#MelasCX and more here. Preliminary staging will be posted here before Sunday.

– Chris Henning and Ted Berger (Northbrook Garner Bicycle Club and Flatlandia) take us racin’ through the basin.

Parking:  This is much different than last year.  There is no parking at Melas Park.   A dog park was built there over the summer and we need to keep the lot clear for the locals using the dog park. Parking will be at Multi Pack Solutions @1804 W. Central Rd., Mt. Prospect, IL which is behind (to the north of) Robert Bosch Tool Corporation.  Registration and S/F are adjacent to the Multi Pack lot.  There is a pedestrian gate to access Melas Park from the Multi Pack lot.  The Multi Pack lot is located to the West of the Melas Park entrance, just east of S. Arthur Ave.

Team Trailers.  Please e-mail Chris Henning if you’re planning on bringing out a trailer, he will try and coordinate a setup location for you.

Food truck: Pizza Via will be onsite serving brick-oven pizzas.

Coffee: Other Brother Coffee will be serving warm caffeinated beverages.

Warm Ups:  Please stay off the ball fields while warming up and if you do use the walking paths please making sure to yield to any pedestrians / other park users.

– Speaking of cars, no parking on the grass – anywhere.  There is plenty of parking available.  This includes team vehicles intending on dropping off team tent and compound equipment.

– Park rules: Sorry, we don’t make them but we do have to follow them… no alcohol allowed. Please be respectful of the park.

– Dog Park:  Unfortunately you must have a “membership” to get inside the fenced dog park which is available from either Mt. Prospect or Arlington Heights (Costco membership does not cut it :).  dog park membership

– Breakdown: Now that the official sunset time is literally minutes after the end of the Cat 4/5 race, Garner & Flatlandia would appreciate any help tearing down the course after the Cat 4/5 race. 

Announcing: Kenny Labbe will be back and announcing all day long.

Weather: It’s going to be chilly and wet on Sunday, so please bundle up and bring appropriate clothing for before, during, and after your race(s)!

– No kids race this weekend… a little too sloppy.

Volunteering: Melas CX is still looking for a few volunteers spots to be filled. Volunteers race for free & lunch is provided. Please sign-up here.

The Course: A bit different from last year. Same tough hill(s) getting out of the Basin. Please remember the course might change based on conditions encountered during setup.