Just a quick comment about poorly positioned bib numbers and long hair obscuring bib numbers. If One2Go and the USAC officials can’t see your number, at best it disrupts scoring and makes generating results longer, and at worst you don’t get scored and may get fined real, actual money. Please, please, please follow the example of a properly pinned number in One2Go’s pre-race email and please make sure to put that long hair in a pony tail. Thanks!!!
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