2013 Campton Preview

– #CamptonCX

– More details here. Preliminary staging will be here.

– Remember reg closes 30 minutes before the scheduled start of each race. If you’re late, you’re not racing. We’re even giving you an extra hour to sleep in this year.

– Don’t put your Halloween costume away just yet. Race director Rob Kelley will be the judge in the annual costume contest. A bottle of an adult beverage to the winner if they are of drinking age, otherwise gift certificate to Bicycle Heaven if you are younger than 21. The bar has been set very high by the NECX. Let’s show ’em what the CCC is made of.

TDogs BBQ will be back again and Bicycle Heaven is bringing in a 2nd food vendor that will be selling brats… so plenty of food.

– Campton CX has also upped the prize money, again and with a total of $2610.

Kiddie Race at 2pm.

– The Course: Very similar if not exactly the same as last year.

10 thoughts on “2013 Campton Preview

    • “back an hour early”… does not compute.
      We get an extra hour of sleep. Don’t be late to the race!


  1. What’s going on with title sponsor Iron Cycles? I just went by their shop on Montrose, and it was completely cleaned out. No bikes were in the shop and the door was locked. There wasn’t a note on the door, or anything. I picked something up there on Monday, and there was no signs that they were moving, and none of the guys mentioned anything about it. There is nothing on their website or facebook page about them shutting down.

    Did they close down?


  2. Missed my Race today because of an incorrect Google Maps address Link on BikeReg. BikeReg could have done a better job clarifying address info.


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