See here for the top 15 call ups this Sunday at Montrose. Please note we’ll call up the top 7 for both age groups in the combined juniors start wave. If you think there is a problem please contact us at [email protected] ASAP.

Due to wind (unknown) and course direction (anti-clockwise) bib numbers will likely go on your right. We will let you know for sure Sunday morning. Also, due to the cold and snow we anticipate many of you will be wearing warming outer layers (that you don’t plan to race in) right up until the start or your race. Please help our USAC officials identify you, and each other, at check in while waiting in the starting grid. Also, since Montrose is the state championship 100% accurate scoring will be imperative… and with so many pre-reg’d riders the USAC officials request that you properly pin your bib number. See here for correct placement (note this picture shows the bib # on the left… but numbers may go on your right). Any riders with a misplaced or badly-positioned number will be forced to start at the back of their starting wave.