See ’em here.

The Pony Shop, led by “Sheriff” Lou Kuhn has a substantial lead… but never count the Verdigris men, women, and juniors out! xXx Racing is a close 3rd with Flatlandia, SRAM Factory, and Burnham Racing rounding out the top 6.

Please note the following:

  • As CX team names are updated (from road and mtb) the team standings are likely to change quite a bit. We know there are more Johnny Sprockets, Rhythm Racing, and other teams out there than are currently accumulating points.
  • If your team name is not listed correctly, please email us at [email protected] ASAP and we will get you updated!
  • Our IL USAC Technical director Dave Fowkes reminds us that only Annual USAC license holders can be associated with a team name… so with the next team standings update (next week) we will be enforcing that rule. That means if you don’t own an annual license you can’t score points for your team.