26 thoughts on “2012 Afterglow Pix and Vids and Race Reports

  1. I had a great time today…the cold rain helped. A great flowing course and warm bathrooms!

    The low branches, off camber hills and tree stumps made you think the whole time!


  2. First uber-muddy cross race for me, I don’t think you can have anymore fun that that with your pants on…


  3. That was spectacular! I can’t even remember how many times I fell. Tamales and Coffee, yes yes yes.

    I just blew some mud out my nose.


  4. Apologies to the guy that spun out in front of me in 40+, resuling in me riding over his bike, and me placing my toe spiked foot squarely in his chest. I feel shame and hope you’re OK.


  5. My last race of my first season, and good god damn what a blast it was. In spite of how many times I fell and slipped around, that mud might’ve been the most fun bit of racing. Gonna need a new pair of muscle-print leggings though!


  6. Super fun race today! Thanks all around to Cuttin’ Crew and Robots for the great vibes and cool course. Jensen’s rain dance appeared to have worked. Cheers!


  7. Lost and found muddy stuff is at Comrade Cycles. Full inventory tomorrow, but I know we have some Garneau jackets and gloves, a black Columbia jacket, some Pony Shop arm (or leg?) warmers, and one clear rain jacket.


  8. Man, let me tell you. It was really hard photographing today. There was equipment to worry about getting wet, mud to avoid, and the lighting conditions were terrible.

    Just kidding.

    Photography is super easy compared to what you all did today. Congratulations to everyone who started a race for being awesome. Special props to those who finished. Thanks for letting me capture some of it on film.


    and the FB summary.


    Let me know if you’d like anything on the former to appear on the latter.



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