2012 Dan Ryan Woods Preview

– This Sunday stop #3 of the CCC heads to Chicago’s South side at Dan Ryan Woods. Hosted by Beverly Bike-Vee Pak.

– Due to a few scoring errors we were unable to distribute the Pactimo Leaders Jerseys at Hopkins Park. If you are in the overall lead of your category and don’t have a jersey (i.e. W123, W4, Jr10-14, & 4A), please see us at registration BEFORE your race so we can get your jersey to you.

– Also Juniors… a word from the Cuttin’ Crew about your medals/ribbons/prizes/awards.

Food: For all pre-registered racers BBVP will have free Mild Italian Sausage, Bratwurst, of All Natural Vegan Links from the Missing Sausage Link. BBVP is paying for all of this food… so please eat it!

– In addition to BBVP’s tasty free food, the good folks at Brand BBQ will have their food truck on-site in the afternoon with other delicious options.

Water: BBVP and RR will not be supplying water (saving the world with less plastic). There are two water fountains on site but hydration might be important with the warm weather forecast. CarboRocket will be on site in the morning with coffee and mix.

– Neutral support from Beverly Bike and Ski will be at registration.

– Parking: Parking is free and the best spots are off of the 8500 S Western Ave entrance to the park… follow parking lot to the South.

– The Chicago Marathon is being run on Sunday so please plan your travel times to and from the race accordingly.

– Pre-ordered 2012 CCC series t-shirts as well as socks, coffee mugs, and embro will be available for pick up. Please see us at the microphone.

– Online pre-reg on BikeReg.com closes tonight at midnight. Please remember on site registration closes 30 minutes prior to each race’s start time. Women 1/2/3 pre-reg is currently at 28 riders so BBVP will be matching the women’s payout to the Cat 1/2/3’s for the 500 racer tier.

– Weather looks great with 100% chance of awesome.
Preliminary staging will be posted here by Saturday.
– The Course: Runs anti-clockwise. Straightaways and power sections. Energy management will be key. The single track on the Western side of the park returns.

12 thoughts on “2012 Dan Ryan Woods Preview

  1. Sounds to me like you’ll be able to buy sausages from the Beverly Bike guys if you’re not racing, too. Can’t wait. They always do it up right!


  2. For the Beverlybike-veepak Dan Ryan Race….Are women’s 123s getting payout of $450 while the men’s 123s are getting a payout of $580?

    I pre-registered. Now I’m feeling duped.


  3. We are not a huge team yet we are trying our best to support ALL of the riders that come race with us. Your comments and tone are disappointing. We agreed to match the payouts after pre-reg closed on Friday in support of the women who almost filled their allotted field in support of our race. We’ve offered free grilled goodies to each pre-reg’d rider, even offering a vegan option, and increased the payouts matching both fields. I hope that your duped comment and tone can find a better place than directed at those of us working hard to put on races and supporting riders racing with us.

    We are looking forward to a great day tomorrow and wish everyone racing with us good luck and good times! Weather looks great and we can’t wait to cheer you all on.


  4. The Chi Women’s CX Fund even offered to help the Dan Ryan promoters match payout yet this offer was not accepted. Why not?


  5. Just got news that now the payments will be equal! Thank you to those who stepped up at the last minute to make this happen! It’s too late for me to make it today….less than an hour before the race starts. But hhis is great news for all the racers who believe in equal pay for men and women!


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