2019 Caldwell Woods Preview

September 26, 2019

UPDATE AS OF 9/27/2019 at 6pm

  • This week the CCC returns to Caldwell Woods Bunker Hill Indian Lakes Hotel hosted by xXx Racing-Athletico. The address is 250 W Schick Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108. Huuuge thanks to xXx Racing for working together at the 11th hour to pull this race together to start off our season right.
  • You read that right… Due to recent heavy rains, and a forecast wet weekend the Cook County Forest Preserve has required xXx Racing to move the course from our planned Caldwell Woods location to the Bunker Hill grove, just half a mile northwest along the North Branch Trail. To access the new location, DO NOT park at Caldwell Woods, Bunker Hill has a large dedicated parking lot accessible from Caldwell Ave or Harts Road.
  • IMPORTANT DRIVING DIRECTIONS: If approaching from the south or east, allow extra time for travel due to road closures at the Devon/Central/Caldwell/Lehigh/Metra intersection.
  • Live results by will be here: Watch races scored in real time!
  • Online pre-reg on BikeReg closes tonight.
  • On site number pick up and Day-Of Registration will be in picnic pavilion near start finish line the lower level Wright Room at ILR. Look for signs or asking someone who looks like they know what they’re doing.
  • Remember reg closes 30 minutes before the schedule start time of each category for everyone, even if you pre-registered on BikeReg you need to pick up your number before 30 minutes before you race.
  • Please do not fold or crumple your numbers. If you do you risk not being scored. Numbers on your LEFT side (not your back!).
  • Remember women categories (except Single Speed) will receive cloth numbers that you will keep the entire season. Please don’t lose them! You’ll still need to check-in at every race though.
  • Speaking of checking in, due to a new partnership between USAC and BikeReg, if you checked the box for the online waiver when you registered on BikeReg and entered your initials, you won’t have to sign a physical piece of paper. You will need to check in with the reg desk and pick up your bib number though. This process is new for everyone and should be more efficient, but please bear with us as we work through any hiccups.
  • Unfortunately, One Day license riders (because of lawyers) will still need to sign a waiver regardless of whether you initialed the online waiver.
  • Staging for all categories will be by ranking as detailed on our FAQ page.
  • See here for preliminary staging on Friday Saturday. Also, please check the discrepancies page. If you name is on this page you need to either edit your BikeReg registration (and profile), renew you annual USAC license, etc.
  • Results will be posted as soon as possible on the CCC’s 4 sided results board and for all pre-reg’d riders with correct/valid email address in their BikeReg rider profiles results will be emailed to you shortly after you finish. Also, One2Go will have its LiveLynx site updated in real time. Full results will be posted on USAC online Sunday night and series standings will be updated shortly afterward.
  • Porta-potties will be located in the parking lot near registration somewhere, TBD. Note that the old restaurant/pro shop/locker room area of the hotel is completely closed right now. There are inside bathrooms up the stairs from registration in the lobby of the hotel. xXx Racing is transferring porta potties from Caldwell to Indian Lakes.  If it is indeed super muddy, please use the porta potties more than the indoor facilities.
  • Parking: Parking is plentiful. Please only park in marked spots.
  • Teams can set up tents anywhere. Being a (re)new(ed) venue and still working out the course, we’re not yet sure where though. It tends to be windy at ILR so please make sure to stake down your tents well.
  • Double sided equipment pits staffed by SRAM NRS.
  • Food: There are no restaurants or food options at Indian Lakes, but Superdawg delivers via Grubhub, Doordash, or Ubereats. Google Maps is very handy to find things.
  • Alcohol: IS permitted at Bunker Hill.  If you bring your own, DO NOT bring glass bottles, Please be discreet, cans or box wine responsibly only please.
  • Remember we are at Indian Lakes Hotel. NOT Bunker Hill, NOT Caldwell Woods, and NOT LaBagh Woods.
  • Please continue to use the hashtag #CaldwellCX so everyone at home or in other parts of the country can follow along. You can also use #ILRCX.
  • Weather: There is a good deal of rain in the forecast Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… so the ground will be “soggy”. Please plan accordingly.
  • The course: As you can imagine with a last minute location change, xXx Racing is still working out the course details, so no course map right now. xXx Racing and the series will do our best to produce a course that is up to CCC standards, but please bear with us.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20190924

September 24, 2019
  • Wow, the Trek CX Cup was full gas all weekend, and then the rains came on Sunday for race #2 of the World Cup. Congrats to everyone who raced, spectated, and managed to come home with less than four and a half gallons of peanut butter mud in their chamois.
  • Special thanks to Maria Larkin for again organizing the young ladies shredders clinic with Katie and Kaitlin.
  • So now that you’ve watched the best CX racers in the world tackle Iowa mountains and Wisconsin mud, now its our turn to have some fun! The Chicago Cyclocross Cup series officially kicks off this Sunday 9/29/19 at Caldwell Woods CX hosted by xXx Racing. Online registration will be open on until Thursday night, but why wait? Look for our usual course preview Thursday morning at 9am.
  • Speaking of online registration, you only have a few more days to take advantage of the 2019 CCC Season Pass. We’ll close this option at the same time as Caldwell Woods reg, because why would you sign up for past events? Remember however you can pick and choose races and you don’t have to sign up for all races in the series at once.
  • Speaking of BikeReg, there’s a little check box at the end of the registration process where you can agree to and initial the USAC online registration waiver. By doing so you won’t need to sign a physical piece of paper at the venue on race day. This is a great feature, new this year, and one we highly encourage. If you can’t remember if you signed the waiver, or if you used the Season Pass (sorry, no way around this) don’t worry, we’ll be sending out emails with links to the waivers (the week before each event) from BikeReg asking you to do so. So please make sure BikeReg emails are not getting caught up in your spam folder.
  • And finally… here’s your friendly annual reminder that we’re all out at these cyclo-cross races to have fun and spend some precious time with our friends, families, teammates, and fellow competitors… before the awful Chicago winter fully sets in. So while yes, we want everyone to be competitive, let’s remember to be excellent to each other and have a great time. See you all on Sunday!

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20190917

September 17, 2019
  • We were watching the results from Jingle Cross and there were more than a few CCC’ers who had some good results. See them all here. We also saw a bunch of Chicagoland natives in the background of the World Cup live stream. Congrats to everyone who traveled, raced, and represented the CCC well in Iowa.
  • Up next, the cyclo-cross heads to Wisconsin, specifically Waterloo and the Trek CX Cup World Cup. This one is a little closer to home and now with one race weekend in the books, the racing should be even more racey spicey! Good luck to everyone heading North to race at Trek!
  • … and then… the 2019 Chicago Cyclocross Cup officially kicks off at Caldwell Woods on Sunday 9/29/2019 hosted by xXx Racing. Reg is over on and we can’t wait to see everyone there.
  • The rest of the 2019 series is also up on including the Season Pass.
  • Lots of changes this year, so please take a few minutes to look back at our posts here over the last few weeks so you know what’s going on. Still have questions? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’d be happy to answer them for you.
  • And finally… Chicago Magazine was kind enough to write an article about us. Check it out. Thanks Maria Larkin and Rory Jack for their comments and Cindy at Chicago Magazine for writing the article!

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20190910

September 10, 2019
  • Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in the our first annual Riders’ Forum at the Rapha Clubhouse. We received some great feedback and ideas, so thank you for helping to continue to make the CCC the Best Amateur CX Series in the Country.
  • Good Luck to everyone heading out to Iowa City, IA this weekend to race at Jingle Cross. Race well and enjoy the spectacle that is UCI World Cup CX!
  • If you’ll be around this coming weekend, Half Acre Cycling is hosting their CX Eliminator race on Sunday 9/15/19 at Big Marsh.
  • Speaking of racing, online registration for all CCC series events are now listed and open on BikeReg, including the Season Pass. Pick all or some events, and register in one transaction.
  • We have a new series sponsor to introduce to you. Please welcome coach Mark Payares of Lotus 1 MultiSport to the CCC family. Mike is a recent transplant to the Chicago area and knows a thing or two about coaching.
  • Speaking of series sponsors, we have many returning sponsors including SRAM, Pactimo, PSIMET, Zeigler, Christopher B Burke Engineering (now on Twitter!), Main St Bikes, Spidermonkey Cycling, Michael Heagney, and VeloFix Chicago North Shore all back for another year. If you have a choice, please consider sending some of your business their way as they help make our little series possible.
  • And finally… someone who has always made our series and cycling in Chicagoland possible is Mike Keating of IL Bike Law. And he will for a long time to come. As a way of showing his commitment to Chicago cycling, Mike and the CCC recently agreed to a 10 year sponsorship. Thanks Mike for looking out for us in the Chicago Cyclocross Cup, and all of us as cyclists throughout Chicagoland!!!

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20190903

September 3, 2019
  • Welcome to September!
  • The first UCI CX race of the 2019-2020 season took place this past weekend in Virginia. So if you didn’t think CX was only coming, its already here!
  • Speaking of, in about an hour you can register on line at for all of the 2019 Chicago Cyclocross Cup events. Please note the new race day schedule, additional category, and other details. If you have questions, always feel free to email us directly.
  • The new 2019 Season Pass is also available here. Reg for all of the events you want in a single transaction. Note the season pass link may not be live until later in the day.
  • While you are on BikeReg registering for races, why not donate a few dollars to our season long charities? This year we will again be donating your donations to our 3 amazing cause, Blackstone Bicycle Works, West Town Bicycles, and Big Marsh.
  • If you’re racing you’ll need gear. Check out long time series sponsor and host of the Goundhog Day PSI-clocross event, PSIMET Custom Wheel‘s new wheelset, the X. Celebrating 10 years in business, the X wheelset has the maximum possible width to properly support the 33mm UCI limit on tire widths, and provides the best contact with the tubular tire’s base tape – giving up to 60% more glue contact area than other popular wheels. The outer horn of the rim bed also has a wider and rounder profile to further eliminate pinch flats caused when the sidewall of the tire contacts the rim edges in competition. See for more details and ordering info.
  • And finally… this Thursday 9/5/2019 at 7pm the CCC will be hosting its first annual Rider Forum at the Rapha Chicago Clubhouse. Come out and interact directly with the series directors as well as other CCC participants. We want to know what you think and have to say about the series and how we can make it better for everyone. See you there!

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20190827

August 27, 2019
  • It looked and sounded like everyone had a great time at the Relay Cross. Thanks as always to xXx Racing for helping to kick the season off right.
  • Join us at the next CX race in the area and first official race of the series at Caldwell Park on Sunday September 29th.
  • If you need to work on your running form, our kick-off party partners at Rapha Chicago are hosting a couple of CX running events with a local run store early September. Check out details and RSVP here.
  • Speaking of kick-off parties, the CCC’s official launch and kick-off party details will be posted soon.
  • We’re still looking for some partners and friends to join us this year. We’ve already got a lot of great series sponsors back for the 2019 season, but those broken plastic step-in stakes don’t buy themselves. Email us if you’re interested in helping out.
  • And finally… Have you thought about ways to improve cyclo-cross in Chicago and specifically the Chicago Cross Cup? Come share your ideas and join us for our first annual Racers’ Forum on September 5, 2019 at 7pm at Rapha Chicago at 1514 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL. Provide feedback to the members of the CCC board of directors on the series and your experience. We’ll be happy to listen to comments, suggestions, ideas, criticisms, whatever (just don’t throw rotten tomatoes). We’ll talk about lots of things but in particular we want to hear your thoughts about women’s racing/development, junior racing and development, and general topics such as race day schedule, courses, etc. See you there!

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2019 Relay CX Preview

August 22, 2019
  • IMPORTANT!!!! This year the Relay moves back to JACKSON PARK! If you show up at Warren Park there will be no race there.
  • Most details are over on xXx Racing’s website here:
  • As always, there’s some pretty darn good team names again this year:
  • Please remember to use the official hashtag #RelayCross so everyone can see our Chicagoland Relay CX in all its glory.
  • Reg closes tonight at midnight and there are still spots available (but Coed is filling up fast…) at Please pre-reg!
  • Weather for race day is looking beautiful, with temperatures in the mid-70s and cloud cover to reduce the heat. That said, please bring your own water/drinks and plenty of them. Do not drink the water from Lake Michigan.
  • Did we already mention, we are be returning to our classic course in Jackson Park this year… DO NOT go to Warren Park.
  • Parking: The CPD will not allow anyone to park in the boat ramp parking lot directly next to the course. You can drop off people and gear, but if you try to park there… YOU WILL BE TOWED! Let us repeat that… DO NOT PARK IN THE BOAT RAMP PARKING LOT right next to the course. Parking is available on the streets, the lot north of Hayes Dr., and the lot east of Lake Shore Drive.
  • Also the parking lots around Jackson Park are metered, but only costs about $10 for the day. We don’t want anyone getting a ticket, so you’ve been forewarned. However, did we mention the boat ramp lot south of Hayes Drive and next to the course is off limits?
  • Food: There will NOT be a food vendor for Relay CX this year, so in addition to fluids, please bring snacks if you want to hang out and watch the races. There are restaurants (McDonald’s) and markets nearby on Stony Island, but is just easier to bring your own food.
  • Coffee: Blackstone Bikes isn’t far away if you want to visit, and Build Coffee right next door makes a great cappuccino.
  • Please note the Chicago Triathlon will again be taking place along the Lakefront Path on Sunday morning. xXx and the CCC urge all CX’ers riding to Jackson Park to exercise extreme caution and courtesy when traveling along that route. If traveling by car, you should probably try another route besides LSD especially North of the city.
  • Remember to reg for and donate to the Relay Roulette race – it’s cheap ($10!) and every $10 you donate beyond the reg fee will enter you into a raffle for great prizes, including a full fit session at Get a Grip bikes and other rad items. All proceeds will be donated to a local cycling-related charity chosen by the race winners.
  • We don’t have a course map at this time, but its Relay CX. By all means be competitive, but let’s remember to have fun, enjoy each other’s company, maybe catch a crash on video and turn it into an Internet meme, and kick the Chicagoland CX season off on the right foot! See you Sunday.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20190813

August 13, 2019
  • Fresh updates to start off the week!
  • We’re got our events up over on BikeReg. We can’t open reg until the events are officially permitted with USAC, but all that is coming soon. Have a look at and familiarize yourself with the new raceday schedule.
  • Some of you have been asking for it for a while, and since the folks over at BikeReg are so awesome, we finally figured out a way to offer a CCC Season Pass where you can reg for the entire season in one transaction. At least for this year we won’t be offering a discount, but you’ll save the equivalent of 1/2 a race on BikeReg service fees, plus the convenience of only having to reg once. Please use this season pass wisely, as switching you from one category to another after you register will cause some headaches. Thanks!
  • Speaking of convenience, this season we’re also going to try series long cloth bib numbers, but… for the women categories only (except Single Speed). The total number of unique riders in the women categories make this possible. We still haven’t figured out how to make it work for the large Men, Masters, and Junior fields.
  • Look out for details about a pre-season rider forum coming soon. But mark your calendar for 9/5/2019 at 7pm at the Rapha Club House.
  • Online pre-reg opened this past week for xXx Racing’s Relay CX race on xXx’s website. PLEASE NOTE that Relay CX will be returning to Jackson Park for 2019, following some Cubs-funded improvements to the baseball facilities at Warren Park in the last year. Pick a partner and save yourself a race-day headache (and $15) and pre-reg now! Already a bunch of teams already taking the early lead for best team names.
  • And finally… This weekend is the UPB CX Camp for Juniors. Join the UPB team and international cyclo-cross superstar Maria Larkin for a fun filled day of learning skills and putting them to use in hot laps. Make sure to register ahead of time here on BikeReg.

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20190806

August 6, 2019
  • Not many updates this week. Remember to check out the new race day schedule (more details here) over on the schedule page of schedules.
  • We also updated the Wisconsin event schedule on that page as they were nice enough to list our races on their fancy new CX website. The new site looks rad y’all!
  • Congrats to all the CCC shredders who melted faces at the Palos Meltdown over the weekend. If you’ve never seen it, friend of the series Chicago Aussie has a great video about the history of the area.
  • And finally… while we’re always looking for new long-term partnerships of the commercial kind, we’re also always looking to make new friends and get more people involved with the series. If you’d like to be a series volunteer and peak behind the curtain of how the CCC happens every year, email us and let’s chat.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20190730

July 30, 2019
  • Back at it… glad to see and hear about so many CX shredders out riding and racing their bikes this summer!
  • Please see our last post from 7/2/19 about the changes we’re making for the upcoming season, especially concerning the race day schedule. Please tell all your friends too.
  • We’ve got a few other things in the works, but more on those later.
  • The UPB Junior CX Clinic has been scheduled for Sunday 08/18/2019 at Pulaski Woods.
  • The Half Acre CX Eliminator has been scheduled for Sunday 09/15/2019, again at Big Marsh.
  • A venue change for the series! Unfortunately race #3 will NOT be back at Dan Ryan Woods this year. Instead Beverly Bike, and now co-race promoters Region Racing, will be hosting their event on 10/13/2019 at Pulaski Woods in Palos. More details to come as we receive them.
  • Again, please review the new race day schedule which now starts earlier and adds a new start wave and category.
  • And finally… the CCC would not be possible without the financial support of many companies, groups, organizations, and individuals that help us remain the best amateur CX series in the country (and probably the world). If you’d like to be involved again or for the first time, please email us (just click this link) and let’s figure out a way to partner together. Thanks!!!

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