– Thanks to Ted Schweitzer, Verdigris-Village CX, Jeff Provisor, and North Branch Cycling for hosting this past weekend’s race. Wind then rain… but all CX!

– Next up, ABD Sunrise Park hosted by who else but Athletes By Design (ABD). Promoter Jim Nowak has something new which is really something old for everyone this year. Payouts have  been increased courtesy of ABD. Look for the course update on Thursday at the regular time.

– If you are NOT racing the 40+ category (first race of the day) please let those 40+ racers work their way up to the reg desks first thing in the morning. The 40+ racers have a very limited amount of time to get set up, pinned up, and warmed up before their race, so please give them all the help possible. There should be plenty of time for everyone else to get their numbers. We and the 40+ racers thank you.

– More mud? That’s two races already and we’re not even half way through the season. Iron Cycles continues to run their CX bike cleaning and maintenance specials.

– If you upgrade from this point further your CCC points do NOT travel with you to the next category (only applies to Cat 4A, Cat 3, Women 4). Please review the Series Rules & FAQs (yes we know we need to update the staging procedure section).

– Sorry for the delay, CCC Overall Standings will be updated by Thursday.

– All CCC merchandise will be available this weekend at Sunrise Park.

– And finally… did anyone eat a Chubby Spud on Sunday?