Tuesday CCC Updates

Photo: Joseph Castello

– Thanks to Rob Kelley and the Bicycle Heaven crew for another great Campton CX. The weather was outrageous and so were the costumes. Make sure to see the links below for a huge number of great photos from our CCC photogs.

– Next up stop #8 of the CCC heads NW to Woodstock for Rob Curtis and PSIMET’s PSI-clocross For Life. Find directions here.

– There are a few other races happening in Peoria and Evanston on Saturday. Find them on BikeReg here.

– Series sponsor Moorhead Law Group, LLC is offering a special 20% discount on legal fees for any client engagement from now until January 31, 2014. The firm handles commercial real estate, sports law, and conservation matters. Prospective clients must mention the CCC to receive the discount and are subject to the firm’s engagement policy.

– Because series sponsor TZCoaching believes athletes should train during the winter to see the biggest gains in their next season, they are offering a great deal during the month of November. Purchase a Wahoo Kickr at retail price ($1099) and a 4 month winter coaching package and only pay for 2 of those months!!! That’s right, get ready for your 2014 season right, by purchasing a great trainer and combine that with personalized coaching at half the price!!! So for $350 you’ll get 4 months of coaching, and to make it a little easier on you TZCoaching can make those monthly recurring payments for you rather then paying up front. TZCoaching‘s goal is to help you get the most out of this winter, so they are doing what they can to make this investment easier for you! Contact TZCoaching for details and to purchase the Kickr. You must purchase the trainer through TZCoaching in order to get the coaching deal, so contact them today!

– You’ve trained like a pro, now get treated like one. Snyder Cycling Services has some great services, especially for those of you heading to Boulder this season for CX Nationals. Also, monthly wine and snacks at the shop. See all the details here or stop by the Velosmith Bicycle Studio tent at the races and say hello to Chandler himself.

– And finally… we know you’ve all been waiting very patiently, and we can now finally take the big red bow off the surprise. Ten27 Cycling Club has teamed up with Spidermonkey Cycling to bring us 2 DAYS of championship racing at Montrose Harbor for race 12 of the CCC and the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships. Check out the Day 1 and Day 2 schedules on BikeReg.com. Online pre-reg opens NEXT MONDAY 11/11/13 at 9am.  Since fields have been filling up all season long the only combined fields will be the Juniors and Ten27 Cycles has added another non-championship event on Saturday afternoon for Cat 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s wanting to get in some last minute prep… and earning a little extra scratch. Let’s make this another great Montrose event and make a weekend out of it.

21 thoughts on “Tuesday CCC Updates

  1. Just curious, was there any consideration put into bumping up the Women’s Elite race to a premier time slot so that it was back to back with the Men’s Elite race. Seems like with all of the effort that went into adding Saturday, this would have been a really great opportunity to try that for the Women’s field?


    • Yes, a LOT of thought was put into this schedule. More than you imagine. One of our main goals was to NOT disrupt the normal schedule of categories of ALL CCC series races, which Montrose is still part of.


  2. Yea, now that the 50+ men have been separated from the W1/2/3 field, let’s move the women to where they belong. They’re the top female racers of the series and a the state champs should be treated as such with a prime spot on the day. Switch them with the juniors and run them right before the men’s 1/2/3. … Also, in keeping with this idea, the Men’s 4’s should really be moved to the morning while leaving a Cat 4/5 circus race as the last race of the year because that’s how Chicago does it.


    • +1

      The women 1/2/3 race should be back to bac with the men’s 1/2/3. This race might be part of the CCC, but the CCC schedule is not fair to the women’s field, so what’s the need of replicating that?


  3. Thank you for the response, Jason. Your answer makes sense.
    I’m quite certain that an enormous amount of thought goes into everything that runs the CCC–and am enough of a successful and professional person to realize that you all do an unreal amount of behind the scenes work. And, it’s clearly a very, very well run Series that is what it is because of the outstanding efforts that have been put in over the years.
    I would like to point out that just because I’m asking a question, definitely does not mean that I am ungrateful for the efforts of the CCC. I do have the right to ask questions, especially those that are not out of line, and to provoke conversation.
    Thank you for creating the separate fields for this one. That’s a super huge change to make in a short amount of time, and it is GREATLY appreciated.


  4. What Luke said, thanks so much to everyone who’s making this possible!

    Any chance Spidermonkey and Turin are considering (or would consider) awarding a State SS Champ jersey to top female? Without the races being back-to-back like a normal Sunday, I bet a few more ladies would love to race SS.


  5. What Luke said, thanks so much to everyone who’s making this possible!

    Any chance Spidermonkey and Turin are considering (or would consider) awarding a State SS Champ jersey to top female? Without the races being back-to-back like a normal Sunday, I bet a few more ladies would love to race SS.


  6. Is there a room rate deal for Indian Lakes this year? I haven’t seen or heard any mention of one. Just wanted to know. Thanks!


  7. Every year we have communication issues with ILR when booking rooms. This year has been the best so far, with just a few hiccups. You shouldn’t experience any difficulty. If so, be persistent, ask to talk with someone else. Feel free to call me if you need help 773 895 5214


  8. Still missing my wheels. If you have black velocity deep v’s with record hubs and limus tires, they ain’t yours. I have yours. I want mine. Cool? Cool.


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