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2013 Psycho Cross Pix and Vids and Race Reports

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2013 Dan Ryan Woods Pix and Vids and Race Reports

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2013 Hopkins Park Pix and Vids and Race Reports

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2013 Jackson Park – Pix and Vids and Race Reports

Please post links to your pictures, videos, and race reports in the comments section below.

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Tuesday CCC Updates


- Lots of rain and cold weather this spring in Chicagoland, so its felt somewhat like CX weather the entire time. But now that it is officially summer, no one is really doing any road racing… and we just ordered 500 plastic step in stakes… we figured we throw out an update for you.

- The tentative CCC schedule is up (actually is been up since Feb 8). All 12 races (11 venues) are back again for the 2013 season. Note however that due to Thanksgiving being so late this year, there is NOT a week in between Jackson Park and Hopkins Park. So you’ll have full on racing action every weekend from September until the end of November. The former USGP Madison race will take place the weekend before Jackson Park.

- We’re making a few tweaks to the race day schedule to better accommodate everyone. Specifically, the Single Speeds will now start behind the Masters 30+ and the 60+ will start with the 50+ (overall scored separately). In this way there are never more than 2 races on course at once (except for the W4/Juniors). Also, the Cat 4A’s will now be just the Cat 4‘s, and the Cat 4B’s will be Cat 4/5‘s.

- The CCC is planning a pre-season get together, where we can all hang out, live, and in person. Stay tuned for details!

- If you’re planning on getting your body in shape, Morning Bird Studio has a few spots left in their Engine Building Turbo-CX classes starting July 15th.

- And finally… CX Magazine has a series of articles chronicling what happened to the USGP series, what is happening with the individual races in 2013, and what it all means for CX in the USA.

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Tuesday CCC Updates

CCC Junior Ladies

Photo: CXMagazine

- This is what it’s all about. What a great way to end the season. Congratulations to everyone who raced and supported Chicago Cyclocross this season!

- The US CX season continues in two weeks at Cincinnati Kings and then ends at Masters World Championships and World Championships on 2/2/13 – 2/3/13. Buy your tickets now for the big party.

- And a party it will be… Verdigris-Village CX‘s David Lombardo was selected (just yesterday) to represent the USA in the Junior 17-18 race. Good luck David, we’ll all be cheering for you!

- And finally… the CCC website will be winding down over the next few weeks. We will still post updates here and there but don’t expect much until late spring or early summer. That being said we always want to hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, heckles, etc. So send us an email if you are so inclined.

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Tuesday CCC Updates

Photo: Eric Goodwin (Burnham Racing)

- Thanks to everyone who braved the cold, the wind, the Saturday snow, and finally the (gasp!) Sunday sun this past weekend and came out to race, spectate, and heckle at the final Chicagoland CX races of the season at the New Year’s Resolution. We had a great time putting on the event and loved seeing all the locals battle on course with plenty of out-of-towners. We hope you all had fun too and felt it was a great way to end the local racing season. Many local racers maintained or improved their fitness from Afterglow with some great results. We had several locals hit the podium and grab kisses from our podium presenter Kelly Riordan… with a few taking the top step. Congratulations to you all!

- Speaking of putting on a race… the NYR would never happen without the tireless and dedicated work of our numerous volunteers. We are always amazed at how many people step up and help us out at the races and we are simply humbled at the fact that so many of you take time out of your day to lend us a hand. Course set up took longer than it should have because we had to pre-drill holes in the ground for nearly every stake lining the course (seriously, we were out there with hand drills), but our volunteers got it done. Its not a lot of fun to stand around for several hours in the cold at a course crossing or waiting for riders to finish so they can pee in a cup, but our volunteers got it done. Indian Lakes is notoriously windy and can tear a course (or pop-up tent(s)) to pieces, but our volunteers kept the course tape in perfect condition. And at the end of the day, when we’re all exhausted and just want to sit down and put our feet up, our volunteers tore the entire course down and we were closing the doors to the equipment trailer exactly 2 hours after the last UCI Men’s racer crossed the line (true story). Absolutely amazing! So again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to our volunteers for helping to make the NYR happen again.

- Speaking of again… this was the second and last year of the CCCNYR. We always intended for the race to serve as a tuneup race for Nationals in Madison. So with Nationals moving away from the Midwest next year we doubt anyone will want to come to Chicago first and then to Boulder. It looks like these guys already have the ball rolling though, so let’s see what you’ve got Colorado! We’ll send a riders your way!

- Speaking of Nationals… racing action in the midwest continues this week at USA Cycling’s CX National Championships in Verona, WI on 1/10/13 – 1/13/13. Based on the results we saw this past weekend at NYR the CCC will be well represented in nearly every category from Juniors to the really old guy Masters. Good luck to everyone!

- We know of a few people looking to share rooms and rides at Nationals so if you have any room at all please let us know and we will connect you. Thanks!

- After a 2 week break the US CX season heats up again with Cincinnati Kings and then ends at Masters World Championships and World Championships on 2/2/13 – 2/3/13 Louisville,KY. We know of several Masters riders heading down to these events and wish them luck as well. Then, we hang out with the Belgians and watch the best of the best of the best race for the rainbow stripes. Bring your heckles and we’ll see you in Louvul.

- And finally… Machinery Row Bicycles is having a party this Friday night before Nationals where you can rub elbows with a few pros. Check out the details here.

- And finally, finally… CX Magazine just put up a video showing news coverage of 1985 Nationals with a young Tom Stevens.

2013 NYR – Day Two – Pix and Vids and Race Reports

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2013 NYR – Day One – Pix and Vids and Race Reports

Please post links to your pix, vids, and race reports in the comment section below.

Remember everyone gets a new bib number tomorrow. Do NOT wear your number from Saturday or you will NOT be scored properly. Thanks!

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2012 Afterglow Pix and Vids and Race Reports

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