– Please remember to update your BikeReg rider profile here with your current USAC annual license. If we don’t have your license number you may not be properly scored in the overall standings. If your license is pending and in the mail, input the license number anyway. If you don’t remember what your license number is, you can look it up on the USAC site here. If you never plan on buying an annual license (shame on you) please input “ONE DAY”, but please DO NOT put “Pending” in the field. We match all riders to their USAC annual license numbers to help with scoring.

– Pre-reg is open for Bicycle Heaven’s St. Charles/Campton race. See all CCC races here.

– Two of our sponsor shops made it on CX Magazine’s list of best CX shops!

– Need another or new set of tires? VeloNews does a good review of lots of rubber.

– Want to see what each course looks like before you race on it? We suggest showing up early (hey, you can watch other races too!) and pre-ride the course in between races. There’s usually a small gap in time between when the previous race ends and the next race begins. The best way to know when you are allowed on the course is to hang out at the finish line as a race is finishing. The officials will let you know when you are allowed on the course. However, be aware that your are NOT allowed on the course to pre-ride while another race is in progress, and you MUST wait until an official tells you it is okay to enter the course. All riders finish on lead lap, so as the winners cross the finish line the officials should allow you to get on course. Need more time and want to get in a little more riding while you see the course? Just ride on the outside of the course tape next to the course. This will give you a good idea of what the terrain is like without actually being on the course. Just be careful when the course doubles back on itself that you don’t actually enter the course.

– On a similar note, if you are pre-riding, never ever ever ever pass a rider who is still racing and do not ride through the finish chute. The finish line will always be on a flat, straight section of the course so you shouldn’t have to pre-ride this section anyway. Plus, riding across the finish line may confuse the officials who may think you are finishing the previous race.

Jackson Park starters… the largest CCC race ever!
30+ = 27
40+ = 55
Men 3 = 61
50+ = 24
Women 1/2/3 = 13
Women 4 = 27
Juniors = 14
Men 1/2/3 = 33
Men 4A = 76
Men 4B = 76
Total = 406

Thanks again to everyone who came out to race, cheer, and be a part of the fun!