Tuesday CCC Updates

– Two more weeks to go until Jackson Park and the official start to the CCC series!

– Online PreReg is now open for Melas Park. We’ll have a few special announcements coming soon about Montrose Harbor (IL State Championship) but until then pre-reg will remain closed. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to reg before December. Online pre-reg for all other races is open.

– Already some great results by Chicagoland racers up North behind the Cheddar Curtain at Lake Geneva CX. VVCX came home with 4 wins, including 2 by (another) up and coming junior Maxx Hall.

– The CCC series has a few rules. Please read all about them here. Cyclocross racing also has rules set by USA Cycling. Read them here.

– Overall series standing will be posted here starting after the first race, or bookmark the GoogleDoc here.

– Good luck to everyone racing this coming weekend at the Trek CX Cup!

– And finally… for all the metalheads out there, chocolate cake indeed! HT Jim Brady.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday CCC Updates

  1. random question: I know that it goes against the rules to race without sleeves on your shirt, without a helmet, etc. Is there any ruling against racing while wearing headphones?


    • Yes, you are NOT allowed to wear headphones while racing. Besides, how else would you hear all the heckles?


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