– If you didn’t already notice, the Woodstock and Northbrook races have switched dates. Woodstock will now be on Sunday 11/7 and Northbrook will be on Sunday 11/21. If you pre-reg’d for Woodstock you are still entered in that event, but on the new date. Pre-reg for Northbrook will be opening on BikeReg.com soon.

– Thanks to all those who braved the 70 degree temps and slight breeze and came out to what we hope will be the first of many CCC Kick-Off parties at Iron Cycles. Everyone seemed to have a blast and we had a chance to unveiled something new for 2010. Big thanks to ThinkBig! and Goose Island for supplying the 312, and to Brandon and everyone at Iron Cycles for hosting the event.

– Don’t forget to vote for your favorite t-shirt design by this Saturday night (at midnight the voting poll turns into a pumpkin)!

– We’ve received a few questions concerning wait-lists for the Cat 4 races… here’s how it all goes down20 minutes prior to the start of each race category, sign-in for pre-registered riders will close. At that point, any unclaimed start spots will be given away in order of waitlist sign-up order to those waiting to race. Racers must be present at registration in order to be given a bib number.  If you are not there we’ll give the bib # to the next person waiting in line. We wish we could let everyone race, but we (and USAC) have limits to how many racers we can realistically allow on the course at one time. Starting last out of 100+ racers is no fun, even in the 4B’s.

– Our inbox has also been peppered with questions about how call-ups will be handled at Jackson Park. We will make call-ups for 10 pre-reg’d riders in each category, but the call-up order will NOT be based on order of pre-registration nor your place in last year’s overall standings. The fastest riders will have just as much of a chance to earn a call up as the slowest riders (assuming they are pre-reg’d). However, after the first ten spots everyone else is on their own, just like at any other CCC race.

– We’ve also received a few questions from riders new to the sport on which category to race in. Here’s a primer from last year, but always feel free to email us and ask. But please remember you must race within your category and age group. We check all licenses before races, so if you’re reg’d in the wrong race you will not be allowed to start.

Why didn’t I get scored in the race? We and the USAC officials get this question all the time. So let’s start with the basics… we absolutely need everyone to pin their numbers correctly for each race. How do I know if my number is pinned on correctly? Funny you should ask! Imagine someone trying to read your number from the side of the race course… if your number is on the wrong side, on the top of your back, upside down, in your jersey pocket, folded into an origami crane, on your stomach (it happened at Jackson Park last year!), etc, etc, etc you will not be scored properly. The officials will attempt to identify those on the starting line that need to re-pin their numbers, but please be proactive and do it right the first time. Here’s an example of a wonderfully pinned number… and here’s one that should have been pinned lower on the rider’s side.

– New for 2010 the CCC institution that is Super Girl now has a sidekick and is please to announce The Sister Sprocket Flying Pig Award which will be awarded to the Cat 4B rider at every race who successfully manages to suppress fear, pain, and embarrassment and hurl his (or her) suffering sack of human clay through the chaos of his earthly existence to temporarily defy universal gravitation and take flight into a fleeting state of Grace. That’s the long way of saying the CCC’s newest icon Sister Sprocket will present a spirit award  in the shape of a flying pig to the most worthy 4B rider (not based on placings) on the CCC podiums as the last award of the day. Look for Sister Sprocket as she cheers on the 4A’s and 4B’s at each race.

– Look for a Jackson Park course preview on Thursday. There are already more riders pre-reg’d than last year!

– And finally… each promoter sets up their course in a certain way on purpose. The direction, contents, physical composition, and boundaries of each course are NOT subject to interpretation by anyone (racing or otherwise) during the day. You all were great about this last year, but just remember you cannot alter the course in any way, shape, or manner during the day. This includes adding water, sand, sticks, stones, and even the occasional golf ball… as well as removing or rearranging course markers, stakes, tape, sand, sticks, stones, and yes… even the occasional golf ball. Heckle Hill, Bacon Alley, small sand pits, and other famous specific course locations can always get a little nutty… but let’s please keep it safe, fun, and fair to everyone. Now’s let’s go race!

– P.S. Don’t forget WI has the ‘No Good Double Cross‘ on Saturday if you’re looking for a good pre-JP warm up… or a reason to snap a derailleur hanger right before the IL season officially starts. Also the Planet Bike Cup is the weekend after JP (and before Dekalb). We purposely do not hold a CCC race on this weekend so you all can see what a national level, UCI race is like. If you can go, even just to watch, we highly suggest it!