#ABDcx  Remember to check out the standard preview page here.

Preliminary staging will be posted here before Sunday. If you upgraded this week and want 1/2 your CCC series points to follow you to the next category, please contact us at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail before Saturday to let us know.

– Parking on Foster Ave is allowed but on NORTH side only. There should be “No Parking” signs along the park (south) side. If not, please respect this. Also Parking is allowed on Struckman Blvd (better option), or at Sycamore Trails School (preferred).

Increased payouts across the board thanks to ABD. Also new this year a $25 prime to the winner of first lap of each race (other than Cat 4/5). Payouts will be held until Campton Cross. Any payouts not claimed after Campton Cross will be donated to Bartlett Park District Foundation.
– Timing and lap times will be provided by One2Go Event Services!!
North of the Border will be back again this year serving Mexican and American w/ veggie options.
Other Brother Coffee will be there with your warm beverage in the AM.
Kiddie race is at 2pm!
No Alchohol.  Sorry Park rules.
Course similar to last year but a bit more wood chips, more off-camber, and the logs are back.