Thanks to everyone who came out to race, crash, spectate, cheer, heckle, be handsome, and give podium kisses this past Saturday in CCC’s season opener in Chicago’s Jackson Park. As always thanks to xXx Racing for hosting another a great event. Thanks also to the Cuttin’ Crew for the extra Junior prizes and to Activator Cycling Club for hosting the kiddie fun ride. Full results are posted here, overall series standings here, and lots of pictures here. If you lost your house keys or a watch, we have them. Please contact us and we’ll get them back to you.

– The CCC takes a week off this coming weekend but will be back in action on Sunday 9/30 at Hopkins Park in Dekalb where North Central Cyclery, Axletree, Half Acre Cycling, and Robots <3 will host stop 2 of the series.

– Speaking of Sunday… please make sure you’re paying attention to what we write here… We heard of at least one of your who showed up to Jackson Park on Sunday only to find a few hay bails and used Gu wrappers.

– Speaking of paying attention… please, please, please only enter the course when the USAC officials give the okay. The officials will allow you to pre-ride the course after the leaders of the previous race have finished, but only when it is safe to do so and will not affect the outcome of the race still finishing up. If you catch someone still racing never, ever, ever, ever ride in front of them!!! Several Women 1/2/3 racers’ results at #JPCX were affected by non-racers riding in front of them across the finish line (also a no-no) and the leaders of the 30+ race were affected (mid-race no less) by someone who entered the course when they were NOT supposed to. We won’t mention any names since you know who you are, but thank you to the 650+ other racers who followed the rules and did the right thing.

– Speaking of doing the right thing… our USAC officials do a great fantastic job of not pulling riders and letting lapped riders remain in the race (its not easy to score like that). However, if  the leaders of any race during your starting wave lap you (you’ll know who they are because they’re going faster than you), don’t be a goof ball and try to race next to or in front of them. You are already lapped and won’t be able to make up that lap before the end of the race… so please do not affect the outcome of anyone’s race by being a knucklehead.  Again, if you did this at #JPCX you know who you are. Sorry for all the finger wagging, now on the to fun stuff.

– Speaking of knuckleheads… we know many of you are heading off Fabulous Las Vegas this week for Interbike & CrossVegas. Have fun, don’t stay out too late, and make it home safe!

– Speaking of home… while the CCC takes the weekend off, we know many of you will be heading just up the road to Madison, WI for the Planet Bike Cup stop of the Trek US Gran Prix of Cyclocross. This is a great event and we encourage everyone who can make the trip to head up North and see what a big-time Pro CX race is like. If you can’t be there in person several websites around the intertubes will likely have live feeds.

– If you want to show off your Chicago pride head on over to our Merchandise page and pick yourself up a tshirt, some socks or even a coffee mug and embro.

– And finally… our USAC officials have asked us to share the following with you:

RIDERS – HELP US HELP YOU… Please note and share with your teammates the location to pin your bib numbers at our races. They should go in the middle of your SIDE. The lower part of the bib # should be pinned starting at the front most part of your side jersey panel. Too high and the sun reflection makes them hard to read. If in doubt, ASK US! Thanks!!!!