– Just a quick update for this Tuesday, which is kind of like Friday due to the holiday tomorrow, but is still just Tuesday since we all have to go back to work on Thursday, which is kind of like Monday, but then its actually is Friday… oh bother, let’s get to it.

– Due to another large event schedule at the park, the first race of the 2012 CCC season at Jackson Park has been moved to SATURDAY September 15th. Mark your calendars and don’t show up on Sunday.

Patriot CX is happening again this year on Saturday September 8th.

– Since several of you asked… Yes, every race in the series counts towards your (and your team’s) overall score… and Yes, we will again be staging by CCC points (which do expire at the end of the season) and CrossResults.com points (which never expire and roll over from one season to the next). At Jackson Park we will likely use some sort of random component for the front row of 8.

– Think the 5 CCC directors just stand around babbling into a megaphone? We do a little work sometimes.

– Local junior phenom David Lombardo was profiled in his local paper.

– And finally… Happy 4th of July!