– Just another reminder that online pre-reg for Jackson Park closes tonight at midnight. Thanks for the more than 225 of you that have already pre-reg’d… you’ll make things run a lot smoother on Sunday. The 4As are almost full (75 rider max), but there is still plenty of room in all other fields. If you haven’t pre-reg’d… what are you waiting for? Do it now!

– Please note, you can always see who’s pre-registered for each race by going to the ‘Confirmed Rider‘ link at the top of each race’s main BikeReg page. If you’re wondering if a race is still open, see how many riders are pre-registered (number at the bottom of each field) and then check the field limit column on the main reg page. When a race is full, its full.

– If for some reason you really don’t like pre-registering, remember there is an additional $5 late fee for day-of registration. Save time and money… register now. Tell all of your friends who don’t have computers.

– Number pick up and day-of registration will open at 8:30am for all races in the series… that gives the masters 30+ and 40+ 1.5 hours to get their numbers and warm up. However, if you are racing later in the day, please let the earlier fields register first so they can get ready. Thanks!

– There will be no call ups at Jackson Park since no one yet has any series points. Top 10 category call ups will begin at Dekalb/Hopkins Park.

– Results will be posted as quickly as possible after each race and there will then be a 15 minute protest period. If results need to be changed due to a protest they will be fixed and reposted. However, after results are posted and considered final they will NOT be changed. If you need to leave and can’t wait around for final results, then make sure you have someone else checking for you. We will NOT change results after they are considered final on race day, so please do NOT email us next Tuesday (or Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, etc…) asking for your placing to be changed.

– And finally… please be respectful of your fellow competitors, the park, spectators, and random people walking by trying to figure out what the “H E Double Hockey” stick we’re all doing out there. Use the trash cans, porta-potties, and designated parking spots. We’re all out there to have a little fun, so don’t do anything silly that would prevent us from coming back next year.  Thanks!!!