2017 Carpentersville Preview

October 12, 2017

School is back in session at Woodland Elementary in Carpentersville and the MSB Sasquatch Squadron is fixin’ to learn you a thing or two about cyclocross.

  • This weekend’s CCC event, Squatch Cross p/b the Main Street Bicycles Sasquatch Squadron, will be held once again at 770 Navajo Drive in Carpentersville. If you arrive at the shuttered Woodland Elementary School, congrats! You’re doing it right. If you’re at Carpenter Park or Randall Oaks… well… try again.
  • Hashtag #CarpenterCX will be your gateway to social media fame.
  • Preliminary Staging will be posted here Friday morning. Please double check your points at that time, not Sunday morning.
  • Speaking of staging, we are switching the start order of the Women Cat 4/5 and Junior 9-14 fields. This Sunday and the rest of the season the Women Cat 4/5’s will start first, followed by the Junior 9-14’s. Please email us directly if you have any questions or comments.
  • Numbers go on your LEFT SIDE, always in the CCC.
  • Kiddie Cross TBD! Parents need to sign a waiver. Ages 10 and under.
  • Petting Zoo is out again, but if you stop by the MSB tent and ask nicely, we’ll have puppers to pet
  • Food/Water: Food Vendors will be on-site / Water available on-site
  • No Alcohol permitted on the property
  • Food: The Toasty Cheese food truck will be there – good stuff. Dave’d Slow Food could not make it.
  • Tent Cities: Same spots as last year as well as the new opportunity to set up at Heckle City. It is a hike up a small hill so bring a cart and drop off gear at the Western Drop Off.
  • Parking: The school has a small lot so an area will remain open there for tent drop off, and we will have parking volunteers helping to guide folks in the morning. Please be courteous as it is early for them, too.
  • Otherwise, plenty of street parking surrounding the school – please respect the posted parking signs. If need be, the Sunny Hill School lot is available on Helm Rd.
  • The Course: Runs Clockwise. It’s been a year and we Squatches have mechanized. Chainsaws and tillers came out to spice up the course and make the most of our venue’s modest size. Now we’ve got a layout fit to satisfy any Millennial’s wanderlust—a mix of wide-open plainsverdant forest and even some sandy beaches make an appearance. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for sasquatches around the course because, no matter what, we’re always squatchin’ you.

2016 Carpenter Park Preview

October 13, 2016


In case you have been living under a rock we will be at 770 Navajo Dr at the former Woodland Elementary School… Still in Carpentersville, but NOT Carpenter Park and NOT Randall Oaks Park. Please let all of your friends still using Netscape know.

  • This is another new venue for everyone, so please take it easy and help out if and where needed.
  • Even though its not actually in Carpenter Park we’re going to revert to and use the hashtag #carpenterCX since we’re back in Carpentersville.
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here: https://goo.gl/OQdkfC
  • Numbers will still go on your left.
  • Kiddie Cross at noon! Parents need to sign a waiver. Ages 10 and under. 5 age groups: 2 and under, 3-4 y/o, 5-6 y/o, 7-8 y/o, 9-10 y/o.
  • Sorry, no petting zoo this year.
  • Food offerings: Dave’s Slow Food and Jim’s Dogs and Brats.
  • Drinking water is on site.
  • Weather: The forecast says overcast and 20% change of rain during the day, but rain the night before and after. Temps in the mid 60’s, so please plan and dress appropriately.
  • No Alcohol permitted on the property.
  • Parking: The school has a small lot so an area will remain open for tent drop off, plenty of street parking surrounding the school – please respect the posted parking signs. If need be, the Sunny Hill School lot is available on Helm Rd.
  • The Course: Runs clockwise. The Squatches over at Main Street Bicycles have managed to put down their beer cans for a long enough period of time in order to lumber around every inch of this modest territory, once reserved for small children, and bring you an adult sized course full of woodland adventures.  It’s sure to grow a thick coat of fur on those finely shaven road legs. Course map below should be unlocked soon.