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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171212

December 12, 2017
  • Congrats to everyone who raced at USAC Midwest Regional CX Championships on Saturday and Miller Chill Cyclocross on Sunday. Results are here and here respectively.
  • This Sunday Afterglow is hosted by the Chicago Cuttin’ Crew in Douglas Park in Chicago. All proceeds go to Blackstone Bicycle Works and West Town Bikes. The grudge matches are always fun to watch. No word yet on the whereabouts of Sweet Justice.
  • Speaking of donating to great causes, thanks again to everyone who donated to this year’s series long group donation pot that will be split evenly between Big Marsh, Blackstone Bicycle Works, and West Town Bikes. Combined donations totaled just under $1,000. As in years past the CCC will match that number, so we’ll be making a $666 donation to each of these groups in the name of the entire CCC community before the end of the year. THANK YOU again for all your generous donations!!!
  • Final reminder from us that USAC Cyclocross National Championships are in Reno, NV 1/9/18- 1/14/18. If you’re going to race or watch you probably have already made plans, but there will likely be video of the Elite races online somewhere. We will tweet out that info if/when it happens.
  • And finally, one last reminder that our end of season CCC Awards Party is at EJ’s Place in Skokie this Sunday 12/17/17 at NOON. Tickets are on sale on BikeReg. There won’t be any waitlists as there are always plenty of seats but please purchase your tickets in advance. That being said we have tons of awards to award and door prizes to give out, so everyone always goes home with something. We hope to see you there!

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171205

December 5, 2017
  • What a way to end the season on a high note! Perfect CX weather and a beach full of sand, swimming pools, and cheers at Montrose Harbor. Thanks to everyone and especially the Ten27 and Spidermonkey crews to hosting the event. We crowned 20 state champions and 16 series winners. A complete list of all series winners and state champions is here on our results page. Links to all results and lap times are here on the Overall Standings GoogleSheet.
  • SnowyMountain Photography was back out again and captured plenty of photos of the entire day. The Chicago Aussie Jack Brandtman was also taking videos and John Gatto was back out with his GoPro and drone. We saw plenty of other cameras so hopefully all those pictures and videos find their way to the Internet at some point.
  • And in case you weren’t there earlier in the day, our series announcer Kenny Labbé was presented with his very own, brand new pop-up tent. Thanks to everyone who kept the secret and chipped in to get Kenny this great gift that will last for year and years to come.DQIiCh_VoAAFc5r
  • Obligatory mentions for the final CX events of the season:
  • Our end of season CCC Awards Party is at EJ’s Place in Skokie Sunday 12/17/17 at NOON. Tickets are on sale on BikeReg.
  • Don’t let your bike go into hibernation all dank and dirty. Your local bike shop might be in the middle of the busy Christmas selling season, but the service departments probably aren’t too busy. Get your bike in there for a tune up so it’s charging out of the gates in 2018, instead of limping across the start line a rusty, seized up mess.
  • And speaking of local bike shops, many of our series sponsors are bike shops or other local retailers. Before buying Chrismahuanakwanzika gifts this year please consider purchasing from our series sponsors or other local merchants.
  • Congrats to CCC regulars Graciela Viale-Val (Evanston, IL) and Bob Downs (Belleville, WI) on their 2nd place finishes at Masters World Championships in Mol, Belgium in the Women 75+ and Men 60-64 years young categories respectively.
  • And finally… the unofficial CCC holiday party is happening (again) at the Elbow Room on Thursday 12/21/17 at 8pm where Los Borrachos will take the stage and entertain us in a way only they can. If you’ve ever been to this party you know you won’t want to miss it!

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171128

November 28, 2017
  • Looks and sounds like the Big Marsh Black Friday and Region Riot Cross events were a success over the holiday weekend. Results can be found here and here.
  • This coming weekend the CCC finishes up at Montrose Harbor in downtown Chicago on the lake front. The weather is forecast to be much more pleasant than last year, so come on out to watch, cheer, and celebrate the entire day. Online pre-reg on BikeReg closes Thursday evening. Look for the course preview at the normal time on Thursday.
  • Note there is a new parking option/charge at Montrose for those that want to park up close. Look at the bottom of the BikeReg page.
  • If you happen to be in Mol Belgium this Friday or Saturday make sure to check our Masters CX World Championships.
  • Remember the cyclocross season is not over after this weekend though.
  • And finally… Sunday 12/17/17 at NOON we’re hosting the CCC Awards Party at EJ’s Place in Skokie. Buy your tickets here on BikeReg.

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171121

November 21, 2017
  • Yet another mudder, this time with ice! Thanks to the Northbrook Garner Bicycle Club for warming us up with some hot CX racing action at Wheeling Heritage Park. And thanks to everyone who put on multiple layers to race and cheer on a cold and windy day. Results are all linked here.
  • More great overall results, congrats to Karson Glass (Single Speed Men) Katie Isermann (Women Cat 1/2) and Cole House (Men Cat 1/2/3) for sewing up their respective overall titles this past weekend. Only 1 race left and many categories are still only separated by a few points! The leaders of the Masters 45+, Junior 15/18’sWomen Cat 3’s and Men Cat 4’s are separated by less than 10 points!
  • Next weekend the CCC finished up at Montrose Harbor in downtown Chicago on the lake front for the 11th and final stop of the series. As we ask every year, come on out and watch, cheer, etc the entire day. Spend some time with your fellow pedal bikers before we all hibernate for the winter. Online pre-reg closes next Thursday evening. Look for the course preview at the normal time on that morning.
  • If you’re looking to keep your CX skills sharp this weekend, Friends of Big Marsh is hosting the second annual Black Friday CX Race @ Big Marsh Park this Friday November 24thDonate a bag of non-perishable food items, and receive priority staging. All proceeds from the event will go towards future development of the park. Check out the Facebook event page for details & updates.
  • Then 2 days later Region Racing is hosting Region Riot Cross just over the IN border on Sunday November 26th. Details and online pre-reg are on USAC here.
  • Afterglow hosted by the Chicago Cuttin’ Crew is moving to Sunday December 17th and back to Douglas Park. Need more details? Just ask someone on the Cuttin’ Crew. This event is super chill(y) but so fun.
  • Sunday afternoon December 17th we’re hosting the CCC Awards Party at EJ’s Place in Skokie. Details and tickets for the PARTY (its not a banquet) will be available soon.
  • And finally… this weekend the CCC takes a break so we can all fill up on turkey, mashed taters, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, cranberry, pumpkin pie, and all the works. Or for those of you looking for a State Champ podium, maybe just twigs and berries. Either way, enjoy this much earned time off with your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171114

November 14, 2017
  • Wow, that was a tough weekend all around. Thanks to the South Chicago Wheelmen for persevering through the weather and still hosting a great double weekend at Pheasant Run Resort. Congrats to everyone who braved the elements and mud to race and spectate. Links to all the results you’re looking for are here.
  • Speaking of results, congrats to Tim Strelecki (Masters 35+) and Marcus van Mieghem (Junior Boys 9-14) who both locked up their respective overall titles this weekend. Only 2 races remain and many categories are only separated by a few points so its still anyone’s game! The Men and Women Cat 3’s and Cat 4’s are the closest will likely be decided at Montrose.
  • Next up the CCC travels to Wheeling Heritage Park for the 10th stop of the series. Please, please do NOT go to Melas Park or you’ll be riding around the bottom of the basin all by yourself. Online pre-reg closes Thursday evening. Look for the course preview at the normal time on Thursday morning.
  • Also with another venue and date change, Afterglow hosted by the Chicago Cuttin’ Crew is moving to Sunday December 17th and back to Douglas Park. This is a great way to wind down after the season and benefits the great programs of West Town Bikes and Blackstone Bicycle Works. Look for more details soon or swing by the pink Cuttin’ Crew tent and make some new friends.
  • Sunday December 17th will also be the date of the CCC Awards Party at EJ’s Place in Skokie. Please stop calling it a banquet. Details and tickets will be available soon. Come celebrate with us!
  • If you’re not traveling at Thanksgiving remember Friends of Big Marsh is hosting the second annual Black Friday CX Race @ Big Marsh Park Friday November 24th. Donate a bag of non-perishable food items, and receive priority staging. All proceeds from the event will go towards future development of the park. Check out the Facebook event page for details & updates.
  • And if that’s not enough CX for you next weekend, Region Racing is hosting Region Riot Cross just over the IN border on Sunday November 26th. Details and online pre-reg are on USAC here.
  • And finally… riding through all the mud, rain, sand, grass, and who knows what else this past weekend wreaks absolute havoc on your bike, so make sure to take your ride to your favorite Local Bike Shop ASAP to get it cleaned and tuned up. There’s nothing worse than a bad result due to an avoidable mechanical, so take care of your bike and it will take care of you. Your LBS wants to help you and work on your bike. Many shops like our series sponsors The Pony Shop, Spin Doctors, Main St Bikes, and VeloFix are even running tune up specials to get us all through the end of the year, so take advantage of it.

20171108 – A Note on Upgrading

November 8, 2017

A quick note from our IL USAC upgrade coordinator Steve Feehery.

Upgrades: What you need to know

  • All upgrade (and downgrade) requests are made through the USAC website by the rider.
  • Start by logging on to the website. After that click on License, click on upgrade / downgrade.
  • Find the discipline desired (for instance, cyclocross) click the new category requested.
  • You then must make a case as to why you should be approved for the upgrade/downgrade along with cutting and pasting your palmares (i.e. recent results).
  • Click on submit, the system then generates an email to the local coordinator who then reviews the request and approves or denies based on the riders resume.
  • 2 wins in any one category is an automatic upgrade. That does not mean USAC will automatically do it, but that you have qualified to move up in category. Other considerations for upgrades include experience in other disciplines (road, track, cyclocross or mtb).  If you are a rider that is a Cat 3 on the road, you can be upgraded to Cat 4 for cross automatically. Same for a Cat 2 on the road, you can become a Cat 3 for CX.
  • There are two important caveats to mandatory upgrades:
    • Mandatory upgrades do not apply to juniors.
    • When racing in a combined field, field size includes everyone in your category and above. For example, a Cat 4 rider racing in a Cat 4/5 combined field may only count the 4’s in that field when calculating upgrade points, NOT the 5’s. Alternately, a Cat 5 racer who lands on a podium in a combined Cat 4/5 field may count the whole field when assessing upgrade points.
  • Some riders have taken it upon themselves to become “upgrade police”. If you come upon a situation where a rider is doing well and might or should be upgraded reach out to your local upgrade coordinator. Please DO NOT take it upon yourself to speak to that rider or try to shame them into upgrading. We’re all adults here, and this is just amateur pedal bike racing for fun, so let’s keep it civil.


Sandbagging is when a rider’s ability has egregiously surpassed the current category (i.e. not age group or single speed) and the rider continues to race in that category. He/she is typically doing very well in that category and does not want to move up. A situation like this should be immediately brought to the upgrade coordinators attention. Note however a rider is not always sandbagging if they win one race, or even two. If at any given race any rider on the front row of staging has a good chance of winning, then none of them are sandbagging. That is just called good competition. This is especially true later in the season as riders start peaking for the state championship. However, if a rider easily wins more than one race by a large time gap, especially at the beginning of the season, and doesn’t voluntarily upgrade, then yes, that is sandbagging.

All upgrade rules are available for review at in the General Regulations section, CX specifically starts on page 22.

Thanks for reading!

CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171107

November 7, 2017
  • Thanks to the entire PSIMET crew for another great Groundhog PSI-clocross. What looked like it would be a completely soggy day turned out to be just a little wet and not too cold or muddy. All the results you’re looking for are here.
  • Next up the series heads to the West suburbs again for its only double weekend at Pheasant Run Resort hosted by the South Chicago Wheelmen. Look for the usual preview on Thursday.
  • PLEASE NOTE –> Online prereg for Pheasant Run closes on Wednesday, NOT the usual Thursday. The SCW have to set up the course and reg a day early too. Make sure you are reg’ing for the correct day Saturday and/or Sunday. Please tell all your friends who are usually late to the party. And yes, placings on Saturday will affect staging on Sunday.
  • On Saturday at #PRRcx the “Ultimate PB&J’s” cordially invite the women racers to post race refreshments at the Ultimate Pro Bikes tent. UPB will also be selling raffle tickets for $1. For your $1 you will get to throw a name in the jar of any of the Women 3/4 racer and if their name is selected, they win the Ultimate Pro Racer treatment at the IL State CX Championships at Montrose Harbor. See details at the UPB tent on Saturday!
  • And finally… A little further down the line, Friends of Big Marsh invites you to #OptOutside Friday November 24th, for the second annual Black Friday CX RaceBig Marsh Park. This year promises: a new course layout, expanded USA Cycling categories for all ages, live lap timing from One2Go, plus more! Donate a bag of non-perishable food items, and receive a priority starting spot. Staging will be done in order of (1) food donations, followed by (2) date/time of registration, so don’t delay! Save $5 by pre-registering today at All proceeds from the event will go towards future development of the park. Check out the Friends of Big Marsh Facebook event page for additional details & updates.

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171031

October 31, 2017
  • Happy Halloween! Please be safe and courteous out there today/tonight.
  • Yet another fun and exciting Campton Cross and Halloween costume show this past Sunday. Thanks to everyone who came out to race, spectate, get rad, get sendy, eat candy, and have a ghoulish time. Links to all results and Overall Standings are here:
  • Next up the series heads to its farthest NorthWest point for Groundhog CX  (#PSIcx) at Emrickson Park in Woodstock hosted by Psimet. Usual details at the usual time on Thursday.
  • Looking for a race for this Saturday (11/4)? Do you like FREE BEER (and a FREE brat)? Hampshire Cycle Club, located in Milwaukee, WI is hosting the Estabrook Park Beer Garden Cyclocross Classic once again in partnership with the Estabrook Park Beer Garden. Estabrook Park is located just 5 miles north of downtown Milwaukee, right off of I-43. This race is the longest standing race in the WI CX series and offers a free brat and beer to every registered racer (of legal drinking age). An announcer will be on hand to keep the crowd entertained and the beer garden is sure to provide both polka music and hecklers right alongside the course. Pre-reg is available on USA Cycling through Wednesday evening and more information can be found on the event Facebook page.
  • A bunch of very important things we need to remind everyone:
    • Everyone gets a new bib number for every category at every event. Period. Please do not wear a number from another category, or even worse a different, previous event altogether. Scoring 700 riders every lap of the day is a lot of work even for One2Go and not wearing your correct number throws a giant wrench in the gears.
    • Now that’s getting colder we are all wearing jackets and other things to keep us warm before the start. However, our USAC officials must be able to see you number as you are being staged. Also, your numbers need to be on your LEFT sides, not your backs or hidden under another garment or your hair. Pin the bottom of your number to the bottom of your jersey side panel… see the finish line photo sent by One2Go to all pre-reg’d riders before each race. We want everyone to be safe and warm, but we still need to be able to identify you for proper scoring.
    • Please respect the rules of the parks we race in. We know you all enjoy having a good time, and we want you to have a good time. But if a park has a no alcohol policy please obey those rules or at the very least be discreet in your activities. Thanks!
    • Similarly, if a park does allow alcohol and you choose to imbibe, bring it in a can that can bend or pour it into a cup or mug. The number one rule of beer at bike racing is no glass, ever. Thanks!!
  • A few upcoming events:
  • And finally… if you hadn’t already notice the Melas event is moving locations! Same date and team, but the event will be a little farther North this year to Heritage Park at 333 W. Dundee Road in Wheeling. This is actually a move BACK to Wheeling as this park hosted the 3rd race in the very first CCC season in 2004. More details to come but we have opened the BikeReg page back up, updated maps, and the event page here on this site. The hashtag will also be changing to #WheelingCX. Please tell all your friends who don’t have Internet access.

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171024

October 24, 2017
  • Rain, wind, cold… that was some “traditional” cyclocross weather at ABD Sunrise Park. Thanks to Jim Nowak and the entire Athlete’s By Design crew for battening down the hatches and hosting yet another great Sunrise Park event. Links to all results are here.
  • Next up the series heads just a little farther West to Campton/St. Charles for Campton Cross hosted by Training Bible Cycling and Bicycle Heaven. Look for the course preview on Thursday morning. This is our annual Halloween race, so bring your “A Game”.
  • You spend countless hours training, practicing remounts and starts, working on your bike, and thinking about CX… please take 15 minutes to read through our Rules and FAQ page and learn the rules of engagement and how the CCC works. If you still have questions never hesitate to email us at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail.
  • And finally… Kristen Hosey and Ultimate Pro Bikes Juniors (aka Ultimate PB&J’s) are hosting a social event on November 11th (Saturday of the Pheasant Run Resort weekend). They would love for you to join them and help further shape women in cyclocross. See more details here.

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20171017

October 17, 2017
  • Thanks to the Sasquatch Squadron and Main Street Bikes for another great, if drier than expected, Carpentersville race on Sunday. Turns out ground that hasn’t been rained on in 4 months absorbs a lot of water. All the updated results you are looking for are on the CCC Overall Standings GoogleSheet.
  • Next up the CCC travels to Barlett for the ABD Sunrise Park (#ABDcx) event. Veteran CX hero Jim Nowak always has a few tricks up his sleeve to create one of, if not the hardest courses in the series. Online pre-reg on BikeReg closes Thursday night. Looks for the usual preview Thursday morning.
  • Hotel rooms for $92/night are still available but filling quickly at Pheasant Run. Here is a link to make your reservation, or call the hotel at (630) 584-6300 and use the code ‘cyclocross’.
  • Speaking of registering, online pre-reg for 2018 (i.e. this season) CX National Championships in Reno, NV opens in just under 2 weeks on Monday 10/30/17.
  • Have you recently upgraded and need to transfer to a different race? Have you ever signed up for the Cat 4 race but then realized you need to be home in time for Crazy Aunt Sue’s 83rd birthday party? You can now actually transfer yourself into another category directly through your BikeReg rider profile. Its true! Just log on to your BikeReg rider profile and follow the directions. You’ll automatically be charged any difference in entry fees. You can also transfer your entry to someone else.
  • Speaking of upgrades, remember you must upgrade before this weekend if you want to take 1/2 your points with you to the next category. See all the rules here.
  • Did you know you can also update your contact info, emergency contact info (please, please do this), etc. yourself through your BikeReg rider profile? That is also true. Be aware however that we match all first names, last names, USAC CX categories, and team names to the USAC rider database. So those we will change for you.
  • Did you start the season on a One Day license and have since purchased a USAC annual license because CX is so rad? No problem. Just update your BikeReg rider profile (and any races you’ve already pre-reg’d for, see above) with your license number. Then email us that number and we’ll update our data so you are staged properly (based on your USAC annual license number). Otherwise we won’t catch the One Day and Annual license difference.
  • And finally… we’d like welcome back to the CCC Sponsor and Partner family CMIT Solutions of Chicago. CMIT Solutions is an IT consulting firm organized to support midsize & small businesses with offices in downtown Chicago. They take care of all hassles associated with computers and networks and offer a predictable flat rate service delivered by a friendly local team – sometimes by bike.

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