– Rob Kelley, Peter Kelley, and the entire Bicycle Heaven crew bring you the 9th edition of Campton Cross in beautiful Campton Hills.

– Remember to use #CamptonCX on Twitter and Instagram, if you’re into that sort of thing.

– More details here. Preliminary staging will be here before Sunday.

– Remember reg closes 30 minutes before the scheduled start of each race. If you’re late, you’re not racing. We’re even giving you an extra hour to sleep in this year… again. Please find your way to the park near the corner of Rt 64 and Brown Rd in Campton Hills/Wasco… NOT the other Anderson Park in Oak Park. The map on BikeReg is correct as well.

– We know Halloween is tomorrow, but don’t throw away your Halloween costume. Race director Rob Kelley will be the judge in the annual costume contest. Remember when NECX set the bar really high? Well, they were up to it again last weekend too. Bring your A Game and put those pictures on the Internets.

TDogs BBQ will be back again as well as Reems Brats, plus Hot Chocolate sold by a bunch of cute kids … so plenty of food.

– Rob Kelley says there will be live tigers, if he can find someone with actual real life tigers.

– Sorry, but NO alcoholic beverages are allowed in the park. So you know, be discreet with your High Life.

Weather looks great but chillier than last week.

– Rob and the crew encourage riders to NOT warm up on/around the soccer fields to the East of registration. The village has asked us to keep off the areas visible when you pull into the park. If you carefully ride North on Brown Rd for about 200 meters you can hop onto the Prairie Path/Great Western trail (see the thick yellow line in the map below) which is a great place to warm up. Thank you.

The Course: Similar to years past but definitely more of a power course with a new field/maze section in the NorthWest section of the park. That’s the great thing about CX, each track is different and you have to be good at every type of course to do well. Also a log jump/barrier after the 2nd woods section. See here for a handlebar camera preliminary preview of the course, plus a few other videos from over the years. The taped up course can be seen @rokcoach Saturday evening and rokcoaching.com.