Photo: Luke Seemann

– Super masters racer/promoter Jim Nowak, Athletes ByDesign, and Prairie Path Cycles return for 2010 with another classic course at Sunrise Park in Bartlett, IL. As crazy as we here at the CCC are about CX, Jim is about about 1,765,233 times more so and always sets the bar a little higher each year with his course designs. This year, in addition to bringing back what many people consider one of the defining moments of 2009’s CCC, Jim pays tribute to the SuperCup series of the late 1990’s with a barrier “6 pack” (or possibly just a 4 pack).

– The Bartlett venue has perhaps the trickiest parking situation of all the CCC races. Parking is actually a good ways away at the Sycamore Trails School. See the map below. Please park at the school and follow the signs on the path to the course and registration. Its probably a good idea to ride your bike, but per USAC regulations you must wear your helmet at all times when on your bike at a race. You can’t finish the race if you don’t start because you brains are spilled all over the sidewalk… so please keep it safe and don’t make us ask you twice… better yet once. See page 54 here.

– ABD has increased payouts across the board above the CCC standard payout, paying 10 deep in all categories except 50+ and Cat 4A’s which still go 5 deep.

– We’ve had sunny skies at every race this year but the forecast for Sunday looks a little iffy… either way with temps in the lower 60’s there’s a 50% chance of awesome. However, this weekend is notoriously windy… so if you plan on setting up a tent, bring metal stakes or weights… and wear your wellies, knit caps, gloves, and maybe pack an umbrella.

– The 4B’s and 4A’s are closed but just like at all races we’ll start a wait list on race day for those wanting to take any no-show spots. The Louisville USGP races are taking a few more of you away than last year, but there are still 291 of you pre-reg’d. With so many people away in Louisville the overall team standings are sure to shake up a bit, plus we’ll have a few special call ups this weekend. Remember next weekend is Halloween in Campton where anyone in costume also gets a call-up. So plan ahead.

– Speaking of planning ahead, online pre-reg for Northbrook is finally open.

– Back to Sunrise Park, please remember this course is smack in the middle of a housing community. Please respect the neighbors at times while at the race… this includes not peeing in places you shouldn’t (we have Spot-A-Pots), using foul language, and anything that would make it so we can’t come back next year. You all are always great about this, so let’s keep the streak alive.

– Since the park is in the middle of a residential area there are no food or beverage establishments in the immediate vicinity. However this year ABD has brought in local food vendor Dogfather who will be serving up hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, brats, chips, and drinks.

– And finally the venue… the Sunrise Park course is one of the CCC’s longest at roughly 2.2 miles. All categories will still be racing the same amount of time as all other CCC races though, but you’ll obviously be completing fewer laps… so pay attention to the lap counters. Since the start chute and Finish line are on the interior of the course… please be careful when crossing the course since racers will likely be coming at you from both directions. The Course runs counter-clockwise (that’s anti-clockwise in Europe) this year. Registration will be in the same spot as last year, just NorthEast of the Finish line. The wheel/bike pit is double entry and just SouthWest of the finish line. The start chute will be just to the NorthEast of the finish line next to registration. Numbers will go on your left. Heckle Hill returns (how could it not) but you will hit it from a different direction.