Tuesday CCC Updates

– Its 90 and humid outside… so of course you’re thinking about CX season, right?

– Staging: The CCC is considering applying the State Championship staging procedure to all races. Essentially, if you’ve never raced in a category you would be bumped up ahead of the first rider who has lower CrossResults.com points than you. The idea is to give riders a chance to try other categories and not be staged at the back of the field if you’re fast enough to start closer to the front. Or if you are out of town for the first few races, but we know that would never happen. However, the bump up would only be granted once. After that each rider is staged by his/her CCC series points, then by her/his CrossResult.com points, then by order of registration. We want to know what you think. Please leave your comments down below.

– Feel like traveling? Minnesota is hosting a CX clinic with current USA National Champ Jonathan Page.

– Want to stay closer to home? Spidermonkey Cycling presents – Cracking the Code: Tim Johnson’s Cyclocross Secrets.
Date: Saturday, August 24
Location: Chicago (exact location TBD)

Learn intermediate and advanced skills from 3-time cyclocross national champion and last year’s top American at the World Championships Tim Johnson. With curriculum designed by USAC coach and former pro Pete Webber there will be two tracks: a 3-hour version for those newer to racing (i.e. Cat. 4 at least one year) and an all-day more advanced clinic working on things such as high-speed cornering and bike handling.
Beginners: 9:00 am – Noon, $75
Intermediate & advanced 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, $175
Both tracks will include sweet schwag bags and giveaways as well as drinks. All-day clinic also includes lunch. And this being a Spidermonkey event there is a strong possibility of cracking open a 312 with TJ at the end of the day. Each track is capped at 30 participants so sign-up sooner rather than later.
(Rumor has it that the two are considering racing a certain Relay Cross the next day.)

– Village-Verdigris CX is also planning a Junior focused clinic for mid August. Stay tuned for details.

– The 2013 CCC Series Sponsorship proposal is finally ready.

– And finally… Now is a great time to update your BikeReg.com rider profile with your USAC license number. Also, make sure your USAC license has your correct team information. Did you know you can race for different road, mountain, and CX teams?

7 thoughts on “Tuesday CCC Updates

  1. I like that method for all races EXCEPT the Championship. I think in the final race of the season the CCC Points should determine staging. That would put sandbaggers at the back. If you haven’t raced a single race in that category all season, you should be in back of anyone who earned points. CrossResults says you are faster, fair enough, but you should have to earn a spot at Montross. Just my 2c.


    • Please remember however that not all IL CX racers live in Chicago and it isn’t always practical for downstate riders to make the trip up to Chicagoland for ever race of the series.


  2. The staging procedure seems reasonable to me. No system is perfect, but I think this would be an improvement over the current procedure (which was already very good). I agree that it is most important to have this system in place for Montrose to be fair to the riders that don’t live around Chicago.


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