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2013 MidWest Regional Cyclocross Championship Preview

– Follow along @MWRCXC
– Technical Guide is here.
– Preliminary staging will be here on Friday.
– Enter the park on Western just north of 87th St.
– Course runs CLOCKWISE. Numbers should be on the LEFT.
Staging will occur at the west end of the start/finish straight. Please be at Staging no less than 15 minutes prior to your race or risk losing your start position. PreReg’d riders will be staged by CrossResults.com points. Day Of staged by order of registration.
Medical will be located next to the big grey One2Go results trailer.
– No parking directly adjacent to the crowd barriers. This area is reserved for tents. Space is first-come, first-served.
Registration opens at 7am in the Chalet. Coffee service from Intelligentsia Coffee will begin approximately 8am in the Chalet. No bikes in the Chalet!
– Eastman Egg Company will be serving up delicious breakfast-y treats from 10am to 2pm from their food truck in the parking lot. Menu is here.
SRAM NRS will be available in the pit with spare wheels and bikes if they are needed.
– The weather is looking snowy and icy, so please plan appropriately.
Top 3 from each field should report to the podium ASAP for photos. It’s totally fine to get changed into warm clothes, but others will be waiting. We’ll have snuggies to keep you toasty while you wait for everyone to arrive.
“Podium” jerseys will be available to wear for the podium for Champions, and we will take your size and mailing info down. Mt Borah will be producing and sending out your correct-size jersey.
– As always, we are guests of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County and we expect all attendees to respect the rules of the park and exhibit respectful behavior at all times.