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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20160920

  • Quick update for another off/rest week.
  • Yes, we are aware the results from LaBagh still need some fixing. We’re working on it and will have everything squared away by Hopkins Park. Sorry for the delay.
  • We saw some great results from CCC’ers up at the Trek CXC Cup. Congrats to everyone who raced. Lots of videos up from the weekend here.
  • Cross Vegas is tomorrow (Wednesday 9/21). The live stream starts at 9:15pm CDT here.
  • Jingle Cross is this coming weekend. Safe travels and good luck to all Chicagoland racers, parents, support staff, etc heading out to the event. Being a World Cup event there should be a live stream as well.
  • The CCC starts back up next weekend (10/2) at Hopkins Park in Dekalb.
  • And finally… a quick word about passing etiquette and behavior during a CX race. Yes we’re all excited and its totally fine to race aggressively. However, it is NOT okay to use foul/abusive language, throw elbows, or lord forbid purposely hit someone. That’s not only NOT cool, but you risk being suspended, fined, or someone calling the real police. We all get hot under collar sometimes once the adrenaline starts flowing, but let’s keep it civil and fun. Okay? Now please enjoy the rest of the CX season.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20160913

  • Thanks to everyone for coming out to LaBagh Woods and helping us kick off the 2016 CCC season in style with xXx Racing-Athletico. We picked up right where we left off last season with plenty of fast racing, good times, and great friends.
  • Official results are on USA Cycling here, our Overall Standings GoogleSheet is updated here, lap times as provided by One2Go Event Services are here, and has general ranking points (which we use for all staging after the first row). Or you can just go to THIS PAGE where we have links to all of the above and more.
  • Remember OFFICIAL results are always on USAC, not the emails you receive or tweets you may see on race day. We want results to be correct and posted as soon as possible on race day even more than you do, but we can also correct them after the fact. That being said, please always check the results posted at the race and if there is a problem see the USAC chief judge (in charge of scoring). If you forget to check at the race because you spent too much time in the beer garden, email us at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail. Your tweets and comments here on the website might not be answered as promptly as you’d expect.
  • Remember CCC series points are NOT USAC upgrade points. There are rules for all that kind of stuff. We know you all are smart and know how to read. So see USAC CX rules here (see 1E.6) and our CCC rules here. Still have questions? Shoot us an email at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail.
  • We know our good friends and series sponsor Snowy Mountain Photography will be busy processing photos from Sunday for a while, but look for pics on their site here soon.
  • Prefer video? John Gatto is back to his drone ways:
  • We had a mix up in the schedule and incorrectly started the Junior 15-18’s  before the Single Speeds. We’ll flip-flop those categories and start the Single Speeds first for the rest of the series.
  • Up next, the MidWest CX scene heads to Waterloo, WI for the Trek CXC Cup this Saturday AND Sunday. Good luck to everyone heading North for the big show. The event is partnering (again) with the Chicago Cuttin’ Crew to offer a junior girls pre-ride clinic with Kaitie Antonneau. There will also be a similar pre-ride clinic for Cat 4 Women. Pre-reg ends tonight Tuesday 9/13 at 5pm.
  • Then next Wednesday all the big guns head to fabulous Las Vegas for the Cross Vegas World Cup.
  • And then if that wasn’t enough travel, all the pros have 2 days to get themselves and all their gear back to this part of the country for the next World Cup at Jingle Cross in Iowa City, IA from 10/22 – 10/25. Yikes, all that traveling makes us glad our farthest-away race is only in Dekalb. Good luck to all the CCC’ers heading to one or all of these events.
  • Speaking of Dekalb… the CCC series picks back up in a little under 3 weeks at Hopkins Park in Dekalb, IL hosted by our friends at Comrade Cycles (see what we did there?). Online pre-reg is open on BikeReg. We’ll see you all there!
  • And finally… just in case you didn’t stick around for the Cat 4/5 race on Sunday at LaBagh Woods and/or you aren’t on Twitter, we may or may not have had something to do with introducing the Svens to Chicago Style Handups. Thanks for being great sports about it and so generous with your time.


2016 LaBagh Woods Pics, Vids, and Race Reports

2016 LaBagh Woods Preview

  • #CXisHere in Chicago… the 2016 Chicago Cyclocross Cup kicks off at LaBagh Woods hosted by xXx Racing-Athletico.
  • Live results by will be on  Watch races scored in real time!
  • Online pre-reg on BikeReg closes tonight, so don’t delay.
  • On site number pick up and Day-Of Registration will be in picnic pavilion near start finish line. Remember reg closes 30 minutes before the schedule start time of each category.
  • Our USAC officials and One2Go Results remind everyone to please not fold or crumple your numbers. If you do you risk not being scored. Numbers on your LEFT side (not your back!), always.
  • Staging for the first race of the series is 100% by ranking. See here for preliminary staging and if you believe your CXR points to be incorrect please contact CrossResults. Also, please check the discrepancies page. If you name is on this page you need to either edit your BikeReg registration (and profile, most likely emergency contact info) or renew you annual USAC license. Wait list riders are here. All of these lists will be updated again with final reg data no later than Friday evening.
  • Results will be posted as soon as possible on one of the CCC’s 4 sided results board and for all pre-reg’d riders with correct/valid email address in their BikeReg rider profiles results will be emailed to you shortly after you finish. Also, One2Go will have its LiveLynx site updated in real time. Full results will be posted on USAC online Sunday night and series standings will be updated shortly afterward. This is the first race, so series standings are the same as the first 30 finishers in each category.
  • The standard 2016 CCC Payout Schedule is here.
  • Parking: Please do NOT parallel park anywhere. There is limited parking in LaBagh Woods and all cars must be parked in marked spots.
  • The equipment pits will again be staffed by SRAM NRS will be double sided.
  • Kenny Labbe will be MC’ing the event and the entirety of the CCC series.
  • Chicago Pizza Boss will again be in attendance and serving up fresh, hot, pies.
  • Free beer garden for the 21+ crowd sponsored by Finch Beer Co.
  • Teams can set up tents anywhere, but xXx Racing recommends doing so near-ish to the reg pavilion for viewing the start/finish line… and the beer garden.
  • Additional info and archive information can be found over on the static race page. Just be careful when looking at the older Caldwell Woods info.
  • Remember to use the hashtag #LaBaghCX on Twitter and Instagam so everyone at home or in other parts of the country can follow along.
  • Tentative course is below. Reg, staging grid, finish line, and pit are all on the SW corner of the park. Still flat as the midwest can be, but with less twists and turns than last year. Also a Sven or two.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20160906

  • Holy cow its September, all the Labor Day sales have passed, Road is Officially Dead, its still hot as 7 inches from the midday sun, and CX IS.FINALLY.HERE.!!!
  • Reminder that the first race in the CCC series is THIS SUNDAY 9/11/2016 in LaBagh Woods hosted by xXx Racing-Athletico. Online pre-reg is open on BikeReg and there is still room in all categories, but please, please, please don’t wait until the last minute to reg. The weather looks great for Sunday and pre-reg is so much easier on everyone than reg’ing at the venue. Look for the course preview on Thursday.
  • Speaking of online pre-reg… all CCC races are now open on BikeReg if you’d like to part with your hard earned cash dollars now.
  • If you didn’t see the announcement on their website, due to a scheduling conflict xXx Racing-Athletico had to reschedule the cyclocross clinic with the Svens from Tuesday 9/13 to Sunday 9/11 (the Monday 9/12 clinic will proceed as scheduled). Immediately following the last race of the day on Sunday at LaBagh Woods, the Svens will host a skills clinic right on the race course, focusing on mounting and dismounting, cornering, picking fast lines, barriers, shouldering, equipment setup, and other techniques. All funds from the clinic go directly to the Pieter Ombregt Scholarship Fund at Columbia College with the Svens volunteering their time as a favor to the Ombregt family. The Sunday clinic will be 2.5 hours long (4:30-7:00 pm) and is $125. Limited spots are still available! Also, Sven and Sven will may be hanging out starting around noon, so if you want autographs or the Svens to be on the podium with you, this may be your chance. Still no word on whether they will racing the Single Speed category.
  • CCC Alumnus and all around cycling enthusiast Christopher Jensen sends us this note from Michigan… Great fun coming up on October 1, at the Beer City Growler Cyclocross and 5K Steeplechase. $2500 in cash prizes (equal payout between the Open Men and Open Women), a beer garden, The (original CCC) Flyover, One2Go Timing and Results, and a 5km run in the morning Also a special prize for the fastest combined run and “open” category CX finish time for the men and women. October 1, Wilcox Park in Grand Rapids, MI  –
  • The CCC would like to welcome 2 new series sponsors partners to the CCC family:

achieve-logoAchieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute Sports Medicine – We pride ourselves in personal attention, through each step of the process. You literally feel the difference, every day.


Stio-Let-The-Outside-InStio – Designed and tested in Jackson Hole, Stio clothing blends modern mountain style with technical performance. The Stio Mountain Studio™ at 1719 N. Damen Ave is bringing mountain soul to Chicago.


  • And finally… before we get started with the season a quick PSA; its cyclocross, we’re all excited, we’re all competitive, there’s plenty of #hype… but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little lot of fun. Let’s keep the egos, attitude, foul language, and any behavior unfit for public display in check and enjoy the season with each other. We only have a little bit of time so we should use it the best we can. Now let’s race CX!

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20160830

  • Looks like everyone had a good time at Relay CX. Results are on xXx Racing’s site here. Remember your Relay CX results do NOT count towards your points.
  • Only 2 more weeks until the Chicago Cyclocross Cup series begins on 9/11/16 at LaBagh Woods, also hosted by xXx Racing. The website still says Caldwell Woods, but the event is definitely at LaBagh Woods. Online pre-reg is up on BikeReg here:
  • Online pre-reg for all other series races will open next Monday (9/5/16) at 10am on BikeReg here to give you plenty of time to make a coffee or get a Rocket Sauce, house a doughnut,  and settle in.
  • Looking to tear it up this season? Consider a training plan by series sponsor Training Bible Cycling. Check it out on Training Peaks here.
  • Lots of series sponsors from years past are back again this year, with a few new partners joining the “CCC Family”. Looks for updates over the next few days/weeks as we welcome a few new friends into the fold.
  • Where’s everyone on social media these days? Snapchat? Twitter? Instagram? Facebook? MySpace? We want to know so we can keep see all of the photos and stories you are sharing. Let us know in the comments below.
  • And finally… Jon Gatto is back at the drone controls and bringing us recaps of races. Check out his view of Relay CX here:

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20160823

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20160809

  • Aaaaaand… we’re back!
  • We’ve had a bunch of updates to the event calendar, see everything on the Schedule page.
  • Pre-reg for all CCC series events will again be hosted on Pre-reg for most events will open at 10am on Monday 9/5/16 with LaBagh Woods opening up Monday 8/22/16.
  • xXx Racing is back with their Relay CX on Sunday 8/28/16 in Jackson Park. This year there will be yet another category, the Relay Roulette, which will serve as a fundraiser for a local area cycling charity/cause of the winners’ choice. Find more details here.
  • Half Acre’s CX Eliminator will be on Saturday 9/10.
  • The CCC’s first race of the series will again be hosted by xXx Racing and held in LaBagh Woods on Sunday 9/11/16. Due to Jingle Cross and the Trek CXC Cup changing dates, xXx Racing moved LaBagh Woods earlier on calendar so more Chicagoland racers could experience those larger races.
  • A quick note from our neighbors across Lake Michigan… Looking to get your ‘cx season started off a bit early with a quick road trip to Michigan? Check out the Snap Fitness Alma Grand Prix of Cyclocross & 5k in Alma, Michigan (about a 4-ish hour drive from Chicago) for some good early season fun. The race website is and pre-registration is available through USA Cycling. Camping on site Friday night, as well as an early number pick up option at Snap Fitness in town. Swag coming out of your ears!
  • And as if that was enough CX in September for you… xXx Racing is Bringing the Sven’s to Chicago for a CX clinic. Check out all the details here.
  • Interested in being a 2016 Series Sponsor? Please review our 2016 Series Sponsorship Proposal here and get back to us ASAP.
  • And finally… did you notice we spruced up the place? Thanks to the guys at Bark Design for freshening up our website and logo.

2015 Psi-clocross For Life Pics, Vids, and Race Reports

2015 PSI-clocross For Life Preview

  • #PSIcx More info here.
  • Preliminary staging will be here before Sunday.
  • PSI-clocross For Life hosted by Rob Curtis and the crew from PSIMET at Emricson Park in Woodstock, IL.
  • Please pay attention when you are racing and entering the park in your car. There are 4 road crossings on the course and while there will be course marshals at each crossing, please look both ways before crossing. Better safe than sorry.
  • Speaking of cars, no parking on the grass – anywhere.  There is plenty of parking available throughout Emricson Park, please use it or you will be ticketed. This includes team vehicles intending on dropping off team tent and compound equipment.
  • Speaking of tent compounds – please try to keep the team tents in the areas near start/finish and Heckle Hill.
  • The Pizza food truck many of us have seen at events like Caldwell Woods will be there around 10:30. There are also plenty of places to eat in downtown Woodstock on the square and we encourage all hungry racers to spend their money there.
  • The weather looks great if a little chilly. Please dress appropriately for both before, during, and after your race(s).
  • No inside bathrooms or the warming hut again this year. All Porta-potties near the Start/Finish.
  • Rt 47 through Huntley is not under construction this year but still subject to traffic, so please plan your travel times accordingly. Your best bet directions are to exit I90 on Route 47 into the town of Woodstock. A left on Lake Ave and another left on South St should lead you right to Emricson Park (on your right).
  • Now that the official sunset time is literally minutes after the end of the Cat 4/5 race, PSIMET and the South Chicago Wheelmen would appreciate any help tearing down the course after the Cat 4/5 race.
  • While Rob Curtis LOVES the festivities on Heckle Hill, he asks that if you bring it in you pack it out… or at least drop it in one of the trash cans. It is often tough to see trash on the ground after the last race due to sunset.
  • The SRAM NRS equipment pits are a fair distance away from the start/finish area, so please plan your time accordingly.
  • The course: New direction, with the course running anti-clockwise. Hills, and some bumpy fields, and a high-speed trip through the woods, and hills.