– Looks like several CCC regulars did well at the Planet Bike USGP in Madison over the weekend. Congratulations to everyone who raced, heckled, and had a good time.

– Next up for the CCC is Hopkins Park in Dekalb, hosted by North Central Cyclery and Half Acre Cycling. Hopkins Park will also host the OUISCSSC. Look for a full preview on Thursday at the regularly scheduled time, but let’s just say the HAC guys and gals have been busy… very busy preparing for this year’s race.

– If you’re thinking about upgrading please do so through your My USACycling profile on USACycling.org and remember upgrades can take up to 2 weeks to process. That’s our way of saying, don’t pre-register for the cat 3’s and apply for your upgrade the Thursday before a race. Also, you can take 1/2 of your CCC series points with you if your upgrade is processed before Carpentersville. See all the CCC series rules here and USAC’s CX upgrading rules here (page 28).

– More people around the country are picking up on the ChiCrossCup scene. CX Magazine even wrote a glowing reviewing of the ChiCrossCollective’s 2009 coffee table book… and for good reason… it’s simply fantastic! If you still haven’t picked yourself up a copy you can still purchase hardback and softback versions here. Get some!

– Speaking of buying all things CCC… REKLAIM Apparel is almost ready to accept orders for the 2010 CCC Series t-shirt as soon as we finalize some artwork. REKLAIM is donating 100% of their profits to the CCC’s season long WBR drive.

– If you haven’t looked at the 2010 CCC schedule here, here, herehere, and here… we have two double races weekends this year, and that means road trips and sleep overs. Psycho CX promoter Ted Schweitzer has secured a discounted rate at the Holiday Inn Express in Lake Zurich for $89 if you want to spend the night in between Wauconda & Carpentersville. Just mention “Psycho Cross” for the CCC reduced rate. Also Indian Lakes Resort promoter South Chicago Wheelmen have secured discounted rooms at, where else… the Hilton Indian Lakes Resort, for $79.00 for up to 4 people on both Friday and Saturday nights. Like last year ILR will have a Saturday and Sunday breakfast buffet, an all you can eat lunch and dinner buffet (both days as well) and Fat Tire will be selling beer.

VeloNews had a great article about series sponsor Verizon Cycling… although they forgot to mention anything about cyclocross.

– Hey Ladies… on Thursday October 7th our good friends over at Spidermonkey Cycling are hooking up with Kristen Meshberg… wait, that didn’t sound right! Check out the SM’s Facebook page with all the details about an informal Q-n-A session with Kristen at 7 p.m. at the Get-a-Grip fit studio.

– And finally… hey parents, looking for someone to watch your kids while you race? Starbuck Babysitting Services (no, not the coffee) will watch your children for the entire day or just while you race at upcoming CCC events. Contact Scott (his daughter does the babysitting and is Red ‘Cross’ CPR certified) for more info.