– #PSIcx and/or WoodstockCX… plus more info here. Preliminary staging will be here on Friday.

– Sorry, but there will be no kiddie race this weekend.

– No parking on the grass, and no vehicles on the grass. the village of Woodstock has warned every year that they will ticket cars and each year PSIMET ends up having to have a nice conversation with the kind officer who sits there threatening to ticket. This year the local constable WILL ticket everyone they want who is parked on the grass.

Nappolis is selling food. Same as last year. Mostly Pizza. There are plenty of places to eat in downtown Woodstock on the scenic square and we highly encourage any hungry racer to stop by one of those places and tell them they are there because of the CX race.

– No inside bathrooms or the warming hut this year. All Porta-potties. As a result PSIMET has ordered 7 and 2 washing stations. 2.5x the number from last year.

– Rob Curtis will have the payouts that were not collected at Campton CX. If there is any question about them though he will refer you to the Campton promoter Rob Kelley.

– PSIMET will be able to accept credit cards on site if needed. There will be an extra $2 fee to cover the costs and hassle. Cash and check are still preferred.

– Karrie Ozyuk’s crew from Lucky Brake Bicycles in Crystal Lake will be in the new double entry pit to help provide neutral support. PSIMET will provide a small number of neutral wheels for use. They will all be aluminum and clincher so… Rob doesn’t suggest a self-induced mechanical near the pit as a way of upgrading race day wheels, but if you flat and have no backup then these are for you.

– There will be no water or powerwashers available this year. On the long term list. If weather becomes an issue we highly advise you get someone in the pit to work for you.

– As always, but especially now that it gets dark very quickly in the evening, PSIMET and the South Chicago Wheelmen would appreciate any help tearing down the course after the Cat 4/5 race.

– While Rob Curtis LOVES the festivities on Heckle Hill, he asks that if you bring it in you pack it out… or at least drop it in one of the trash cans. It is often tough to see after the last race due to sunset. The smell of day old Jello-shots on Monday is something he’d like to avoid having to pick up this year if at all possible.

– Due to all the hubbub regarding Ben Berden, Rob will be hosting a #HeckleClinic on Twitter leading up to and throughout the race. “You suck” is not a heckle, so learn from a pro how to do it right.

– The course: We still haven’t figured out how to embed the new GoogleMaps into the site, so here’s the link. If you know how to do this please get in touch with us.