– Thanks again to Beverly Bike Vee-Pak for putting on another great new race in the Dan Ryan Woods. We’ve heard plenty of stories of pain, suffering, and dry-heaving (not due to the free ‘cue!)… so we’ll consider the course and competition a success. BBVP tells us they’re already making plans for next year and we’ll be happy to have them back as part of the CCC. Also big thanks to our USAC officials Nikki Cyp, Steve Feehery, Loch Miwa, Chad Cole, and Dan Labovitch for getting all results up so quickly and accurately. Full results and overall standings were posted by 9:30pm Sunday night!

– Up next this weekend is Carpentersville. Online pre-reg is open until midnight Thursday night here. Thanks to everyone who has consistently pre-reg’d for the first 3 races! As always you can see who your competition is beforehand by following the “Confirmed Riders” link… and there should be plenty of competition again this year. Carpentersville was actually the largest race (by # of riders) in 2008 and with the turnout at Jackson Park this year we can only imagine what will happen this year.

– The race is held in tandem with Carpenter Park’s Oktoberfest and there will again be food, live music, fun for the kids, and more. Look for a full preview on Friday.  Continuing the trend in CCC races this year, Race promoter Jeff Provisor tells us that he, Main St Cycles, and North Branch Cycling have more than a few surprises in store for races this year… and a totally new obstacle never before seen in the CCC… oh, and the sand pit will be back again for sure!

– Just a reminder for all of you Cat 3 Men, Cat 4 Women, and Cat 4 Men… if you want to take any of your points with you to the next highest category you must upgrade BEFORE Carpentersville as set forth in the CCC series rules here.

Rob Curtis (who rides for Bicycle Heaven) is building, renting, and selling nice carbon CX wheels with tires already glued. Check him out at his separate business site… http://www.psimet.com.

– The MWCCC (midwest collegiate cycling conference) just released the collegiate cross schedule and Purdue’s weekend is 10/31 and 11/1. On 10/31 Purdue is putting on a USAC race along with the collegiate race. There’s no CCC race going on that day and Purdue is hosting a unique Halloween themed race. The flyer can be found here and registration is here. Collegiate riders will need to register for the collegiate races day of, but can pre-reg for the other USAC races online. Please note this is NOT a CCC series race.

– Speaking of Halloween, the St. Charles/Campton race hosted by Bicycle Heaven is the day after Halloween. Hopefully filling up on 3 Muskateers,  Snickers, and Smarties the night before will give you plenty of energy to race on Sunday… but we’d like to see what you’re made of. The CCC will be awarding special callups (after the top 10 in the overall standings) in each race category for the best Halloween costumes. Please keep it clean and safe (for riding a bike), but let’s see if anyone can dare challenge Super Girl for best costume… you’ve got plenty of time to come up with something!

– Looking for a little Saturday warm-up? Burnham Racing is organizing a group (road) ride leaving from Wicker Park this Saturday at 8:30 AM, riding to the Apple Haus in Long Grove. You can see the route here. The ride is 35 miles out and 40 miles back… so bring some money for Apple Fritters and Cider at the turn-around point! A few CX’ers will be on the ride but NOT doing the full distance… CX races aren’t that long!

– And finally… a big, big congrats to Flatlandia on the newest edition to their CX team… Maxwell John Firak!