Hi all,

Sorry for the delay, but we finally had a chance to update and more importantly automate the team standings. This made for a little extra work this evening, but we’re now be able to update the team standings as soon as the individual standings are updated.

While we were at it we added a few other statistics for you. You’ll notice there are now 5 additional columns on the “Team Overall” tab. In addition to the Team name and Eligible Total we’ve also added the number of teammates contributing to that total. Remember we only count the points from the top 5 teammates and we don’t count duplicates. See the full series and team standings rules here. This now allows us compute a “Team Depth Ratio” (Eligible Total / Eligible Teammates) that shows which teams are earning lots of points with fewer riders… basically the higher the ratio the better.

In addition we now also show the total number of points earned by a team (above and beyond the top 5 but still not counting duplicates) and the number of riders that contributed to that total. Similar to above we show the “Team Depth Ratio” (Team Total / Total Teammates) so teams with few riders rank better.

Have fun with these new stats but remember the Eligible Total column is still the only number that matters in the end for the team competition.

Sheriff Lou Kuhn’s Pony Shop is still in the lead, but Verdigris is hot on their heals. xXx Racing, Flatlandia, and SRAM FACTORY round out the top 5.