– See general info on the preview page here.

– Officials and medical tents will be on the basketball court at the S/F line. We’ll be going UNDER the flyover first, then OVER when it loops back around in the Figure-8.

SRAM NRS will be in the pit, which will be located on the S/F straight. Right-hand entry. Please don’t leave equipment in the pit long before or after your race.

– The weather look especially cyclocross-esque for Sunday. If it does rain a bike wash station will be set up at the chalet.
Dave’s Slow Food http://www.davesslowfood.com will be at the park serving up tasty dishes, with vegan options.
– With the help of Ted Berger Hopkins Park will have a Kid’s Race (10 and under) at 2pm. Reg starts at 1:30 right after the Cat 1/2/3 start. Really short barriers! This will also push back the podiums for the W4 and Juniors so we can do them all together.
– The Course: Another classic Hopkins Park course. The staging grid is located to the NE of the finish line.