Tuesday CCC Updates

#CXRelay CoEd Open Podium – Photo Tyler George

  • Looks like everyone had a great time at the CX Relay. Thanks to xXx Racing-Atheltico for hosting another fun event. Results are here, but fear not, these results will NOT count towards your CrossResults.com ranking.
  • Speaking of CrossResults (CXR) since move people are now looking at this website, please review the updated staging protocol we posted back in July. Lots of other good details in that post as well. We’ll have the Series Rules and FAQ page updated soon, but one important thing to remember is you must pre-reg to be staged by CXR ranking, otherwise you’re in the back.
  • Speaking of pre-reg’ing… all 11 events in the 2015 CCC schedule are now up on BikeReg.com. Take a look any and bookmark the page, pre-reg will open at 9am CST on Tuesday 9/1/15.
  • The crew at BikeReg has been busy adding new feature to their site, many of which are transparent to you as riders, but are very helpful to us as event organizers. Three of which are:
    • Category Restrictions – All CCC races are USAC sanctioned which means you are not allowed to ride outside your CX category. If you try reg’ing for a category you’re not supposed to BikeReg will warn you and you’ll have to supply a reason before being allowed to reg. If you ave a legitimate reason (upgrading, license is messed up) that’s cool. But remember we also double-check all the reg data before each race so let’s be reasonable adults. Also, BikeReg matches your annual license to the USAC database, so make sure you have renewed (do it now!) before attempting to reg.
    • One Day Licenses – Speaking of licenses, if you are reg’ing for a Category where you can actually race on a One Day license (any Cat 5 men or Cat 4 women race) and if you do NOT have an annual USAC license, BikeReg will automatically charge you $15 to be applied to a USAC One Day license. So if you have an annual license… get it in your BikeReg rider profile now!
  • And finally… the CCC wants to wrap up our 2015 series sponsor drive so we can get to racing. If you still want to be a 2015 series sponsor, please review our 2015 sponsor proposal and email us ASAP at chicagocrosscup@gmail.com. We are closing the sponsorship window, at least if you want your name on the 2015 Series t-shirts, on Tuesday 9/1/15.

Tuesday CCC Updates

– Some people already got their season off to a start at Half Acre’s CX Eliminator.

– Next up, the always fun, always hard, always inclusive, always nutty, always almost tossing cookies… xXx Racing CX Relay. The Junior and Coed fields are already filled and there are a few spots left in all other fields. The team names are some of the best we’ve ever seen.

– If you haven’t heard (are you under a rock?) Chicago is getting its own bike park… Big Marsh. But, since there is no such thing as a free lunch… “An anonymous donor has offered up to $1,000,000 toward building Chicago’s first urban bike park in a 2- for-1 challenge grant, says Chicago-based non-profit Friends of Big Marsh. Friends of Big Marsh has launched a crowdfunding campaign at bigmarsh.org/build to leverage the grant that could provide much of the funding needed to open the first phase of the park in Spring 2016.” So contribute if you can.

– And since the CX is nothing without its riders and courses, the CCC has decided to switch gears this season and keep our focus local. So instead of collecting money for World Bicycle Relief (still a very worthy cause) we will forward all donations to Big Marsh AND West Town  Bikes & Blackstone Bikes at the end of the season.

– And finally… The nice folks on the other side of the pond are getting ready for the season as well… “On Saturday, September 12, the Michigan ‘cx season once again kicks off with the Alma Grand Prix of Cyclocross p/b Velocity USA, which is the first race in the new Michigan Bicycle Racing Association Cyclocross Series of events. There are a handful of hotel options in the area and this year there is also camping available at the race venue for Friday night. Also, please join us for the early number pick up and “meet the pros” at the Alma Brewing Company on Friday night (September 11). Pros, you ask? Yes! This year we’re excited to have four professionals from Australia in attendance. Joining us from the Focus Australia ‘CX Team are Chris Aitken, Tom Chapman, and Jack Hogan. On the women’s side, Josie Simpson from the Flanders Nemesis race team will be leading the charge. More information, including the race tech guide and spy photos of the course, is available on the website: www.AlmaGP.blogspot.com. The race Facebook page is:www.Facebook.com/AlmaGrandPrixOfCyclocross, and on Twitter @TheAlmaGP. If you have ANY questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail Brian Hancock (race promoter /at/ gmail.com) or find him on Facebook on the race page.”

Tuesday CCC Updates

CCC_shirts_2015.08.03b-01– We’re getting ahead of the curve this year with the 2015 CCC series t-shirts. Look for a link on the store page to pre-order this season’s shirt. We’ll even have ladies cut and long sleeve shirts for 2015.

Want to get involved with the CCC to make it even better and race for cheap? The CCC is looking for series volunteers. You just need to be able to attend most CCC races and help out for a few hours. Positions vary, inquire within by sending an email to ChicagoCrossCup@gmail.com.

– Our 2015 series sponsor drive is currently active and will close August 31st. If you are interested in being a 2015 CCC series sponsor take a look here and then please let us know now at ChicagoCrossCup@gmail.com.

– And finally… as promised we finished calculating all the staging differences with our new staging methodology (individual event links below). In the linked GoogleSheets we show 4 different way of staging, CrossResults ranking only, CCC points only, CCC first row/CXR all others, CCC first 2 row/CXR all others. Look at the ‘Diff’ columns, specifically column “V”. A lower negative number means you would be staged better with the new system, a higher positive number means you would be staged worse. Since for every move up there is a move down the average difference across all races is zero, but… below is a histogram showing the average difference moves up/down by 8 place increments (i.e. one staging row) using the old vs. new methodology (as a % of all pre-reg’d racers) across all events. For the entire series ~40% of riders’ staging position would not change (i.e. 0 difference) while ~27% would move up no more than 8 spots and ~23% would move down no more than 8 spots. For those keeping score at home that means on average ~89% of all racers would be staged no more than +/-8 places in either direction. The other ~11% of riders would be staged by more than +/-1 rows difference (>+/-16 difference), and those riders being staged worse (i.e. large positive differences) are those without CrossResults rankings (i.e. 9999) and CCC points (think Cat 4’s and 5’s). The CCC believes these data further validate our decision to change the staging methodology for 2015 and hopefully go at least a little ways to assuage any fears some of you may have that you will be staged back in the cheap seats. However we are always open to new ideas too, and if you have a better way of staging roughly 700 riders every week that is fair to as many riders as possible we’d love to hear from you. And as always, we are only human and make mistakes all the time, so please always, always double check the preliminary staging sheets we publish online after pre-reg closes and let us know if you see a mistake. Note also that unless you have enough CCC points to be staged on the front row you MUST PRE-REGISTER to be staged by CrossResults.com rankings.


  1. Hopkins Park
  2. Dan Ryan Woods
  3. Carpenter Park
  4. ABD Sunrise Park
  5. Campton CX
  6. Indian Lakes – Saturday
  7. Indian Lakes – Sunday
  8. Psi-Clocross
  9. Melas CX
  10. Montrose Harbor

Tuesday CCC Updates

– For anyone counting, there are roughly 8 weeks until the CCC starts in Caldwell Woods, hosted by xXx Racing. So get your bikes in working order now(!) by visit your favorite local bike shop… but enjoy the rest of the summer weather while we still have it. #cxiscoming

– But before the CCC officially starts, the good folks over at Half Acre Cycling are having a Women’s CX clinic. The details: Go faster. Attack that barrier. Clear that obstacle. Have more fun. Cycle-Smart Solutions for Cycling and Half Acre Cycling are committed to helping Chicago area women achieve their racing goals. Focusing on intermediate/advanced skills, this clinic is designed for Cat 3s (and those planning to make that upgrade soon) as well as experienced Cat 1 and 2 racers. Half Acre is also very pleased that their clinic will take place at Big Marsh Chicago.  Big Marsh Chicago is on its way to being the premier bike park and eco-recreation area in the Midwest. For more information see the event page register: https://www.bikereg.com/hacwomenscxclinic. Topics include: explosive starts, dismounts and mounts, barrier work, bunny-hopping obstacles, cornering at speed, off-camber cornering, race strategy, training, and race preparation. Your coaches: Shaun Adamson (Cycle-Smart) and Kelli Richter (Vision Quest Coaching) .

– Also, because CX all.the.time… Half Acre Cycling is pleased to present the inaugural CX Eliminator: an elimination-style cyclo-cross race.
1) Race starts with a non-elimination round, one or more heats of eight racers who complete one 3km lap to determine heat placement for the first elimination round.
2) Next comes the elimination rounds, heats of eight racers again complete a 3km lap. The top four finishers move to the next round, while the bottom four are eliminated from competition.
3) And finally the championship round, the final eight racers will complete the lap, head­-to-­head, with the top three racers earning podium spots.
Check out the HACCXE website for all the details: http://cx-eliminator.blogspot.com/p/about.html.

– Not to be outdone, xXx Racing will again be hosting their Relay Cross back in Jackson Park on Sunday August 23rd. Loads of fund at this event and another great way to ease into the season. So grab a partner and get ready to high-five.

– Sadly, Psimet has informed us that Norge CX will not be back this season. So enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend to the fullest, eat lots of turkey, or tofurkey if that’s your thing, and get ready for the State Championship at Montrose the following weekend.

– And finally… as if we had to remind anyone, its still hot, and muggy, and hot, and did we mention hot(?) here in Chicago. So while out training either on the road or the trails (please go outside and stay off Zwift), make sure to stay hydrated and take breaks so as not to overheat. Heat stroke is a real thing and we want to see you all in the staging grids this Autumn.

Tuesday CCC Updates


– Back for another year the CCC will again have Pactimo Leaders Jerseys… this year with a women’s cut version for the ladies.

– In case you missed it 2 weeks ago the 2015 and 2016 CCC series will be Powered by SRAM.

– All 11 events in the 2015 CCC will have One2Go timing, lap times, and new for 2015 real time LiveLynx Results. Please make sure to search for LiveLynx Results and not just LiveLynx… just trust us on that one. Because of the increased accuracy of having a camera running all day long the series is also increasing the self imposed 100 rider field limits of a few categories. No this is not a money grab, we’re just opening up a few more spots for the fields that tend to sell out on BikeReg.com so there are fewer waitlists to deal with.

– Speaking of BikeReg, the individual race directors are working on getting their races permitted with USAC and we’ll have pre-reg pages up on BikeReg sometime around the end of July or beginning of August and open pre-reg for most if not all events at the beginning of September.

– All 11 events will also include SRAM Neutral Race Support as well as Kenny Labbe announcing all day long.

– Speaking of all day long, the CCC series directors thought long and hard and tried to figure out a better race day schedule, but without any luck. There are just too many people in too many categories who want to race CX from September to December where we have less daylight to work with. Despite a few predictions to the contrary we think last year’s schedule worked as well as any could have. Considering the new staging changes (see below) and raising of field limits we feel leaving the race day schedule unchanged from 2014 will work fine again.

– Speaking of same schedules, the same 11 events from the 2014 season will be back for 2015 with the exception of Carpenter Park. Due to construction at Carpenter Park the crew at Main St. Bikes and the Sasquatch Squadron are temporarily moving the event 3.5 miles to the West to Randall Oaks Park. Race director Jeff Provisor tells us Randall Oaks has more space and even though there may not be a corn field (or Chubby Spud) the racing will be just as rad. We’ll update the series Google Map soon.

– No changes to the series minimum purse. Some events may increase payouts if they have the means, but given the scoring upgrades, neutral support, announcing, etc… and the fact that entry fee prices have remained the same for at least the last 5 or 6 years, all riders in the series are getting more bang for their buck than ever before. Remember payouts for the Men & Women Cat 1/2/3 races already scale up with the overall number of pre-reg’d riders.

– If you are interested in becoming a 2015 CCC Series Sponsor please review our 2015 proposal and contact us at ChicagoCrossCup@gmail.com.

– And finally… we did some spreadsheet magic (see Hopkins and Montrose, all races to follow eventually) and found that CrossResults.com rankings are actually very indicative of where riders should be staged during the entire season, regardless of CCC points. That being said this is still a series with series standings so it wouldn’t make sense not to use them at all. We initially considered staging the first 2 rows by CCC points for the whole season, then all others by CXR rankings, but then we thought that staging mid/downstate riders no better than the 3rd row at Montrose didn’t make sense either. Since riders good enough to win the state championship could probably win from the 4th row (see 35 seconds in) we decided staging the first row by CCC points and all other rows by CXR rankings for the entire season was a good compromise. Long story short, if you’re fast but not racing the entire series and earning CCC series points (traveling to far off lands, injury, ate too much ice cream, etc) you’ll be staged no worse than the 2nd row. Also CrossResuts rankings already handle DNF’s so those of you who have asked over the years to have your worst placing thrown out kinda, sorta get what you’ve been asking for. The Series Rules & FAQs page will be updated soon.

Tuesday CCC Updates


SRAM Becomes the 2015 Chicago Cyclocross Cup Title Sponsor

After 11 years of continuous growth, the Chicago Cyclocross Cup (CCC) has announced bicycle component innovator SRAM will become the 2015 series title sponsor.

“We are excited to welcome SRAM as the 2015 CCC Series Title Sponsor,” said series director Jason Knauff. “SRAM is the cycling industry equivalent of Chicago’s hometown team and it makes complete sense for everyone involved. We greatly appreciate all of our series sponsors, including last year’s title sponsor The Pony Shop, and look forward to improving the ‘Best Amateur CX Series in the Country’ even more.”

Headquartered in Chicago, SRAM engineers bike components that are depended on by many cyclocross racers, including both the men’s and women’s current U23 national champions, the men’s current 23+ national champion, as well as countless Elite, Masters, and Junior racers. Respected for pushing the industry standard, SRAM’s support allows the CCC to raise the bar again by introducing three new features to unify the eleven race series.

One2Go Event Services, the premier timing and results company in the US, will be present at all races this autumn, providing lightning-fast and accurate race results, including lap times. A few individual events used One2Go’s services in the past, but this season all races will see electronic timing for every field. One2Go will also debut LiveLynx Results for CX, where anyone with an Internet connection can see lap times and standings in real time.

SRAM Neutral Race Support (NRS) will be providing neutral support at all of the 2015 CCC races. Jose Alcala and his SRAM NRS team are well known in the cycling community for fast problem solving and mechanical expertise – getting athletes back in the race, or just to the start, when they need help the most.

And last but certainly not least, the CCC welcomes Kenny Labbé as the official voice of the CCC, announcing at all races. A former member of the US Postal Service professional cycling team, Kenny’s wealth of experience in competitive cycling and deep knowledge of the region’s cycling landscape are embedded within his lively and insightful race commentary.

The Chicago Cyclocross Cup 2015 season takes place between September 20th and December 6th around the greater Chicagoland area. The CCC is the largest CX series in the Midwest, drawing top competition from neighboring states while fostering new racers in a family friendly environment.

For more information visit: http://www.chicrosscup.com
Written by Kelly Clarke

Tuesday CCC Updates

– Congrats to everyone who traveled to Austin, TX for USAC CX National Championships. Waaaay too many names and results to mention here but check out full results here and collegiates here. BTB TV also has full replays of Sunday’s Monday’s junior and elite races. Congratulations to defending champions Katie Compton and Jeremy Powers who again rode to commanding wins in their races.

– The cyclocross season is essentially done here in the good ‘ole USA, but there’s still quite a bit of racing to be had in Europe. USA Cycling will announce (soon) its selection of riders for CX World Championships, which take place Jan 31 and Feb 1 in Tabor, Czech Republic. Say it with us Tah-bore, not Tae-bor.

– And finally, the CCC site will be going into hibernation for the winter but we’ll have occasional updates as needed. We’d like to say again we had a great time again this season and look forward see you all in ~9 months!

Tuesday CCC Updates

– If you haven’t heard Behind the Barriers TV will be live streaming USAC CX Nationals. Watch it there next weekend!

– Speaking of… good luck to all Chicagoland and MidWest CX racers heading to Austin, TX next week where it looks like you’ll be racing in shorts and maybe arm warmers!

– This spring, Craig Abrams will be conducting the second round of a study on the effect of core strength training and VO2max in cyclists.  He is working with Josh Friedman, owner and coach at ATP Race Consulting and Neil Krulewitz, medical student at the University of New England in Portland, Maine. The first round of their study, which they conducted this past summer was very successful.  Abrams saw trends in the data that suggest a correlation between core strength and both power output and VO2max.  He plans to repeat the study in early April, and would like to recruit as many cyclist as possible to participate.  Because he are using calculated VO2max, individuals can complete the study anywhere they have access to a power meter and the open road (or trainer). The researchers believe they have some great insights on the horizon for cyclists everywhere. Sign up herehttp://nkrulewitz.wix.com/vo2max-study

– And finally… Happy New Year!