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2014 Campton Preview

- Rob Kelley, Peter Kelley, and the entire Bicycle Heaven crew bring you the 9th edition of Campton Cross in beautiful Campton Hills.

- Remember to use #CamptonCX on Twitter and Instagram, if you’re into that sort of thing.

- More details here. Preliminary staging will be here before Sunday.

- Remember reg closes 30 minutes before the scheduled start of each race. If you’re late, you’re not racing. We’re even giving you an extra hour to sleep in this year… again. Please find your way to the park near the corner of Rt 64 and Brown Rd in Campton Hills/Wasco… NOT the other Anderson Park in Oak Park. The map on BikeReg is correct as well.

- We know Halloween is tomorrow, but don’t throw away your Halloween costume. Race director Rob Kelley will be the judge in the annual costume contest. Remember when NECX set the bar really high? Well, they were up to it again last weekend too. Bring your A Game and put those pictures on the Internets.

- TDogs BBQ will be back again as well as Reems Brats, plus Hot Chocolate sold by a bunch of cute kids … so plenty of food.

- Rob Kelley says there will be live tigers, if he can find someone with actual real life tigers.

- Sorry, but NO alcoholic beverages are allowed in the park. So you know, be discreet with your High Life.

- Weather looks great but chillier than last week.

- Rob and the crew encourage riders to NOT warm up on/around the soccer fields to the East of registration. The village has asked us to keep off the areas visible when you pull into the park. If you carefully ride North on Brown Rd for about 200 meters you can hop onto the Prairie Path/Great Western trail (see the thick yellow line in the map below) which is a great place to warm up. Thank you.

- The Course: Similar to years past but definitely more of a power course with a new field/maze section in the NorthWest section of the park. That’s the great thing about CX, each track is different and you have to be good at every type of course to do well. Also a log jump/barrier after the 2nd woods section. See here for a handlebar camera preliminary preview of the course, plus a few other videos from over the years. The taped up course can be seen @rokcoach Saturday evening and

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Tuesday CCC Updates

- Thanks again to Jim Nowak and the entire ABD crew for another great Sunrise Park event. We had another beautiful day in the mid 60s at #ABDcx.  The Sunrise Park course was a drastic change from the tight course last week in Carpentersville by having lots of long straightaways and wide flowing turns.  It was a fast course in many sections, and still technical in others with many off camber turns, woodchips and the uphill logs that proved to be a place to catch (or lose) a couple spots.  Danielle Smith (Tenspeed Hero) finally got her win that she’d been hunting for after a couple 2nd place finishes in earlier in the season.  In case you didn’t catch it from race announcer Todd Busteed as she crossed the line, Danielle just got married 2 days earlier!  Joseph Maloney (KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin), a familiar face by now, won his 3rd race in the series putting him in 2nd in the overall standing in only 3 starts. Another result of note comes from the lower cats, Federico Rios, won the men’s 4s last week, upgraded mid week and then won the 3s Sunday, not a bad start to his season. In case you haven’t seen it yet, John Gatto has put together some great videos after each race.  See this Sunrise Park’s edition here.

- We are aware of some issues with the results between what One2Go emailed/tweeted and what was posted to USAC / CrossResults. We will have the results corrected by Wednesday at the latest. The full lap time report is here thanks to One2Go Event Services.

- Next up, the CCC heads a bit farther west for Campton Cross hosted by Bicycle Heaven and ROK Coaching. Halloween is this Friday, so save some candy for Sunday and bring your “A” game costumes. We can’t wait to see what Tony Reinks has in store for us this year! Look for the course preview on Thursday at the regular time.

- If you need moar CX racing, head on down to Peoria this Saturday for Wildlife Spooky CX. Proceeds help little furry animals. Part of the HICX series.

- And finally… a heads up that the Mid West Regional CX Championships (MWRCXC ) will be held 12/14/2014 at the John Ball Park at 1300 W Fulton Grand Rapids, MI 49504. The event will be hosted by Tailwind Racing and they have decided to stage the Men 1/2/3 (top 20), Women 1/2/3 (top 20) and Masters (top 8) based on USAC points. The other categories will be staged based on pre-reg order. Online registration opens this Friday, October 31st at 10am on The race flyer is here

2014 ABD Sunrise Park Pix and Vids and Race Reports

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2014 ABD Sunrise Park Preview

- #ABDcx  Remember to check out the standard preview page here.

- Preliminary staging will be posted here before Sunday. If you upgraded this week and want 1/2 your CCC series points to follow you to the next category, please contact us at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail before Saturday to let us know.

- Parking on Foster Ave is allowed but on NORTH side only. There should be “No Parking” signs along the park (south) side. If not, please respect this. Also Parking is allowed on Struckman Blvd (better option), or at Sycamore Trails School (preferred).

- Increased payouts across the board thanks to ABD. Also new this year a $25 prime to the winner of first lap of each race (other than Cat 4/5). Payouts will be held until Campton Cross. Any payouts not claimed after Campton Cross will be donated to Bartlett Park District Foundation.
- Timing and lap times will be provided by One2Go Event Services!!
- North of the Border will be back again this year serving Mexican and American w/ veggie options.
- Other Brother Coffee will be there with your warm beverage in the AM.
- Kiddie race is at 2pm!
- No Alchohol.  Sorry Park rules.
- Course similar to last year but a bit more wood chips, more off-camber, and the logs are back.

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Tuesday CCC Updates

Photo: Snowy Mountain Photography

- Thanks again to Jeff Provisor and the entire Main St Bikes/Sasquatch Squadron for hosting yet another great addition of Carpenter Park CX this past weekend. Barriers, creeks, moguls even a petting zoo, Carpenter Park had it all. It was another sunny Sunday, a little crisp in the morning but warmed up nicely to the mid 50’s by the elite races.  Kelli Richter (PSIMET Racing) won the women’s elite race over Emma Swartz who won in week 2.  This gives Kelli her 2nd win in 4 races, widening her overall series lead over Sarah Szefi, also of PSIMET racing.  In the men’s race Joseph Maloney (KS Energy Services/Team Wisconsin) continues to make the most of his appearances in the CCC by winning his 2nd race in as many appearances.  David Reyes (Heritage) hangs onto the overall lead with another consistent podium finish. Results were uploaded to USAC & CrossResults and Overall standings were updated Sunday night.

- Next Sunday the CCC series heads slightly South to Sunrise Park in Bartlett, hosted by Athletes By Design and uber CX racer/fan Jim Nowak. Look for the course preview at the regular time on Thursday.

- Speaking of Sunrise Park… remember if you want to take half your CCC series points with you to the next category you must upgrade before Sunday’s race. And by before we don’t mean Saturday night. So get your upgrade requests into USAC now through the USAC website since there is absolutely no glory in sandbagging (looking at you Cat 3’s and Cat 4’s). Also note that we do review each week’s results and will be alerting the USAC upgrade coordinator concerning mandatory upgrades.

- The weather was a little less ideal, but a good size contingent of Chicagoland dirtbags were down at Big Marsh having a time this past Saturday. Read all about it on The Bonebell.

- Here’s some exciting news for Junior racers at the State Championships at Montrose Harbor. Thanks to some behind-the-scenes work by The Chicago Cuttin’ Crew, the Pony Shop, Ten27 Cycling Club, Spidermonkey Cycling, and the Illinois Cycling Association the event will award expanded age group champion jerseys. All the same rules apply (riders must hold an annual license, be an Illinois resident, and US citizen… races must have a 3 person IL podium, etc) and riders will be staged the same as other CCC races (i.e. Jr 15-18 and Jr 9-14)…. but jerseys will be awarded to both boys and girls in age groups 9-12, 13-14, 15-16, and 17-18. So giddy up and get ready to race in December!

- Speaking of Championships… Pro Bike Express is offering their “Pro Not Bro Service” at Cyclocross Nationals in Austin. This year PBE has limited the number of riders they will support, so space is limited. Register Early and “Travel Like You Train…” For more information please contact Wesley Smith/Pro Bike Express: Registration is up on the website:

- A quick note on Waitlists. If you reg for a waitlist on BikeReg your credit card is NOT charged right away. You may see an authorization transaction on your credit card statement, but you are NOT actually being charged. If a spot opens up in the race before race day (i.e. a kind soul emails the race promoter and tells them they won’t be able to make it) riders will be transferred into the race based on their reg day/time. At this point only will your credit card be charged. So if you show up to the race and haven’t received an email through BikeReg stating you made it into the race… you are not yet in the race and your credit card has not be charged.

- And finally… remember all of this CX pedal biking stuff is just for fun, so tell your family, friends, mechanic, photographer, cat, race course designer, dog, pet turtle, GoPro drone pilot, etc, etc, etc… that you love them every day before its too late.

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2014 Carpentersville Pix and Vids and Race Reports

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2014 Carpenter Park Preview

- #CarpenterCX and more on the preview page. Preliminary staging will be posted here before the race.

Carpenter’s Park hosted by Main St. Bicycles Sasquatch Squadron (owned by CCC director and all-round race fodder  Jeff Provisor) is held along side the Carpentersville Oktoberfest. The festival has a beer garden (which is located right next to the course). Great food vendors, live music, raffles, kid rides (inflatables), a petting zoo, face painters, and much, much more. Note that Main Street Bicycles and North Branch Cycling started  hosting this race in 2005! Once again, grand master Todd Busteed will be handling the race color commentary throughout the day.

Registration is in a new spot roughly 100’ to the west of the band shell (NorthEast corner of the park), closer now to the Staging/Start/Finish area, set under a large blue Main Street/North Branch tent.

- Jeff and the village of Carpentersville have asked that we please keep the beer drinking in the beer garden (Sam Adams Oktoberfest and Miller Lite). If you spot someone with a can or two of High Life on the other side of the course, please ask them to be respectful of the park, other spectators, and racers. Bacon and Twinkies are allowed and in fact encouraged to roam freely.

Overflow parking will be East of the park – in the lots of  Cross Container off of Maple (the road the borders on the North, and just to the East across from Comcast).

- There will be many tasty food options… Roasti’s Pizza and Beef, El Somborito, Good ‘Ol Dogs and Brats, and more!

- D’angelo Natural Spring Water will be provided for the racers, no cups provided, please bring your bottles.

- Carpentersville Rotary will be hosting a Sasquatch Hunt near the farm field, come try your luck and win food and beer vouchers.

- The course: Similar to last  year, only totally different. The Carpenter Park course has been described as the most Belgian of all the CCC race, featuring creek crossings, a little nub of a hill which is always great for spectating and taking photos, and the infamous farm field dirt roller section. Near the center of the course, just beyond the “nub”  will be a double sided wheel pit. The separated Start/Finish area will remain in the North field and the course will run in the new fancy anti clockwise fashion. There will be a bike wash area at the hydrant near the dirt roller section. Bib #’s will go on your left.

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