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2013 NORGE Ski Jump Cyclocross Preview

– #NORGEcx. Preliminary staging will be posted here on Thursday.

– This is the 3rd year of the NORGE Ski Jump cyclocross race hosted by PSIMET. Never raced CX in much less seen a ski jump? This is your chance.

– PSIMET expects roughly 300 racers.

– This race is on SATURDAY. Don’t show up on Sunday.

No Parking on any road. All parking must be in the field near the course as marked on the map or in the soccer fields – same as for the Fox River Grove crit. 2 road crossings with marshals. Be aware of them just in case as the full road is NOT closed.

– The schedule is NOT THE SAME AS A CCC RACE! Check the flyer for your category’s time slot. Then double check it to be sure! Almost everyone will have more than 1 chance to race. Please do!

Beer will be on sale at Norge, sold by the Norge Ski Jump. Please purchase your beer from them. If you plan on consuming alcohol please realize that it is 100% OK (and somewhat encouraged in a responsible manner). We specifically ask for NO OPEN CONTAINERS ON ANY PUBLIC ROAD. You can and will be ticketed if that occurs. Either side of the road is private property though.

– Please stay off of the landing mats at the base of the jumps as well as please do NOT climb the jump itself. You can climb the hill and look out if you’d like but insurance won’t allow you on the jump structure itself.

– All proceeds go towards PSIMET breaking even. This being the 4th and final race of each calendar year that PSIMET hosts they essentially have this as their “Thank You” party to the Chicago racing community. They’re just trying to cover costs and pay Norge what they are looking for. Please come out and enjoy the day with PSIMET. It’s a truly unique venue and a huge surprise to anyone who has never been there before.

– Currently there is no one slated to provide food. Norge has a concession and after small turnout the first year they decided not to open it. There are a lot of eateries very close to the venue. You could also pack a lunch, some beverages and make a day of it.

Staging will be by CrossResults.com points, then order of registration.

Online reg is here and closes tonight!

– The 2013 course is below: