2013 NYR – Day One – Pix and Vids and Race Reports

Please post links to your pix, vids, and race reports in the comment section below.

Remember everyone gets a new bib number tomorrow. Do NOT wear your number from Saturday or you will NOT be scored properly. Thanks!

20 thoughts on “2013 NYR – Day One – Pix and Vids and Race Reports

  1. Thanks to all who volunteered there time and did all the hard work in set up and tear down, registration and all the other things that go unnoticed.
    Its because of your hard work that I was able to have such a good time at my first cyclocross race
    Special thanks to ABD tent for letting my daughters enjoy some hot chocolate
    And to Greg at Spin Doctors for some extra moral support.


  2. Once again The Hilton Indian Lakes Resort is happy to host this years NYR Race. As always the races were so exciting to watch and supporters were as exciting to listen to as ever. I have attended everyone of these events and each year they get better and better. The effort of all the staff people and volunteers to transform my golf course in to what I have been told is one of the most anticipated race of the year is nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much again. Here is my contribution to the Photo pool. If anyone would like copies or needs to use them for promotional material feel free to. Just let me know.
    Paul Davies Assistant Golf Professional Hilton Indian Lakes Resort



  3. Awesome venue!! Plan on bringing a group of our CX racers next year!
    Thank YOU for organizing and executing 2 days of Spectacular FAN FRIENDLY CX RACING!!!


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