• Well, that was certainly a day at the beach… Holy schmokes, we haven’t seen weather like that at Montrose since the day before Melas CX last year.
  • In spite of the forecast (or perhaps because of it) thanks to EVERYONE who came out to race, spectate, take pictures, make videos, spend time in the hot tub, (yes, even the bagpipes) and make Montrose the fantastic, crazy, awesome day that it always is, regardless of what mother nature may throw at us.  As co-race director Chuck Judy commented to us late in the day, the Montrose event is like a stick of dynamite. He just lights the fuse, throws it out there, and sits back to see what happens.
  • Links to official results, CrossResults, and laps times (provided by One2Go) for Montrose and the entire season as well as Overall Series winners are all here.
  • That’s a wrap for the CCC series… but don’t hang up that mud and sand crusted CX bike just yet. Please, please, please clean you rig and/or take it to your local bike shop for some TLC… unless you plan on purchasing a new bike next year. Either way there are lots of local shops who will gladly help you.
  • And there’s still a bunch of CX races throughout the region and nationally still to go. Good luck to everyone who races between now and then beginning of January!
    • This coming Saturday 12/10/16 at Humboldt Park the other CCC (Chicago Cuttin’ Crew) host Afterglow to help us unwind after a hot season and help some awesome kids get and stay on bikes.
    • Then on Sunday 12/11/16  Heart of Illinois CX (HICX) series has their last race at Miller Chill CX.
    • Next weekend on Saturday 12/17/16 our friends up North in Wisconsin host the Midwest Regional CX Championships at Sun Prairie.
    • The next day on Sunday 12/18/16 the CCC series officially finishes up with our annual Awards Party at EJ’s Place in Skokie. We’ll award the coveted cowbells, final jerseys, and prizes to the series overall winners, share a few drinks and laughs, and hand out enough door prizes to outfit a mid-sized pro-tour team. Reg details will be posted soon. We can’t wait to see you all there.
    • And then finally after the new year (01/03/17 – 01/08/17) USAC hosts the US CX National Championships in Hartford, CT.
  • And finally… extra special thanks to Cat 1/2/3 Series Winner Dan Teaters and Team Wheel & Sprocket for generously donating all of his race winnings from the ENTIRE season back to the CCC and the groups we support with our year end donations. If you would like to make an initial or additional donation to the series donation please email us ASAP at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail.

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