For Amy

Photo: Ten Speed Hero

– Just a short one this Tuesday.

– Thanks again to Robots <3 and Axeltree for hosting yet another great event at Hopkins Park in Dekalb. The weather was darn near CX perfect, the slow food was delicious… and the racing was great too!

– Just a reminder the CCC has a standard payout schedule. Please remember to pick up your winnings if you earned them BEFORE leaving the race.

– Starting this coming weekend at DRW we plan to present the Women Cat 1/2/3, Women Cat 3, Masters 50+, and Masters 60+ podiums at high noon to give the officials enough time to sort out the results and let everyone get cleaned up and back to the podiums. Please watch the clock and get back to the podiums if you’re due up on a step. Thanks to our CCC Series Volunteers for organizing and presenting our podiums.

– Speaking of Dan Ryan Woods, look for the Thursday preview at the regular time, but check out the standard stuff over on the preview page. Also, the official hashtag is #DRWcx,looking at you Tipping Point ; ) .

– Juniors! Paul Swinand host a free USA cycling insured kids cross practice at the Northbrook Velodrome (east fields) on Friday nights. Meet at 5:45pm, be ready at 6pm, lights from soccer fields, open to all and free! Any age, just bring a helmet, bike, and a good attitude. Sponsored by the Northbrook parks association, Northbrook bike club, and Paul Swinand.

– And finally… the CCC’s collective heart goes out to the friends and family of Amy Dombroski who passed away last week in Belgium. Amy may have been pint sized but she was living the dream, racing her bike, and literally brimming with life. So the next time you start to get worried about what tire pressure to run, or realize you left your lucky socks at home, or you’re concerned your points should really be 303.67 instead of 303.75, remember we’re all still here, having fun, and racing our bikes together.