38 thoughts on “2012 Hopkins Park Pix and Vids and Race Reports

  1. Did anyone find a verdigris jacket and a camelback water bottle? Rolled a tubular during the single speed race and forgot to go back to start to get it.


  2. Great Job to everyone yesterday! It was yet another great race! Thanks to all the promoters and sponsors and the people that make these races happen.

    Also Mill Race Cyclery Racing Team is looking for more riders. We are a new team for 2012 and are looking for all types and categories of racers. If you have any interest in joining please email Kevin Pietka at millracecycleryracing@gmail.com for full details on the team.

    Thanks again! See ya at Dan Ryan.


  3. We found a Cateye Strada wireless computer head by our tent yesterday. If it is yours you may retrieve it at the Spin Doctor Cyclewerks tent at Dan Ryan race. Thanks to Tobie & the gang, Half Acre & Robots<3 for another fabulous race. We thoroughly enjoyed the course.


    • Hey SpinDr – that’s my computer! Thanks for grabbing it. I’ll come by on Sunday/Dan Ryan race and pick it up from you.


  4. Galleries for the M3, W4 & JRs, the M123 and the 4A & 4B are up at http://www.facebook.com/BurnhamRacing. As usual, please tag, share and drool over your bad self, but if you lift the pics be sure to credit Burnham Racing. Thanks! Sorry that most of them are taken from the same spot at the bottom of the flyover, but Beverly VeePak was cooking brats right there, so I couldn’t leave – eG


  5. I lost my wallet at the race. It had more than $250 cash in it. Somebody found it and gave it to the folks at registration. To all involved in getting it back to me… THANK YOU!

    What a wonderful community this is.

    To the entire CCC crew, Half Acre volunteers, Robots, Axletree and North Central: You guys pulled off a great event. The course was incredibly fun. Thanks so much for all your effort!


  6. Hey SpinDr – that’s my computer! Thanks for grabbing it. I’ll come by on Sunday/Dan Ryan race and pick it up from you.


  7. There are some random shots in that last album – I will post a separate random shot album with those as well and take them out of the race albums. Getting through 1600 photos from Sunday among other things this weekend!


  8. Here are two sets. 4A/B’s and then random shots (the good and the bad) from my marshall spot during midday races. I was mostly marshaling so didn’t make it to the photo spots until the 4’s. If you use any for your blog or FB, please give a link and/or photo credit.



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