– We’re getting ahead of the curve this year with the 2015 CCC series t-shirts. Look for a link on the store page to pre-order this season’s shirt. We’ll even have ladies cut and long sleeve shirts for 2015.

Want to get involved with the CCC to make it even better and race for cheap? The CCC is looking for series volunteers. You just need to be able to attend most CCC races and help out for a few hours. Positions vary, inquire within by sending an email to [email protected].

– Our 2015 series sponsor drive is currently active and will close August 31st. If you are interested in being a 2015 CCC series sponsor take a look here and then please let us know now at [email protected].

– And finally… as promised we finished calculating all the staging differences with our new staging methodology (individual event links below). In the linked GoogleSheets we show 4 different way of staging, CrossResults ranking only, CCC points only, CCC first row/CXR all others, CCC first 2 row/CXR all others. Look at the ‘Diff’ columns, specifically column “V”. A lower negative number means you would be staged better with the new system, a higher positive number means you would be staged worse. Since for every move up there is a move down the average difference across all races is zero, but… below is a histogram showing the average difference moves up/down by 8 place increments (i.e. one staging row) using the old vs. new methodology (as a % of all pre-reg’d racers) across all events. For the entire series ~40% of riders’ staging position would not change (i.e. 0 difference) while ~27% would move up no more than 8 spots and ~23% would move down no more than 8 spots. For those keeping score at home that means on average ~89% of all racers would be staged no more than +/-8 places in either direction. The other ~11% of riders would be staged by more than +/-1 rows difference (>+/-16 difference), and those riders being staged worse (i.e. large positive differences) are those without CrossResults rankings (i.e. 9999) and CCC points (think Cat 4’s and 5’s). The CCC believes these data further validate our decision to change the staging methodology for 2015 and hopefully go at least a little ways to assuage any fears some of you may have that you will be staged back in the cheap seats. However we are always open to new ideas too, and if you have a better way of staging roughly 700 riders every week that is fair to as many riders as possible we’d love to hear from you. And as always, we are only human and make mistakes all the time, so please always, always double check the preliminary staging sheets we publish online after pre-reg closes and let us know if you see a mistake. Note also that unless you have enough CCC points to be staged on the front row you MUST PRE-REGISTER to be staged by rankings.


  1. Hopkins Park
  2. Dan Ryan Woods
  3. Carpenter Park
  4. ABD Sunrise Park
  5. Campton CX
  6. Indian Lakes – Saturday
  7. Indian Lakes – Sunday
  8. Psi-Clocross
  9. Melas CX
  10. Montrose Harbor