It’s pure pleasure to be able to read, formulate, calculate, create and track the numbers generated by the folks that I work with. From casual cyclist to pro, it is as rewarding to hear about their success as it is to have a fun ride myself.  The mind does wander though, and every once in a while you discover little nuggets like this one….

My guy, let’s call him “Willie”, had the unfortunate experience of having to take a pee right in the middle of the ABR state road race championship. Willie had a good day with a strong 2nd place finish.  I got to thinking, “what does pulling over and taking a leak really look like within a power file?”  It looks like this:

“Your heart rate up to that point was averaging 133 – 137 the entire time you were racing before that (the bathroom break on the side of the road).  It was 158 average for the 1min and 18 sec pee stop and maxed to 163!  Your highest HR average for 1 minute during the whole race was 163.  This means that the stress of stopping, coupled with effort of trying to push it out fast, was almost the most taxing thing that you did on the bike all day!  Fascinating stuff and sorry to say that you’re looking at a feature in an upcoming blog post.  Do you have any pictures you want included?”

Luckily for all of us Willie didn’t offer up any pics.

Good luck and go fast!

Rob Kelley