Photo: Luke Seemann

– One more to go! Ten27 Cycles once again hosts the last stop in the 2012 Chicago Cyclocross Cup… which just happens to also be the Illinois State CX Championships at Montrose Harbor. You all have been racing all season long with plenty of ups, downs, highs, lows, podiums, crashes, and heckles and we’ve finally made it to the finalé. We at the CCC and Ten27 again ask everyone to bundle up, bring your cowbells and cameras, and make a day out of Montrose… which means the Cat 4’s should show up early and heckle the 40+ field, and the Masters should stick around and cheer on the Cat 4’s. Lots to review below, so buckle up…

Registration: We’ll be running reg the same way as every other CCC race. Please allow all 40+ racers to reg first since they have to get ready first. Several fields are already full but we’ll run wait lists starting Sunday morning. Combined categories have a combined field limit of 100 so once No-Shows are removed its first come, first served until we hit the 100 rider limit. As of this morning there are >625 of you pre-reg’d (we AND Ten27 thank you!), which is already more than last year. Online pre-reg closes tonight at midnight… so if you’re not yet reg’d, do everyone (yourself included) a favor and reg now!

Staging: Since we know down and mid-state IL riders can’t make it up to Chicago every weekend but may still be racing CX outside of Chicagoland, staging at Montrose will incorporate points for those riders (especially from downstate, but even out of state) without CCC series points. Riders with OUT CCC series points in a category but better (lower) points will be staged ahead of riders WITH CCC series points in that category and worse (high) points. Riders in the CCC overall who have better standings than other riders in the CCC overall will NOT move up in position… you keep your overall CCC position. Also if you have raced in a category but not earned CCC series points (yes, we’ve been keeping track) you will NOT be moved up if your CXR points are better. See the procedure here.

Preliminary staging will be posted here tomorrow (after pre-reg closes).

State Champion Requirements: The CCC along with Ten27 and the ICA will be presenting 13 14 CX State Champion Jerseys (on the podiums) to the first IL rider to cross the finish line in every category (excluding the 4B’s). This means Juniors 15-18 AND Juniors 10-14… boys AND girls. Remember that in order to win the state championship you must be a permanent Illinois resident (we’ll be checking ID’s), a US citizen or permanent resident, and hold a valid and unsuspended 2012 USAC annual license before the start of the race (yes, we’re looking at you Cat 4’s). There must also be a full podium of IL riders (that means 3) to win the state jersey. This should not be a problem in any category.

– Speaking of… as of Saturday (12/1/12) you can start renewing your annual USAC license. Annual licenses purchased on or after 12/1/12 are good until 12/31/2013. We highly suggest renewing/purchasing your license online at as this is the easiest (for everyone) and most efficient method, especially if you plan to race with us at the New Year’s Resolution race.

Podiums presentations for each race (top 3 overall in the race) AND and for the IL state championship (top 3 IL riders in the race) will occur immediately after each race finish… so pay attention after your race, we may be calling your name! The two exceptions will be for the W123/Master50+/60+/Single Speeds podiums at 12:15 pm and the Women 4 and Juniors races when the podiums will be awarded at 2 pm.

– Ten27 Cycles has secured several additional prizes beyond championship jerseys and the 2012 CCC minimum payouts thanks to their generous sponsors:

  • EJ’s Place: the North Shore’s premiere supper club since 1997 with a menu of prime aged steaks and chops, pristine seafood, and traditional Italian specialties, presented by a mature and experienced wait staff.  E.J.’s Place is located on Skokie Blvd., just north of the Old Orchard shopping mall.
  • Chicago Chiropractic and Sports Medicine: where they specialize in helping athletes and active individuals achieve optimal performance in sports, as well as body balance for every day activities through chiropractic care, Active Release Techniques® (ART), Rolfing, education, and exercises.
  • Team Kenda presented by RACC (Racers Against Childhood Cancer): supports a strong US Domestic Elite Team with a mission to build the sport of women’s cycling by developing Junior, U-23 and Collegiate riders through their regional programs in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Western United States.
  • Ten27 Cycles: located in on Davis Street in downtown Evanston, is conducting a going-out-of-business sale with really good deals now on the bikes, tires, shoes, and parts you’ll need for the 2013 season.
  • Wheel and Sprocket: a nationally recognized bicycle shop from the Milwaukee, WI area, has announced they’ll be opening a new shop inEvanston early next year.  They look forward to supporting cycling clubs, events, and activities in the Chicago metro area in the years to come, starting with this year’s Illinois State Cyclocross Championships at Montrose Harbor.
  • The American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure bicycle ride is held every June to raise money to fight diabetes, through research and patient support.  This event now includes a wide variety of rides, ranging from 15 to 100 miles, so there is something for all levels of cyclists.

– Thanks to these sponsor’s generous support, Ten27 Cycles has upgraded the prize list to $2,660, their largest ever and almost double what it was last year.

  • Category 3: $275
  • Category 1/2/3: $580
  • Women 1/2/3: $580
  • Category 4A: $200
  • Women 4: $200
  • Junior Boys 10-14: $30 (3 places)
  • Junior Girls 10-14: $30 (3 places)
  • Junior Boys 15-18: $30 (3 places)
  • Junior Girls 15-18: $30 (3 places)
  • Category 4B: $30 (3 places)
  • Cash prizes for the other races will be as usual
  • The winner of each of the 13 races will receive a Body Shape Kit from the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure.
  • Furthermore, the Illinois State Champion in each of the Masters 30+, Masters 40+, Masters 50+, Men 1/2/3, and Women 1/2/3 categories will receive a $200 dining card from EJ’s Place restaurant, ensuring they can celebrate their hard-earned victory in style.

– The Chicago Cuttin’ Crew will also be awarding extra prizes and trophies for Junior categories. The (other) CCC will be giving out junior girls awards as usual (5 deep, medals and ribbons) for the race as well as trophies (3 deep) for final CCC overall standings in Boys 15-18, Girls 15-18, Boys 10-14, and Girls 10-14.

 – Ten27 will be selling Jay Ryan designed posters (at left) for this year’s Cyclocross Championships.  Those of you who have been collecting these posters every year will want to add to your collection.

– While a few riders have already locked up their CCC overall titles (see riders in yellow), there are quite a few very, very, very close categories still to be decided on Sunday. Overall titles will be  announced Sunday, but all official overall series awards will be presented at the CCC Awards Party on Sunday December 16th at EJ’s Place. We look forward to celebrating with all of you.

– Neutral race support will be provided by Ten27 Cycles, in the heated tent next to registration. This year’s equipment/wheel pit should also be plenty big enough for everyone, but please do NOT leave your spare bikes and wheels in the pit after your race. The next category needs to use the pit too.

Food: Thanks to Ten27 the Big Star truck will again be serving Champurrado Hot Mexican Chocolate, Tacos al Pastor, Tacos de Pescado, and the Tacos de Papas con Rajas from 11am – 3pm. Hand-ups encouraged!

– Series sponsor NovaCare Rehabilitation will once again have physical therapists (and CCC participants) at Montrose providing free injury screens and stretching. We’re getting to the end of the season, so take care of yourself and bring your beat up body over to the green NovaCare tent between 10am – 1:30pm to get checked out. Also see us for a free energy bar or for information on our bike fit services and physical therapy services.

– More than any other factor, the weather usually makes Montrose the legend it is. However right now the forecast is rather benign). In any event the weather can always change on a dime, especially next to the lake, so bundle up, dress appropriately, and come prepared with extra warm (& dry) gear.

– Todd Busteed will be announcing the race.

– We will have all pre-ordered CCC merchandise (t-shirts, socks, & embro) at the race and available for pick-up. Socks are sold out but we will have t-shirts ($15), Mad Alchemy embro ($20), and Contigo coffee mugs for sale (cash only). You can still pre-order your merch here.

Parking: Like the last 2 years, the parking lot at the east end of the park is closed (now boat storage). Parking will be on the street only along Simonds Dr. Several parking spaces near the restrooms and registration will be roped/coned off (for officials, CCC staff, BigStarTruck, etc) so please do NOT move the cones. We also need this area clear for pedestrian and bike traffic.

– The Course: Course designer Chuck Judy brings back several of Montrose’s classic features course while incorporating a few new twists and turns. The course goes anti-clockwise, beginning at the staging grid which will be just East of the finish line due to a few new trees planted over the summer. The finish line, wheel/bike pit, and registration will be in nearly the same location as years past, just off the road and near the main sand pit. Note the equipment pit is backwards (unless you get off your bike on the wrong side) but its the best place to put it given the layout of the course. Please be careful when pitting and have your mechanics stay out of the way of other riders entering/exiting the pit. Feel free to set up your tents near registration and the sand pit, but given the potential for strong winds, bring weights and stakes. Yes the main sand pit will be back, where spectators are all but guaranteed a great view of all the action. The 2nd sand section close to the bath house will likely not be in play. As always the final course route will be determined Sunday morning and may be altered from the map below.