2018 Caldwell Woods Preview

September 13, 2018
  • This week the CCC returns to Caldwell Woods hosted by xXx Racing-Athletico.
  • Live results by will be here: Watch races scored in real time!
  • Online pre-reg on BikeReg closes tonight.
  • On site number pick up and Day-Of Registration will be in picnic pavilion near start finish line. Remember reg closes 30 minutes before the schedule start time of each category.
  • Please not fold or crumple your numbers. If you do you risk not being scored. Numbers on your LEFT side (not your back!) .
  • Staging for the rest of the series is; First row by CCC series points and then everyone else by ranking. See here for preliminary staging on Friday. Also, please check the discrepancies page. If you name is on this page you need to either edit your BikeReg registration (and profile), renew you annual USAC license, etc.
  • Results will be posted as soon as possible on the CCC’s 4 sided results board and for all pre-reg’d riders with correct/valid email address in their BikeReg rider profiles results will be emailed to you shortly after you finish. Also, One2Go will have its LiveLynx site updated in real time. Full results will be posted on USAC online Sunday night and series standings will be updated shortly afterward.
  • Porta-potties will be located in the small parking lot nearest Devon and Milwaukee adjacent to registration.
  • Teams can set up tents anywhere, but xXx Racing recommends doing so in the field North of the reg pavilion for viewing the finish line or the field to the North East for viewing the hill.
  • Parking: Parking is limited in the lot next to the park, and we can’t promise that there will be room for trailers.  Until 8am, you can drive (slowly!) down the bike path into the park to drop off tents and gear.
  • Double sided equipment pits staffed by SRAM NRS.
  • Food: Chicago Pizza Boss will be on site and Superdawg is across the street.
  • Alcohol: IS permitted at Caldwell Woods.  There will be a beer garden p/b Finch’s Beer Company near the run-up.  If you bring your own, DO NOT bring glass bottles, cans or box wine only please.
  • Look for “Kiddie Cross” near the staging grid around 2pm.
  • Additional info over here on the static preview page. Make sure you read the info about Caldwell Woods NOT LaBagh Woods.
  • Remember to use the hashtag #CaldwellCX so everyone at home or in other parts of the country can follow along.
  • There are still spots available for the Sven-nado CX clinic.  Registration for the Sunday clinic (4:30-7:00) is 50% off for juniors! Register at
  • The Svens will be on site during the day, but sadly, Stan Nice will not be joining the 4/5 race this year. So yeah, get your fanboy and fangirl selfie-sticks ready and show these world champions (again) how we do things around here (btw they LOVE it!).
  • Weather: Looks fantastic but there might still be some standing water in a few places next to the river.
  • There have been a lot of mosquitoes out at the park lately, so bring some bug spray just in case.
  • The course: Tentative course is below. Clockwise starting from the staging grid. Reg, staging grid, finish line, and pit are all on the SW corner of the park.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20180911

September 11, 2018

Robotfresh Media

  • A big, big, big thanks to Josh Arends and the entire Comrade Cycles crew for hosting our first race of the series out at Hopkins Park. The weather was absolutely CX perfect and it was great to see everyone racing the track. Links to all the results are here.
  • Also, many apologies to the Women Cat 4/5. You were supposed to start in front of the Junior 9-14’s. That’s a snafu totally on us. We’ll get it right at Caldwell Woods and going forward. Again, we’re sorry for the mix-up.
  • Next up, xXx Racing hosts Caldwell Woods on the NW side of the city.
  • Also this week:
  • Just a reminder that while we do have access to who is applying for and getting category upgrades, we can’t always keep up with everyone, so please shoot us an email if you earn an upgrade so 1/2 your points can go with you to the next category.
  • And, if you race on a One Day license and then get an annual USAC license let us know that too so you will be staged properly at the next race. Otherwise you may be at the back.
  • Which is also a reminder, please always check the preliminary staging sheets to make sure your CCC series points and points flow through properly. We make plenty of mistakes but want to make sure you are staged properly and have a fun race. Its a whole lot easier to correct those things on Friday or Saturday then on the start line on Sunday.
  • Team names – We match all USAC annual licenses to the USAC rider database, meaning, if you have an annual license we grab your CX team name from there, NOT from BikeReg. So please make sure you have your CX team and/or club name correct with USAC. Thanks!
  • Next week up at the Trek CX Cup join Maria Larkin and a bunch of other local rad ladies at the Junior Girls Clinic p/b Parktool.
    • Date 9/21/2018 (Friday of Trek Cx Cup)
    • Location: Trek Cx Cup, Waterloo, Wisconsin
    • Time: 6pm
    • Instructors: Katie Compton, Kaitie Keough
    • Open to girls aged 9-18.
    • You’ll be doing some basic instruction and riding the juniors course with the Ka(i)ties.
    • Helmets are required, cross bikes preferred but mountain bikes with knobby tires are welcome.
    • As usual there will be pizza/snacks available post ride. Please contact Maria with any dietary restrictions. [email protected]
    • Registration is here; and there are 8 spots left.
  • The week after next the CX (Eliminator) hosted by Half Acre Cycling will be at Big Marsh on Saturday 9/29/18 . Online pre-reg is, where else, over on BikeReg (  HAC plans to have a food truck, Specialized demo rig, and some prizes for those stepping up.
  • And finally… We have a new photographer snapping pics at races this year. Check our Robert Clark‘s galleries over at If you see a good photo of yourself or someone you know consider throwing a little scratch Robert’s way and if so please make sure to give Robert credit for the photo. Once SnowyMountain recovers from their summer we’re sure they will be out at the races as well. We saw lots of other cameras out at Hopkins Park too, so please share your photos/videos with links in the weekend posts, like this one!

2018 Hopkins Park Preview

September 6, 2018
– Okay here we go, the CX season is finally officially starting! #CXishere
– Don’t forget we have the CCC Kickoff Party TONIGHT at the Rapha Chicago Clubhouse. We’ll see you all there!
Comrade Cycles starts us off in style at Hopkins Park in Dekalb, IL.
Thanks again to all our series sponsors, riders, spectators, parents, pets, etc who make our little series possible. This all wouldn’t happen without out you, so THANK YOU!!
– Online pre-reg on BikeReg closes tonight here.
– Please pre-reg. Those riders who do will have their unofficial results emailed to them by One2Go Event Services. One2Go will also be posting live results on LiveLynx Results as riders cross the finish line each lap.
– Parking:  The course crosses the road so it will be closed to through traffic. There are three parking lots in the park. One of them will be accessible from the park entrance at the stop light, East Dresser Rd. The other two will only be accessible from the other park entrance just West of the light. Should all the parking in the park be taken up there is a lot on the other side of Sycamore Rd. with a pedestrian tunnel that brings you back into the park.  Please see the map below.
– There can be road construction on I88/110 and Dekalb is one of our farther-away races, so please give yourself plenty of time to get to the venue.
Staging: At the first race of the series everyone is staged by CrossResults points. Answers to all of your questions are in our FAQ here. Starting at Caldwell Woods the front row is staged by CCC series points.
Preliminary staging will be posted here tomorrow.
Kids’ Races: 8 years old and under at 2pm, during the Men Cat 1/2/3 race.
– Remember we have a new payout schedule and Kenny will be presenting podiums for all categories.
– We’ll post pics of all podiums on Twitter and if we’re lucky maybe some other random shots from the day. Look for updates there as well if we need to communicate anything out to everyone.
Food: Dave’s Slow Food will again be onsite all day.
Alcohol is prohibited in Hopkins Park.
Weather: We should have perfect CX temperatures, but the remnants of tropical storm Gordon will be passing through and likely to make things a little wet it might be a little breezy.
– Don’t forget your cameras or phones or GoPros or drones or… We’ll have posts up here on the site each Sunday afternoon where you can post links to your galleries and videos so everyone can see them and themselves on Monday morning.
– The Course: Race director and course designer Josh Arends changes things up again this year making more use of the East side of Hopkins Park. As is typical of Hopkins Park, expect the track to be fast and flowy. Runs clockwise.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20180904

September 4, 2018
  • We hope everyone had a relaxing and fun long Labor Day holiday weekend.
  • The CCC series starts THIS COMING WEEKEND at Hopkins Park in Dekalb, IL. We are ready and we hope you are too. Look for the course preview Thursday morning.
  • We keep the momentum rolling and next week is even busier than this week.
    • Thursday night 9/6 we’ll all be at the Rapha Clubhouse for the CCC Kickoff Party.
    • Saturday 9/15 during the day xXx Racing hosts their Sven-nado with Sven Nys and Sven Vanthourenhout. You must pre-reg for this clinic, please do NOT show up unannounced.
    • Saturday night the Trek Store in Wicker Park is hosting a free Night w/ Sven Nys.
    • And then finally Sunday we’ll all be back together at Caldwell Woods for the 2nd race of the series where riders will be showing off their Pactimo series leaders jerseys.
  • Online pre-reg for Hopkins Park and Caldwell Woods have been open for a while on BikeReg, and the rest of the series races (except for a few that are finishing up their paperwork with USAC) are now open. Please pre-reg for races, it makes everything go much smoother, and you’ll received your results emailed to you from One2Go.
  • And finally… we’re really looking forward to beginning the season and series with all of you this week. Before we get start though, let’s all remember we’re all out there to have fun and share some precious time with each other. We can all race hard, be aggressive, have differences in opinion, and have individual definitions of what it means to have a successful race. But we all know how to respect each other and be civil with each other. So let’s race our bikes, have a good time, and show each other what the Chicagoland CX community is all about. LET’S RACE!

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20180828

August 28, 2018
  • Thanks to everyone who came out to hi-five and start off the CCC season in style with xXx Racing at Relay Cross. Results are here. Remember this is all for fun, so for those of you wondering, Relay Cross results will NOT be counted in your points.
  • The CCC season officially starts in TWO WEEKS at Hopkins Park in Dekalb, IL. Remember the first 2 races are switching dates this year, so please do NOT show up to Caldwell Woods. The full event schedule is here.
  • But before we start racing, let’s hang out a little bit off the bike at the CCC Kickoff Party at the Rapha Chicago Clubhouse on Thursday 9/6 at 6pm. Please RSVP here (so we have enough snacks and dranks) or on the FaceBook if that is your thing.
  • After that the CCC takes a 2 week break so everyone can go see the PROs race at the Trek CX Cup and Jingle Cross. Good luck to everyone traveling to race those events.
  • And finally… we’d like to welcome (back) Michael Heagney Homes to the CCC sponsor family. Many of you may know Mike as a very quick sprinter and expert tactician on the road, but he also happens to be really good bike driver on the CX track and also an accomplised real estate agent/broker. Please join us in welcoming Mike back to the CCC.

2018 Relay CX Preview

August 23, 2018
  • Most details are over on xXx Racing’s website here:
  • There’s some pretty good team names again this year:
  • Please remember to use the official hashtag #RelayCross so the entire Internets can see our Chicagoland Relay CX in all its glory.
  • There should be plenty of parking in the lot, but if it fills, there is street parking all around the park.
  • When warming up, PLEASE do NOT ride on the golf course next door. There will also be a cricket match near the north end of the course; please respect their game and do not ride near the pitchers and bowlers.
  • Reg closes tonight and there are still a few spots available at Please pre-reg!
  • Remember to reg for and donate to the Relay Roulette race – it’s the cheapest 2nd race you’ll ever find ($5!) and every $5 you donate beyond the reg fee will enter you into a raffle for Blackhawks tickets, a full fit session at Get a Grip bikes, and tuneup gift certificates. All proceeds will be donated to a local cycling-related charity chosen by the race winners.
  • The course: All new in Warren Park. Please do NOT go to Jackson Park.
  • Like last year, the course will be fast and flowy (more laps!), but will provide a lot more opportunity to practice your off-camber skills. Direction = Clockwise.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20180821

August 21, 2018
  • The season is almost here!
  • The xXx Racing Relay Cross is this coming Sunday in Warren Park (please do not show up to Jackson Park). Some great team names in there. We’ll have a course preview up on Thursday.
  • Get your bike(s) cleaned up and ready to race now, don’t delay. There are many local bike shops that will be very happy to help you. Many of them are even series sponsors, so help them, help you, help us, help you.
  • Speaking of series sponsors, last call for series sponsors. Please let us know if you’d like to be involved.
  • Speaking of being involved, the CCC official kick off party will be at the Rapha Chicago Clubhouse on Thursday 9/6/18 at 6pm. There will food and dranks, a silent auction and raffle with proceeds going to West Town/Blackstone, Kenny will be MC, we’ll say a few words from the series, and there may even be a mechanic’s challenge. Please make sure to R.S.V.P. and join us, we look forward to seeing everyone!
  • And finally… as we are all getting ourselves and our bikes ready for the season, remember there are a bunch of kids and young adults that race alongside us that could use a little help with their bikes. If you have extra equipment (especially frames) or clothing that is collecting dust and could use a good home, please consider donating it to Blackstone Bicycle Works or West Town Bikes. Either organization will gladly accept your gear or clothing during regular business hours.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20180814

August 14, 2018
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