2017 Carpentersville Preview

October 12, 2017

School is back in session at Woodland Elementary in Carpentersville and the MSB Sasquatch Squadron is fixin’ to learn you a thing or two about cyclocross.

  • This weekend’s CCC event, Squatch Cross p/b the Main Street Bicycles Sasquatch Squadron, will be held once again at 770 Navajo Drive in Carpentersville. If you arrive at the shuttered Woodland Elementary School, congrats! You’re doing it right. If you’re at Carpenter Park or Randall Oaks… well… try again.
  • Hashtag #CarpenterCX will be your gateway to social media fame.
  • Preliminary Staging will be posted here Friday morning. Please double check your points at that time, not Sunday morning.
  • Speaking of staging, we are switching the start order of the Women Cat 4/5 and Junior 9-14 fields. This Sunday and the rest of the season the Women Cat 4/5’s will start first, followed by the Junior 9-14’s. Please email us directly if you have any questions or comments.
  • Numbers go on your LEFT SIDE, always in the CCC.
  • Kiddie Cross TBD! Parents need to sign a waiver. Ages 10 and under.
  • Petting Zoo is out again, but if you stop by the MSB tent and ask nicely, we’ll have puppers to pet
  • Food/Water: Food Vendors will be on-site / Water available on-site
  • No Alcohol permitted on the property
  • Food: The Toasty Cheese food truck will be there – good stuff. Dave’d Slow Food could not make it.
  • Tent Cities: Same spots as last year as well as the new opportunity to set up at Heckle City. It is a hike up a small hill so bring a cart and drop off gear at the Western Drop Off.
  • Parking: The school has a small lot so an area will remain open there for tent drop off, and we will have parking volunteers helping to guide folks in the morning. Please be courteous as it is early for them, too.
  • Otherwise, plenty of street parking surrounding the school – please respect the posted parking signs. If need be, the Sunny Hill School lot is available on Helm Rd.
  • The Course: Runs Clockwise. It’s been a year and we Squatches have mechanized. Chainsaws and tillers came out to spice up the course and make the most of our venue’s modest size. Now we’ve got a layout fit to satisfy any Millennial’s wanderlust—a mix of wide-open plainsverdant forest and even some sandy beaches make an appearance. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for sasquatches around the course because, no matter what, we’re always squatchin’ you.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171010

October 10, 2017
  • Thanks to the entire Beverly Bike crew for hosting yet another leg buster on the hills of the Dan Ryan Woods. All the results you’re looking for are here. We had a little mix up in the Single Speed results (which are now corrected), but please check your results, no matter which field you raced in. Our goal is 100% accuracy, but we’re all human and make mistakes everyone now and again.
  • Next up the CCC heads Northwest to the banks of the Fox River where race director and series director Jeff Provisor and the Main Street Bikes Sasquatch Squadron host stop #4 of the series in Carpentersville. We’re back at the Woodland Elementary School again this year (same as last year) where Jeff and the guys have found some new terrain to use. Look for the usual preview on Thursday. Online pre-reg for #CarpenterCX closes Thursday evening on BikeReg.
  • Another friendly reminder, please do NOT sit up at the finish line. One2Go reminds us they are having a bit of trouble reading bib numbers of riders sitting up at the finish line, especially with the juniors. So parents, coaches, etc., please remind your juniors to keep their hands on the bars until after the finish line.
  • And finally… a big, big, big, big, big shout out to our series announcer Kenny Labbe for keeping us all on time, playing DJ, providing great color commentary, and most importantly presenting and organizing the best podiums in CX. Make sure to swing by the Kenny Kompound and say hello, throw a Hi-Five, and show him a little extra CCC love. Thanks Kenny!!!

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2017 Beverly Bike CX Preview

October 5, 2017
  • This weekend’s CCC event, Beverly Bike CX, is at Dan Ryan Woods on Chicago’s South Side, hosted by… Beverly Bike. The name may have changed to Beverly Bike CX, but we’re still using the #hashtag #drwCX.
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here sometime Friday. Please let us know if you see any errors.
  • Keep in mind the series rules concerning upgrades. If you have upgraded in the last week please email us so we can transfer 1/2 your points to the next category for staging and overall standings.
  • Beverly Bike has secured a free beverage for the first 350 preregistered riders from their local restaurant/watering hole Horse Thief Note the beverage is available either at the venue or at Horse Thief Hollow.
  • Tacos? Yes, please! Pollo Locuas  will be on site with their cart. Oh yeah, elotes too!
  • Plenty of parking, please use it.
  • The course: Beverly Bike brings yet another different course. Counter clockwise (numbers always on your left side). You will see on Sunday what’s in store.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171003

October 3, 2017
  • Thanks to Comrade Cycles and the entire crew that made Sunday’s race at Hopkins Park in Dekalb a success. The course was both flowy and turny depending on which side of the park you were on. And that log jump! All the results you’re looking for are updated here.
  • Next up the CCC travels to the South side of Chicago for Beverly Bike CX at Dan Ryan Woods hosted by Beverly Bike. Online pre-reg on BikeReg closes Thursday night.
  • Remember the Chicago Marathon is happening Sunday. Please plan your travel times accordingly.
  • If you want more Hopkins Park-esque goodness and are into road trips… The Beer City Growler Cyclocross is heading into it’s second year on Saturday 10/7/17 in Grand Rapids, MI. There’s $2500 in cash prizes up for grabs, including a $1500 Women’s Open prize purse. The Hopkins Park flyover of yore lives there now, and the beer garden will be flowing all day long! One2Go Event Services will be running timing, and the course will be fast, flowy, and hard with at least three unavoidable dismounts (unless you are Cody Kaiser). Register at!
  • Slightly closer to Chicagoland, Grafton PumpkinCross is also on Saturday 10/7/17 at Lime Kiln Park, WI. They will have great payouts and awesome course features: paved start & finish, freshly minted off camber river bank run up & woods section, a grueling sledding hill climb with a DJ hillside, and a stretch through the beer tent. Local food vendors, Boneshaker BBQ, and Blue Cow Creperie, will be serving up deliciousness and their title sponsor, Body Renovation Physical Therapy, will be on hand in our expo area providing injury evaluations and pre & post race tune ups! The FIRST TWO riders to use the promo code: “TOLL” gets free entry to PumpkinCross. Take their prize money! If you weren’t quick on the draw, “CCC” gets 25% off entry fees. Registration:
  • And finally… ladies (and guys), if you have long hair, please please please make sure it is up off your back and more importantly your bib number. We’re not asking just to be difficult. As you can see from the finish line camera images below from One2Go, it is very, very, very difficult to score you when we can’t see your number. Bib number placement has generally been great, but please get those long locks in a pony tail. Also, please do NOT sit up at the finish line. Thanks!!!

JR no visible number Hair Covered 2

Hair Covered 3 Sitting up

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2017 Hopkins Park Preview

September 28, 2017
– Parking:  The course crosses the road so it will be closed to through traffic. There are three parking lots in the park. One of them will be accessible from the park entrance at the stop light, East Dresser Rd. The other two will only be accessible from the other park entrance just West of the light. Should all the parking in the park be taken up there is a lot on the other side of Sycamore Rd. with a pedestrian tunnel that brings you back into the park.  Please see the map below.
Staging: Remember for the rest of the season only the front row is staged by CCC series points. Everyone else is staged by CrossResults points. Answers to all of your questions are in our FAQ here.
Preliminary staging will be posted here tomorrow.
Kids’ Races: 8 years old and under at 2:15pm, during the Men Cat 1/2/3 race.
T-shirts are still available on BikeReg, but going fast. Proceeds to Blackstone Bicycle Works.
Payout for the separately scored Single Speed Women in the race. $150 – 5 places.
Food: Dave’s Slow Food will be onsite all day.
Alcohol is prohibited in Hopkins Park.
– “The Union Cycling Team is collecting equipment donations for Blackstone Bicycle Works this weekend at the race. Please bring your extra helmets, winter gear, tires (especially for CX!), and tools to anybody in a Union Cycling Team jersey. Please bag your items, and include a note with your name and email address on it. For more information on the great program at Blackstone Bicycle Works, please visit”
– The Course: Race director and course designer Josh Arends changes things up a bit this year. As is typical of Hopkins Park, expect the track to be fast and flowy but with 2 barrier sections and a log jump to slow you down a little bit.

Two Birds with One Stone

September 27, 2017


We all have to take it easy once in a while!  Cyclocross is very skill-heavy and you can make progress in this area despite having a take a recovery ride.   If you need a pure recovery ride then have just that and don’t worry about progress in other areas.  If you know you need a recovery day and have a little extra energy then give these a go.




Ride at a very easy pace for 30 minutes to warm up.  Then, at a very easy and deliberate pace, mix in these basic sills:

Starts – clip in with both feet, take a couple of medium-effort pedal strokes and then shut it down.

Turns – create a very short course with turns and methodically ride around.  Don’t brake, but rather keep a consistent speed that enables you to hit the turns at a good clip without breaking a sweat.

Barriers – clip out, walk 5 paces and re-mount…..repeat.  Work on dismounting and re-mounting on both sides, because every once in a while ambidextrous skills are a benefit.

Bunny hop – start low.  Gradually increase height and use a “barrier” that you can hit without repercussion.  We like to use 2 plastic stakes similar to what are used to form ChiCrossCup courses with a wooden garden stake balanced on the tabs at different heights.  Both can most likely be found at your local hardware store.  You don’t necessarily need to be able to hop a barrier in a race, but getting over smaller obstacles without touching them can help avoid punctures and the need to scrub speed.

Hop It!

In addition to making an easy day more interesting a ride like this affords the opportunity to really think these actions and motions through.  Taking them step by step will help you solidify and clean up certain motions and ultimately make up seconds per lap.  It might save you some skin down the road too.

Race hard and have fun!

Rob Kelley


CCC Tuesday Updates – 20170926

September 26, 2017
  • Congrats to everyone who raced over the weekend up in Waterloo, WI at the Trek CXC Cup at Trek HQ. Plenty of great results from a bunch of CCC’ers.
  • Thanks to everyone who came out to the live recording of “In the CX Hairs” podcast at the Rapha Chicago Clubhouse last Tuesday.
  • CCC series racing returns this Sunday 10/1/17 at Hopkins Park in Dekalb, IL hosted by Comrades Cycles. Online pre-reg on for #HopkinsCX closes Thursday night.
  • Please update your USA Cycling App on your iPhone. There is a completely new app (i.e. not just an update of the old ‘My USAC’). Right now the app only displays your license(s) but USA Cycling will be adding features in the future.
  • And finally… It may officially be Autumn but just like CCC racing, Chicagoland temperatures are still still hot, hawt, hot. Please make sure to stay hydrated while riding (racing and training) and don’t over do it. Its a long season and we don’t want anyone ruining their CX season due to heat exhaustion or other related issues. Bottoms up!

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