2011 NORGE Ski Jump Cyclocross Preview

– We love it when people step up and make the change they want to see in the world. Case in point, Rob Curtis from Psimet puts on another CX race AND writes his own course preview.

– Read the preview here.

Online reg is here and closes tonight!

9 thoughts on “2011 NORGE Ski Jump Cyclocross Preview

  1. Looks like fun! Wish I could race, but family commitments on Sat are precluding me racing. Good luck everyone and see you Sunday.


  2. Why every Cat 4 in the area isn’t signed up for this is beyond me. If you are “saving it” for sunday, you’re a sandbagger. Race as much as you can. Learn as much as you can. That’s what cat 4 is about.


    • Rob, I left my Spin Doctor Allen wrench set in the Ski lodge yesterday. Did anyone happen to turn them in?
      If so, please contact
      Robert Antinelli
      847 217 4948


      • Robert, I stopped by Norge this morning to check on things. Unfortunately I didn’t see your wrench set in the clubhouse. Do you know where inside you might have left it? I will be back there again on Tuesday night.


  3. Nice job spelling PSIMET in the course layout map in the southeast section!! As a ‘crosser and geographer/cartography I was happy to see it.
    Andy S. Madison, Wisc.


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