Heather Jurewicz of Johnny Sprockets has posted a fantastic video chronicling the 2009 CCC. Theres amazing camera work, thoughtful interviews, sweeping panoramas, a fitting soundtrack, and the entire video from start to finish really gives you a great idea of what the CCC is all about. Yeah, its long but there’s a big story to tell. Fair warning, this video is slightly NSFW (language), and the number and types of hand ups may be alarming to some but hey… this is the CCC!

Mr. Cyclocross himself (Newt Cole) makes more than a few cameos but everyone and everything from SuperGirl, to Flannel Mike, to the BoneBell, to the Cuttin’ Crew’s bull horn can be seen. Heck, even Robert Sliwinski and Jason Knauff made it in!

Big thanks to Heather and the entire Johnny Sprockets CX team for making this video possible!
Note: Heather teaches video production at a youth center and does freelance work on the side. If you need some video work done please email us at [email protected] and we’ll put you in contact with Heather.