2017 Groundhog Psi-clocross Preview

November 2, 2017

Phil: Do you ever have déjà vu, Mrs. Lancaster?
Mrs. Lancaster: I don’t think so, but I could check with the kitchen.

In 1992 the downtown square of Woodstock, IL was used to film the movie Groundhog Day. That filming location is 0.8 miles from the starting grid of this Sunday’s race. Rob Curtis and the PSIMET crew have decided to carry some of the themes of the movie into the race this year. If you’re interested in looking over the filming locations for the movie there is a great map for self-guided tours here:

  • Remember to use #psiCX on Twitter and Instagram.
  • PSIMET is repeating the condensed course from last year. It is on the ridge/sled hill area on the North-Eastern section of the park. The only road crossing will be closed. These two factors increase rider safety and will help make viewing for everyone a whole lot more fun.
  • With this in mind there will be some logistical obstacles for all in attendance. There is plenty of parking throughout the park but parking that is close to the reg tent is in short supply. We have therefore designated 2 gear drop off areas for teams hauling their encampment supplies as well as riders with an entourage of bicycles that need to get into the pits. We ask that you use these areas for drop off then park farther away to help others do the same.
  • As with all previous years there is NO PARKING ON THE GRASS. This is probably one of the strictest rules the park and city have for the facility.
  • This park has “always” had a “no alcohol” policy. So when you bring in lots of cups for your soda and lemonade PSIMET asks that you pack out what you bring in. It helps PSIMET make sure the park doesn’t think we have a drinking problem if there aren’t a lot of juice boxes laying around.
  • The Chicago Pizza Boss food truck will once again be in attendance. You know the lines can be long and it’s a long trip for them – might not be a bad idea to have a backup just in case. There is a restaurant within 1 mile of the course that offers a full vegetarian and vegan menu for carryout. See below for info.
  • Equipment Pits will be nearly full UCI size with stalls. There is NO water or washing facilities at the race though so if conditions look to be getting worse then please plan your own support accordingly. Just know that you have a full sized pit to utilize.
  • The weather forecast is for more wet stuff. Please plan your clothing pre, during, and post accordingly. Mambo Car Wash is right down the street.
  • Daylight savings time ends the morning of the race this year so don’t forget to move you clocks back – otherwise you’ll be an extra hour early for your race. There are worse things that can happen though. You’re welcome.
  • There won’t be much if any daylight left after the last race ends, so please plan accordingly. Also if you can, please help PSIMET and the South Chicago Wheelmen tear down the course so they aren’t doing it all in the dark.
  • Preliminary staging will be here.
  • Payouts for Single Speed women will match the payout structure for Single Speed men. As with all PSIMET events – Women’s payouts are always $1 more.
  • Kids Race will be held at 2:15pm just West of the pits. The Kids race will be hosted by Parker Curtis with help from his older brother and the rest of the PSIMET Juniors squad.
  • As a first Psimet is attempting to run a “long” course and a “short” course. The Women Cat 4/5 & Junior 9-14 and the Men Cat 4/5 will race on the short course while everyone else will race the long course. This is being done to help the less experienced riders race more laps and to help the officials/scoring with timing. There are 2 difference section that will make up the “long” course. Please be aware of these sections when pre-riding. Also, if you are pre-riding while the SS/Jr 15-18 or Cat 4’s are finishing up, please make sure you are NOT inadvertently riding in front of people still racing. Thanks!
  • The following are food venues within a mile or two of the course:

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171031

October 31, 2017
  • Happy Halloween! Please be safe and courteous out there today/tonight.
  • Yet another fun and exciting Campton Cross and Halloween costume show this past Sunday. Thanks to everyone who came out to race, spectate, get rad, get sendy, eat candy, and have a ghoulish time. Links to all results and Overall Standings are here:
  • Next up the series heads to its farthest NorthWest point for Groundhog CX  (#PSIcx) at Emrickson Park in Woodstock hosted by Psimet. Usual details at the usual time on Thursday.
  • Looking for a race for this Saturday (11/4)? Do you like FREE BEER (and a FREE brat)? Hampshire Cycle Club, located in Milwaukee, WI is hosting the Estabrook Park Beer Garden Cyclocross Classic once again in partnership with the Estabrook Park Beer Garden. Estabrook Park is located just 5 miles north of downtown Milwaukee, right off of I-43. This race is the longest standing race in the WI CX series and offers a free brat and beer to every registered racer (of legal drinking age). An announcer will be on hand to keep the crowd entertained and the beer garden is sure to provide both polka music and hecklers right alongside the course. Pre-reg is available on USA Cycling through Wednesday evening and more information can be found on the event Facebook page.
  • A bunch of very important things we need to remind everyone:
    • Everyone gets a new bib number for every category at every event. Period. Please do not wear a number from another category, or even worse a different, previous event altogether. Scoring 700 riders every lap of the day is a lot of work even for One2Go and not wearing your correct number throws a giant wrench in the gears.
    • Now that’s getting colder we are all wearing jackets and other things to keep us warm before the start. However, our USAC officials must be able to see you number as you are being staged. Also, your numbers need to be on your LEFT sides, not your backs or hidden under another garment or your hair. Pin the bottom of your number to the bottom of your jersey side panel… see the finish line photo sent by One2Go to all pre-reg’d riders before each race. We want everyone to be safe and warm, but we still need to be able to identify you for proper scoring.
    • Please respect the rules of the parks we race in. We know you all enjoy having a good time, and we want you to have a good time. But if a park has a no alcohol policy please obey those rules or at the very least be discreet in your activities. Thanks!
    • Similarly, if a park does allow alcohol and you choose to imbibe, bring it in a can that can bend or pour it into a cup or mug. The number one rule of beer at bike racing is no glass, ever. Thanks!!
  • A few upcoming events:
  • And finally… if you hadn’t already notice the Melas event is moving locations! Same date and team, but the event will be a little farther North this year to Heritage Park at 333 W. Dundee Road in Wheeling. This is actually a move BACK to Wheeling as this park hosted the 3rd race in the very first CCC season in 2004. More details to come but we have opened the BikeReg page back up, updated maps, and the event page here on this site. The hashtag will also be changing to #WheelingCX. Please tell all your friends who don’t have Internet access.

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2017 Campton Cross Preview

October 26, 2017

PeeWee Tony

  • #CamptonCX is back, brought to you by Training Bible Cycling, Bicycle Heaven, and the CCC. It is one of the original ChiCrossCup races and the best Halloween party on two wheels.
  • The course will be back to it’s original direction and with a couple of fun little additions at Anderson Park in Campton Township (5N180 Brown Rd, Campton Hills, IL 60175).
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here on Friday:
  • There will be a food vendor on site selling brats (from Reams!), vegetarian chili, all beef hot dogs, sausage/egg/cheese croissants, muffins, fruit, pop and water.
  • The Costume Contest is on!!
    • Rule #1, you have to race in your costume.
    • Rule #2 is that there are no more rules.
  • There is plenty of parking on site. Please do not ride or drive on the grass surrounding the course. We hate having to kick our CX sisters and brothers off of the grass, and would doubly hate to have to use our potato launcher.
  • There is a bike path just north of the park that is great for a warm up.
  • The course: Running anti-clockwise with many of the classic rad Campton features and a new route through the woods. As always the final route could be different on Sunday.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171024

October 24, 2017
  • Rain, wind, cold… that was some “traditional” cyclocross weather at ABD Sunrise Park. Thanks to Jim Nowak and the entire Athlete’s By Design crew for battening down the hatches and hosting yet another great Sunrise Park event. Links to all results are here.
  • Next up the series heads just a little farther West to Campton/St. Charles for Campton Cross hosted by Training Bible Cycling and Bicycle Heaven. Look for the course preview on Thursday morning. This is our annual Halloween race, so bring your “A Game”.
  • You spend countless hours training, practicing remounts and starts, working on your bike, and thinking about CX… please take 15 minutes to read through our Rules and FAQ page and learn the rules of engagement and how the CCC works. If you still have questions never hesitate to email us at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail.
  • And finally… Kristen Hosey and Ultimate Pro Bikes Juniors (aka Ultimate PB&J’s) are hosting a social event on November 11th (Saturday of the Pheasant Run Resort weekend). They would love for you to join them and help further shape women in cyclocross. See more details here.

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2017 ABD Sunrise Park Preview

October 19, 2017
  • #ABDcx The standard preview page here.
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here.
  • If you upgraded this week and want 1/2 your CCC series points to follow you to the next category, please contact us at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail by Friday. We will NOT automatically transfer your points.
  • Parking on Foster Ave is allowed but on NORTH side only. There should be “No Parking” signs along the park (south) side. If not, please respect this. Also Parking is allowed on Struckman Blvd (better option), or at Sycamore Trails School (preferred).
  • ABD will be awarding a Women Single Speed payout the same as the Men Single Speed.
  • Payouts will be held until Pheasant Run. Any payouts not claimed after Pheasant Run will be donated to Bartlett Park District Foundation.
  • North of the Border will be serving Mexican and American w/ veggie options.
  • Kiddie race is at 2pm!
  • No alcohol.  Sorry Park rules.
  • The Course: Very similar to last year. As always the course can change between now and Sunday.


October 18, 2017


Time to Focus on the Limiters


After some intense CX races you probably have a good idea what “limiters” are holding you back from overtaking the guys and gals you have not been able to catch these last couple of weeks. You may be getting dropped after certain obstacles or through technical corners. Maybe you’re hitting a wall before crossing the finish line, or you can’t get the recovery you need after a power section.

It’s important to recognize and focus on these weaknesses during the appropriate training days. This may seem obvious but some of us go at our intense training days with a workout that makes us “feel” like we’re making the best of our time. Maybe we feel really strong when we increase that average power week after week when we train race pace for 45 minutes on the usual training loop. Or maybe the short, intense efforts are where we exceed, and anaerobic endurance intervals are the go-to workout.  Getting out of the comfort zone while no-one is watching is what separates the podium from the rest of the field.

There is plenty of time to improve on these weaknesses before the big end-of-season races. Here are a few suggestions from TBC:

CX SKILLS – If barriers are your enemy, you think sand should only be for beach-goers, or you think bunny hopping should be restricted to small floppy-eared mammals; work on these must have skills during your recovery days. We give some good pointers in this post.

MOTHER NATURE – Do you excel on dry courses or are you a cold weather racer? Get out and play in the rain to get used to the sloppy conditions. Hopefully the hot races are over, but next season get out in the August heat in case Trek CX is brutally hot again. And now is the time to train on those cold days to prep for the potential frigid racing this winter.

WHY CAN’T I RECOVER? – Implement VO2 Max intervals or AE intervals on your hard days. Workouts like Tabata intervals will help improve the acceleration out of the technical sections, and train your body to take advantage of those short recovery sections.

THE WALL BEFORE THE LAST 2 LAPS – When the tank is consistently empty before the race is over you may need to pick it up on that hard training day. Just be careful you’re not over training and your weekly routine is making race day tougher than it should be. We recommend one, maybe two hard days a week depending on the training block. Mix in the short intervals with active recovery, and use the duration of your race as a guide for time. Here is an example of something you may try if your race is 45 minutes:

  • Mimic a start into a 4 minute Tabata interval.
  • Three minute recovery (50% of FTP) and into another Tabata interval.
  • 1 minute recovery into a 10 minute FTP interval.
  • Two minute recovery into a Tabata interval
  • Three minute recovery and into another Tabata interval.
  • 1 minute recovery into a 10 minute FTP interval.
  • Two minute recovery into a Tabata interval with an all-out finish.

Hit whatever goal is within your ability by improving your limiters during the middle of the season. Good luck and race hard.

Peter Kelley


CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171017

October 17, 2017
  • Thanks to the Sasquatch Squadron and Main Street Bikes for another great, if drier than expected, Carpentersville race on Sunday. Turns out ground that hasn’t been rained on in 4 months absorbs a lot of water. All the updated results you are looking for are on the CCC Overall Standings GoogleSheet.
  • Next up the CCC travels to Barlett for the ABD Sunrise Park (#ABDcx) event. Veteran CX hero Jim Nowak always has a few tricks up his sleeve to create one of, if not the hardest courses in the series. Online pre-reg on BikeReg closes Thursday night. Looks for the usual preview Thursday morning.
  • Hotel rooms for $92/night are still available but filling quickly at Pheasant Run. Here is a link to make your reservation, or call the hotel at (630) 584-6300 and use the code ‘cyclocross’.
  • Speaking of registering, online pre-reg for 2018 (i.e. this season) CX National Championships in Reno, NV opens in just under 2 weeks on Monday 10/30/17.
  • Have you recently upgraded and need to transfer to a different race? Have you ever signed up for the Cat 4 race but then realized you need to be home in time for Crazy Aunt Sue’s 83rd birthday party? You can now actually transfer yourself into another category directly through your BikeReg rider profile. Its true! Just log on to your BikeReg rider profile and follow the directions. You’ll automatically be charged any difference in entry fees. You can also transfer your entry to someone else.
  • Speaking of upgrades, remember you must upgrade before this weekend if you want to take 1/2 your points with you to the next category. See all the rules here.
  • Did you know you can also update your contact info, emergency contact info (please, please do this), etc. yourself through your BikeReg rider profile? That is also true. Be aware however that we match all first names, last names, USAC CX categories, and team names to the USAC rider database. So those we will change for you.
  • Did you start the season on a One Day license and have since purchased a USAC annual license because CX is so rad? No problem. Just update your BikeReg rider profile (and any races you’ve already pre-reg’d for, see above) with your license number. Then email us that number and we’ll update our data so you are staged properly (based on your USAC annual license number). Otherwise we won’t catch the One Day and Annual license difference.
  • And finally… we’d like welcome back to the CCC Sponsor and Partner family CMIT Solutions of Chicago. CMIT Solutions is an IT consulting firm organized to support midsize & small businesses with offices in downtown Chicago. They take care of all hassles associated with computers and networks and offer a predictable flat rate service delivered by a friendly local team – sometimes by bike.

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