– We hope you all had a great time at the xXx Racing CX Relay race this past Sunday. For those of you who wimped out because of the rain, it really wasn’t that bad at all, and kept the temperatures to a very comfortable 78 degrees. Please post links to your pictures, videos, and race reports in the comments of the post below. We’ll have posts like this for every race going forward so you don’t have to go hunting all over the Intertubes on Monday morning looking for pictures of yourself.

– Attention all Potential Series Sponsors. We want to get things wrapped up this week, so if you’d like to help sponsor the series please email us now!

– Speaking of series sponsors, we’re happy to officially announce that Iron Cycles returns again as the 2012 Chicago Cyclocross Cup Series Title Sponsor. Brandon and the guys at Iron Cycles do a great job both on and off the bike sponsoring and promoting the series and we’re very, very, very happy and grateful to have them back for another year. We’ll have more to say about Iron Cycles (their fancy new website and even fancier new kits!) and all of our series sponsors in the coming weeks.

– Quick plug for one of our multi-year series sponsors. Check out Well-Fit’s training plan here.

– Speaking of the CCC Series, before we get under way please take 10 minutes to read the Series Rules & FAQ page. We know the rules and didn’t write this page for ourselves, so before you ask if its still okay to still ride 35mm tyres, or what your CX racing age is, check out the page and you’ll likely find the answer there. If not, shoot us an email and we’d be happy to answer your question.

– Speaking of website pages, did you know we also have a store page where you can pick up all kinds of trick CCC branded goodies, including Sock Guy CCC socks, CCC Contigo coffee mugs, Mad Alchemy custom CCC blend embrocation, and this year’s 2012 CCC series t-shirt. We decided not to hold a t-shirt design contest this year and instead had our super-awesome graphic designer Becky Welbes design a shirt that goes with another project we’ve been working on (see below). Ordering and payment instructions are all on the Store page.

– Speaking of new designs, Becky Welbes also designed this year’s Pactimo Series Leaders Jerseys. This season’s jersey will be awarded, every week, to all categories (well, except the 4B’s). We’ll show you what the Pactimo leaders jersey look like in a few weeks as soon as we get them from PactimoOverall standings will be posted after each race here which you can get to from here based on points listed here.

– But before you finish the race and earn points you have to start the race. All CCC series races are staged according to a combination of CCC Series Overall Standings, CrossResults.com points, and order of registration. The obvious exception will be the first race of the series (Jackson Park) where no one will have yet accumulated any points. The last race of the series at Montrose Harbor (which is also the State Championship) will also be staged a little differently so as NOT to disadvantage mid and down state IL riders, but we’ll get to that later in the season.

– Jackson Park staging. While we considered the idea of employing a random component to staging at Jackson Park, given the sheer number of riders and possibility of wet weather (again) we decided to use straight CrossResults.com points and order of registration for all categories. There are several nuances of using this system.

  1. While CCC series points do NOT carry over from the previous season, CrossResults.com points do. So riders in higher (faster) categories and guys/gals that have been around for a few seasons should have a good idea of where they will be staged.
  2. If you’ve never raced CX, sorry, but you’ll be towards the back (since you don’t yet have any CrossResults.com points). Fear not! You’ll automatically start earning CrossResults.com points with your first CCC race, as long as you have an annual USAC license. Sorry, but One Day’s do NOT earn CrossResults.com points (but you can earn CCC series points). Confused yet? If not, read Colin’s explanation here.
  3. The caveat here is that riders without CrossResults.com points will be staged by order of registration. This means Cat 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s don’t need to rush to register (because they already have high CrossResults.com points). But Cat 4’s, you should pre-reg sooner rather than later.
  4. However, we can’t carry the entire CrossResult.com database around with us to every race (we get the data from BikeReg.com, also see Colin’s comments) so in order to be staged properly by CrossResults.com points you MUST preregister on BikeReg.com with your correct USAC license number. We do our best to clean up license #’s, etc ahead of time, but if you want to be staged correctly, please help us out and get that license number in your profile.
  5. If you don’t pre-reg for Jackson Park, even if you have CrossResults.com points you will be staged by order of registration. Likely not a big deal for a first timer in the 4B’s just out there having fun, but you guys and gals at the front end of the Cat 1/2/3’s and 3’s field won’t want to be staged at the back. Sorry, after pre-reg closes there’s nothing we can do.
  6. After Jackson Park, CCC series points come first, but you need to finish in the top 30 to score points. CrossResults.com points come next, then order of registration.

– Speaking of BikeReg.com (which btw owns CrossResults.com), have we mentioned you need to have your correct USAC number in your rider profile? No, “PENDING” is not a valid license number. This simple, little 8 digit number makes all the difference in the world to us. We want to continue to provide you with great races and specifically in this case results, so please help us out!

– Speaking of pre-registration. Online pre-reg for most CCC series races opens this Saturday 9/1/12 at 12 noon Central (all BikeReg times are Eastern because they’re in Massachusetts, duh). Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

– Speaking of results, for those of you that pre-reg’d at the CX Relay, did you like getting your results in your email inbox shortly after you raced? That’s a little project we’ve been working on recently. It takes a little bit of extra work on our end, so please don’t expect it at ever race, or within minutes of crossing the finish line, but we’ll do our best. All that being said, in order for us to do so you need to have your correct email address in your BikeReg.com rider profile. Full results will obviously still be posted at the race on the CCC results board (somewhere near registration) and usually that night on USACycling.org/results. Overall standings should also be posted that night before we go to bed.

– Speaking of USA Cycling, if you’re racing anything higher than Cat 4 you need an annual license. period. Sorry, we don’t make up the rules, but we do have to enforce them. Purchase or renew you annual license on USAC’s website for the fastest turnaround time possible. You’ll also need an annual license to win the state championship in December at Montrose Harbor. #YearOfSpeed.

– And finally… for all you fellow metal heads out there, may we present