Tuesday CCC Updates

Photo: Eric Goodwin

– Just a quick update to get you through the week…

– Congrats to everyone who raced, pitted, endured the cold and frozen ruts, ate Grape Nuts, rented a Dirk Hoffman motohome, and heckled this past weekend at CX Nats. The CCC represented well and hit the podium more than a few times.

– Good luck to everyone heading to CX Masters World Championships this weekend in Louisville. Find more info can be found at www.louisville2013.com

– 2011 Series Sponsor Well-Fit has a great facility in the west loop to train indoors during the cold Chicago winter and is currently offering 3 winter classes. Sign up and find more info here.

– We haven’t heard any official word yet, but we’re guessing someone will organize a group viewing party for the CX World Championships on Sunday January 29th in Koksijde, Belgium.

– Good luck Barry Wicks on your move back to Portland. It was great having you here in the flatlands for a few years. We’ll see you soon!

– Just in case you still need some after-the-fact Christmas presents… or something to get you through to the skinny tyre season… the CCC still has Mad Alchemy embrocation, SockGuy socks, and Contigo coffee mugs for sale. Contact us directly for sizing availability and pricing.

– And finally… thanks again to everyone for another great CX season. The CCC will be taking a break for a while with only sporadic updates after the World Championships. In the off-season we’re always looking to get people involved and helping out to make the series better, so if you’d like work long hours for no pay just to increase your HPR (heckles per race) received quotient… please contact us and let us know.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday CCC Updates

  1. Paolo from The Bonebell is heading up a viewing party of the Men’s Elites on Jan 29 at Next Door Cafe on Diversey just west of Clark. race starts at 8am, cafe opens at 7! they make some good coffee and there’s a bunch of delicious treats to eat. unfortunately the W’s race is at 5am or something, but maybe they’ll have it on-demand by the time the M’s race is over.


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