Patriot CX results are here and Relay CX results are here. Remember that due to the combined nature of Relay CX those results will NOT be counted on and therefore will NOT affect staging for CCC events.

– Reg is now open on BikeReg for all races except Melas CX and Montrose. Reg for these two events will open soon. Note that Indian Lakes Resort is now split into two separate events on BikeReg.

– A few notes on pre-reg waitlists on since more than a few people seem to be confused. As of this writing all categories for all events are still open and NOT filled. When a category fills up on BikeReg there will be a red Closed in front of the category name. BikeReg will also display a red Only XX Spots Left in front of each category name once there are 10 or fewer spots left. Another way to discern the number of riders in a category is to click on the ‘Who’s Registered?‘ link at the top right of each page and see how many riders are reg’d for each category. All categories have a Field Limit of 100. Combined categories (dark blue header above outlined categories) have a limit of 100 riders on course at a time, based on a first come, first served basis. So if 100 Single Speeds reg before any Masters 30+, the 30+ are out of luck.

– Waitlists: Pre-reg Waitlists will remain closed for each category until that actual category has filled to its field limit. Once a category is filled (there will be a red Closed in front of the category name) the waitlist will open. When signing up for a waitlist you will not be charged until transferred into a race, if a spot opens up before pre-reg closes. Day-Of waitlists will be started when registration opens at each race.

– Day-Of waitlist protocol: 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of each race category, sign-in for pre-registered riders will close. At that point, any unclaimed start spots will be given away in order of waitlist registration date/time. Racers must be present at registration in order to be given a number. Pre-reg’d waitlisted riders will of course be in the queue ahead of Day-Of waitlisted riders.

Course previews: Since all of the courses in this season’s series are the same as last year, and many have been at least similar the last few years, the CCC website now has a Course Preview Section. Look in the menu bar above and hover over the ‘Preview’ link. Each course specific page has (or will shortly) the basics about each venue that would normally be in the Thursday course preview posts. We’ll still have those Thursday posts but they will be shorter and more tailored to any specific announcements and/or information the individual race promoters want to let you know about this season’s event.

– Speaking of information, did you know you can always search the entire CCC website for all the juicy details you’re looking for? Just type in your query in the search box up there on the right side of any page (above the CCC logo).

Sponsors: We’ve finished up this season’s series sponsorship drive and in addition to all the great series sponsors that have returned from last year (many have been along for the ride for much longer) we have a bunch of great new sponsors to introduce you too. If you’re still interested in being a part of the series we’d love to have you, but the official USAC flyers and t-shirts have already gone to print.

Village Cycle Center – The CCC is built on the backs of the local bike shops that support our racers.  Village Cycle Center officially jumps into the mix for 2013.


 – Clif Bar – Dare we say the best energy bar? Look for the Clif Bar crew out in a big way at Jackson Park and Montrose as well as samples at all other races courtesy of Spidermonkey Cycling.


Cycling Republic in Algonquin also gets into the LBS action this year. Join the republic!



Performance Bicycle – Sure its a national chain, but the guys who work at the Chicago shop are local and race CX with the rest of us. Performance also joins the LBS crowd for 2013.


 SnowyMountain – Capturing not only photos but moments in time, just as they have the last few CX seasons.



 – Moorhead Law Group, LLC – Who doesn’t need a commercial real estate attorney?

– And finally… We’re working on the 2013 CCC playlist. If you have a song or songs you’d like to hear while deep in oxygen debt let us know either in the comments below or email us directly at [email protected].