23 thoughts on “2011 NYR – Day Two Pix and Vids and Race Reports

  1. Great job this weekend, well run race. Just curious, how do they repair the golf course after all the damage?


    • The damage really is not as bad as you would think. We will wait for spring and for the most part allow the grass to come back as it would with any muddy area. For the really tough areas we will over seed in the spring and allow it grow back. The really hard work comes from the sand trap lips which will all have to be rebuilt it’s a little time consuming but overall not that bad. Most of the course was routed though non in play areas of the course to minimize damage to the property.


      • thanks for all of ILR’s support, Paul!

        indeed, most of what you see as “mud” out there is actually grass which is in good condition, but some of the underlying soil has been brought up to the surface and wetted. that will settle down and wash back into the turf pretty soon.

        as a reference, when we arrived on Friday morning to set up, you couldn’t tell there had been a rainy cyclocross race there just over a month prior (with twice as many riders)


  2. Thanks again on behalf of the staff and management of Hilton Indian Lakes Resort. What an incredible weekend event. It was really nice to see so many people out cheering on the racers. The course layout was impressive and nice to see that it took advantage of all that our facility had to offer. We hope that this event continue to grow and everyone had a great time.
    Here are the pictures that I took for both days as well. Thanks again for coming to our resort.


    • Paul & everybody at Hilton Indian Lakes; Jason, Chris and everybody at the CCC; the weather gods – thank you for satisfying our itch for a “proper” cyclocross race. Best thing the midwest has seen yet. So much fun.


  3. Thanks Hilton and their staff for allowing us to use their facility. Hopefully we can keep the arrangement for years to come.


  4. Check out the CXMag photos from yours truly (scroll down to bottom of race reports):

    More to come on Flickr over the weekend.
    Here’s one of my faves from Sunday: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tippingpointphoto/6622967437/

    LOST: Ryders sunglasses with pink and white frames. Probably lost them somewhere on Sunday while trucking around the course chasing Trebon. If you’ve got them, e-mail me ASAP–I’m blind without them.

    FOUND: A 8GB Compact Flash card in the pit sometime on Sunday. Yours? E-mail me and tell me the brand and color and I’ll get it back to you.


  5. I know this is REALLY late and probably a long shot, but just now noticing that I can’t find a couple of things that I last used while at the New Year’s races. I think I may have left a plastic bin with the black canvas top for my Chicago Endurance Sports tent (and some stakes, too, I think) and two, blue REI camp chairs.

    I know it’s a long shot, but that’s the last time I used those things, and haven’t had a need for them since then, so I wasn’t looking for them until now!

    Thanks a ton – I’ve already spoken with the guys at the Hilton pro shop – they’re looking as well.

    If you have any idea where those things might be, please email me at coachmike AT chicagoendurancesports DOT com.



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