Hi all, just a few notes about this weekend.

  • Did you hear… the race day schedule has changed? Okay, if you missed that one you’ve been living under a rock for the last week. The new schedule is here and here.
  • The 4Bs are full, but we’ll run a wait list on Sunday… first come first served. Also, if you’re already racing in the 4As, please let others give it a shot in the 4Bs before you do a 2nd race. And if you’re winning or placing top 5 in the 4Bs consistently… you should probably be racing the 4As anyway.
  • The Chicago Marathon is this weekend and traffic on the roads is likely to be busy. Please give yourselves plenty of time to get to the race.
  • The weather forecast looks totally like cross weather… only missing a little rain. That being said, please dress accordingly for before and after the race. You’ll be plenty warm once you get going in the race, but we don’t want to have to treat anyone for hypothermia after the race.
  • Big thanks again to Tony Reinks and the entire Beverly Bike Vee-Pak crew for stepping up and filling this date in the schedule. Make sure to thank them all and maybe even offer them some additional money.
  • BBVP has what looks like the makings of another CCC classic course (see below). Make sure your toe spikes are nice and tightened though… that run up looks serious! BBVP says there will be approximately 100 feet of climbing per lap. And for those that can ride the hill, BBVP promises to have special hand-ups at the top… one can only imagine. Barriers will be in the middle of the course and along the North East side.
  • Registration will be on the North side of the course in the pavilion with the Start/Finish and wheel/bike pit right next door. The course runs clockwise. However all other parts of the course are still subject to change.
  • BBVP will also have ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, for non red meat eaters bbq chicken legs, AND BEANS. There will also be chips and water for you purists. BBVP also promises something special for the little kids also!